The Poor Among You (811 Words)

Considering the different degrees of glory, and the accumulation of knowledge, practice, and mastery, …theres something more to say about The Poor Among You. Perhaps The Poor Among You is defined based on the degree of glory you have acquired. All of God’s knowledge is accumulative and complimentary, but not destructive or contradictory. Consider my point.

If there is knowledge, practice, and mastery in the telestial, terrestrial, and celestial, …then the absence of knowledge would describe The Poor Among You. Yes, …that’s right, …”ignorance” is poverty. The Priesthood was given to reverse the effects of “ignorance,” by increasing “light.”

“Although there are two priesthoods, yet the Melchizedek Priesthood comprehends the Aaronic or Levitical Priesthood and is the grand head, and holds the highest authority which pertains to the Priesthood- the keys of the Kingdom of God in all ages of the world to the latest posterity on the earth- and is the channel through which all knowledge, doctrine, the plan of salvation and every important truth is revealed from heaven.” (Joseph Smith dictated to his scribe R.B. Thompson, RE Section 48, pg. 130).

Joseph Smith taught that you can be saved no faster than you gain knowledge, and if a man gain more intelligence than another, it will be to his advantage in the life to come (D&C 130:18-19), …then our first step is clearly to acquire knowledge! So, …if we read between the lines, …if “knowledge” comes through priesthood, …then, there is a priesthood in each degree of glory. Priesthood was intended to elevate one another, to eliminate poverty, so that there are no poor among you. If you consider priesthood an association, then in the telestial, it is an association with producers, who like to work, like among our family, and the project we have been working on for almost a year now. In the terrestrial, it is an association with ministering angels (D&C 84:26-27), who bring further light and knowledge from the presence of the Lord. And in the celestial, it is an association with the mysteries of God, in the presence of Christ and God the Father, in the flesh (D&C 84:19-22).

Since all of God’s knowledge is accumulative and complimentary, but not destructive or contradictory, as we increase in glory, we are added upon, and added upon, until we are filled with light. Those who seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness are promised that all these things- clothes, food, and shelter- will be added unto you (3 Nephi 13:33). We are also taught that if your eye be single to the glory of God, your whole body will be filled with light (3 Nephi 13:22). If you harden your heart, you’ll be given a lesser portion of the word, until you know nothing of the mysteries of God, but if you soften your heart, you’ll receive the mysteries of God, until you know them in full (Alma 12:10-11). It’s all additive and complementary.

When the philosophies of men get mingled with scripture, the truth of the laws get eroded, corrupted, and withers away. For instance, telestial law naturally generates: producers, industrious people, that are anxiously engaged in a good cause. Their efforts lessen the burdens of life in the world, providing: better transportation, communication, building materials, etc. And people will pay the price tag, if it is mutually beneficial to them. Naturally, the byproduct is “financial rewards.” And financial gain equals “free time” to pursue a higher law, to study the words of Christ, and acquire a terrestrial law and glory. …However, crooks, thieves, and bullies, rob, steal, and force people to pay them, producing the same counterfeit financial result. Their purpose is to hoard, not considering the higher laws or glories. They prefer winning in the telestial over eternal progression. They sacrifice the power of creating worlds without number, for worldly aspirations and the glory of men. In ignorance they have sacrificed the greater for the lesser law and glory. When philosophies of men are mingled with scripture, men are fooled into selling their birthright of godliness, for a mess of pottage.

The work needing to be done with The Poor Among Us is very real. It begins with the correct knowledge, continues in a path unique to each of us, and progresses to higher laws and glories. That is our work and our glory.

Conclusion: The Poor Among Us must awake and arise to the awful situation by which we are held captive. The bondage we are all in (debt and sin) requires our combined effort to escape. We cannot skip steps, working in the terrestrial when we have failed to unite in the telestial. I consider us lucky that our parents have written upon our hearts the value of work. Lets finish this project as one, freeing up some time, to invest in the knowledge of a higher law and glory, by the study and discussions upon the words of Christ.


4 thoughts on “The Poor Among You (811 Words)

  1. You bring up the priesthood and the priesthood brings light – but the priesthood is only passed through men. What about the power and inspiration of women?
    Don’t get me wrong, I am not a SO called “feminist”. I love the spiritual power and masculinity my husband brings to the table. But when that is combined with the strength and beautiful feminine power from a woman, magic happens. I believe the light and understanding becomes bigger.

    • God made man in His own image, “male and female.” The woman is no small role. However, how big her role is, is lost through our apostate condition. Her role is “HUGE.” Read the scriptures, and you’ll see that when God speaks, He sometimes speaks in the feminine, and sometimes in the masculine. For instance, a hen gathering her chics under her wings, is feminine. The Father’s destruction is masculine. Both stem from the same oneness, labelled “God.” What priesthood does the Mother have? The same as the Father. They are co-equal. They are one.

      The priesthood was given to man, in the apostate condition of the fall, because Eve partook of the fruit first. However, when men are redeemed from the fall, coming into the presence of Christ in the flesh, they cannot do it without the equality of the husband and wife. While Eve partook of the fruit, and produced the fall, if men have the priesthood, and fail to be equal with his wife, they will not be redeemed. However, if the man exercises his priesthood, to descend below those in whom he has responsibility, his wife will be willing to give herself to him, and they will become one. God, seeing a husband and wife as one, will then redeem the couple, and both will have been given the right to exercise equal priesthood.

      Women have the same priesthood as men, from the beginning. When Adam and Eve were clothed by Christ in the garden of Eden, He clothed them in the garment of the Holy Priesthood, giving them both the same priesthood. However, in the fall, the man is given the right to exercise the priesthood in the ordinances, while the woman is not, because she partook of the fruit. When what has fallen is redeemed, she too will have that right returned.

      • We hear that what Eve did was a “fall”. But if she didn’t do that, there would be no progression. I see what she did as wisdom. So why the belief of “restriction” of using the priesthood? Right now, I see priesthood as another modality of bringing light and healing to this world. But through careful study and understanding. Everyone has access to this power of light and healing, clearer understanding. I don’t see it limited through the priesthood. I just see priesthood as another vehicle to greater understanding.

        • Yes, priesthood is a vehicle to greater understanding, to add more light. Through the priesthood comes ordinances. Through the ordinances, the power of godliness is manifest to man, bringing man back into the presence of god in the flesh (D&C 84:19-24).

          Honestly, I had to look up the word modality, because, um… well, I graduated from Kahuku, and we don’t use those kinds of words (LOL). But if you are considering priesthood as a vehicle to convey more light, I would agree. As stated above, through the ordinances, the power of godliness is manifest.

          Knowledge is an attribute of man, and Wisdom is an attribute of woman. Both work together, hand-in-hand, to acquire gifts of the spirit (D&C 46). Combined, they are God, but separate, they are not God, but are ministering angels, having not been sealed into one. The right to administer ordinance doesn’t reduce the power of the woman, nor does it increase the power of the man. It is the combination of knowledge and wisdom that elevates the power of the two.

          Could Adam have partaken of the fruit first and out of sequence? Yes. But, did he? No. Eve did it, and man came into being in a fallen state. It was premature, and the prematurity of it all wasn’t repaired, until Christ’s atonement and resurrection. The sabbath was celebrated on Saturday until Christ resurrected on Sunday, restoring the seventh day as the Sabbath. So, while Eve partook, and man could be, and that is good, …Christ had to repair the prematurity of it all through the atonement and resurrection.

          I teach my children that any time a child is born, it is a good thing, and ought to be celebrated. I don’t care what the circumstances are that they are born in, even if she was a victim of rape! The child being born chose it’s mother. However, the circumstances that the child was born in must still be remedied and repaired if they were not conceived in an environment conducive to providing the child a chance to return to their Father in Heaven. So, while Eve partook, and man was able to be born, her prematurity was not aligned with God’s timing, and needed repair by a savior.

          Remember though, Eve isn’t left carrying the burden alone. Both of them were cast out of the garden and clothed in the garment of the holy priesthood, and promised a redemption. Lucky for Adam and Eve a savior was prepared.

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