Vote With Your Feet! (802 Words)

The founding father’s of America designed the constitution to preserve agency. States were free to govern themselves and, as citizens, you could Vote With Your Feet! Centralized Power and Forced Uniformity has produced the very thing that the founding father’s of America sought to escape, “Tyranny.”

Constitution: Christopher Columbus and the founding father’s were divinely inspired when being led to America and writing the constitution, as stated in the Book of Mormon (1 Nephi 13:12; TPJS pg. 147.) Lehi was promised that those who come to America would be led by God (2 Nephi 1:5-9). The prophesy and promises given by God concerning America was conditional upon them serving God, or else they would be swept off (Ether 2:10.) While the original constitution was inspired of God, the changes that have deformed it into what we have today were NOT! Agency and freedom are threatened by centralized power, forcing uniformity upon America’s citizens, removing our ability to choose a better option by Voting With Our Feet! 

Govern Themselves: The constitution once celebrated the independence of states, and their ability to govern themselves, allowing individual states to experiment, and discover what works best for them, …and allowing it’s citizens to Vote With Their Feet! Their successes and failures were the citizen’s kuliana (responsibility). If it didn’t work, the citizens governed themselves, and changed it to their liking. If they liked how it’s working, they did more of it. If you didn’t like it, and couldn’t change it, you could Vote With Your Feet! If you don’t like California, Vote With Your Feet, and move! If you live in Texas and don’t like shoot-em-up cowboys, Vote With Your Feet, and move to West Virginia with the Back-Woods-Duck-Dynasty folks you feel comfortable with. Agency THRIVED, and America was BOOMING!

Central Power: “Centralized Power” and “Forced Uniformity” killed the constitution and self governance. Without the ability to govern ourselves came the death of agency. Central Power removed the decision makers from the front-lines, leaving them unaware, and uncharitable to the circumstances of the people they governed. Under the label of “equality,” they exercise unrighteous dominion and compulsion to Enforce Uniformity. The price-tag the citizens pay, detached from the central power, are: uniform taxes, uniform medical, uniform education, and uniform regulation. The powers that be are out of reach and inaccessible to make any beneficial change on the home-front. And the hands of the citizen’s are tied with the ropes of uniformity to do anything about it themselves. Without the ability to govern ourselves comes the death of agency.

Tyranny is what the founding father’s sought to escape when they came to Lehi’s promised land. Freedom is what they produced when they where inspired of God to write the constitution. Bondage is our current condition as the constitution, inspired of God, is unrecognizably corrupted and mingled with the philosophies of uninspired men. This is a very old pattern that has led every free-system into ruins. When the world is in commotion, and agency is unavailable to them, for men to seek refuge from the storm, and they can no longer Vote With Their Feet, …Zion will be the only place of refuge (D&C 115:6.)

Conclusion: The pattern of corruption threatens the survival of our vacation rental, as the “Central Powers” representing the local citizens of Hauula are in the distant lands and lifestyles of the rich and famous, in Honolulu, or in Washington DC. They are using generalizations to enforce uniform laws, under the false label of “caring for the locals,” …while they take away our agency, our right to use our property for the benefit of “our needs,” and what works for us, renting our property to vacationers from the mainland who come to Hawaii for “our beaches” and “our weather conditions.” This is bondage and unrighteous dominion. It is unequal, and those who support it are iniquitous. They will be swept off the land.

The laws and the priesthood of God are distributed equally (not centralized), allowing all men to learn correct principles and govern themselves. Agency must be preserved from the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. But, when men seek to change what was originally inspired of God, mucking it up, inserting philosophies of men, changing ordinances, …they eventually seek deep to hide their sins, exercise unrighteous dominion, and compulsion, …and God pronounces an Amen to the authority and priesthood of those men.

We can easily see the pattern in the history of America. We can easily see the pattern in our circumstances with vacation rentals. Yet, we turn a blind eye to the centralized power of the church, and their forced uniformity in our wards, in our tithing uses, in our poor, and in our bondage. They fair sumptuously, buying super-malls, high-rise buildings, theme parks, universities, etc. While the sheep are starving. How can we be so blind?




2 thoughts on “Vote With Your Feet! (802 Words)

  1. Rob, I love your grasp of correct governmental principles and how what we were given with Americas founding document is laden with deep spiritual significance and broad application. It truly is amazing how many LDS can see the apostasy of our country from the roots of our Constitution, and are offended by the over-reaching paternalism; but are blind to the same condition and resulting destructive consequences that the same paternalism is creating within the church! Well stated.

  2. Amen to all of that!!!! You are right on the button with the constitution, our agency, and our choices. Now that is what I call freedom! This ought to go to the newspapers – or-uh- in today’s world to -twitter?! Love it!

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