Surprise! (636 Words)

God’s ways are not our ways. Revelation is intended to invite all to make our ways God’s ways. When revelation is received through the mind and will of God, and not through our own expectations, it will always be a Surprise!

God’s ways aren’t our ways, but we tend to prescribe how God ought to answer our prayers. Mortals like writing prescriptions for revelations, failing to recognize that our prescriptions come from our experiences, when revelations comes from “God’s experiences”. We ought to prefer to receive God’s revelation, from God’s experiences, so that our current condition can provide us a God-experience. It is our accumulation of God’s revelations, providing us with God-experiences, that produce in us God’s mind and will, making us precisely what He is. Thus, revelation builds upon revelation, bridging the gap between who we are, and who God is, producing out of us, Gods and Goddesses.

When revelation is given, and received, through the mind and will of God, and NOT through man’s prescription, what is produced in the end will always be a Surprise! The brother of Jared prayed for stones to be touched, providing light for the journey. What God had in store for him, however, was far more. It was to be redeemed from the fall, and brought back into the presence of God in the flesh. The reaction of the brother of Jared, falling to the ground, astonished at seeing the finger of God, is a perfect example of the SurpriseWhen Nephi was being beaten, it was a Surprise when the angel showed up. All Nephi was doing was trusting in God’s mind and will. Nephi was further Surprised, when the man that judged him falsely, and stole his stuff, fell into his hands, drunken and helpless. Alma and Mosiah prayed for their sons, Alma the younger and the son’s of Mosiah. Although Alma and Mosiah trusted in God, it was a total Surprise when their son’s were struck down, having seen an angel. So, if God’s ways aren’t our ways, and when He moves in our lives it will always be a Surprise, then why would we ever limit our interaction through a prescribed answer, based on fleshy/mortal expectations?

It will be a long time after you pass through the veil before you know of the things of the heavens, it is true. But no one said that passing through the veil required your death. Nephi wrote his two records forty years after having passed through the veil, and having contemplated that experience. Many have gone through the temple, not taking the time to consider what it all means, and if there is more to be had, on the other side of the veil, once you have been there. The ordinance has been reduced by men’s prescription of God’s ways, to only represent a promise for the after life. That was never the intention. If you read the scriptures, it’s clear that what was being offered was a ritual ordinance of a lesser portion. Those who would receive the mind and will of it, would be given further light and knowledge, once they had passed beyond the veil. Our greatest condemnation is tied to our prescribing revelation, rather than receiving more of the mind and will of God.

Conclusion: My recommendation of what to do instead is to first, receive a revelation. Next, ponder the revelation, asking the question, “What is the mind and will of God concerning the matter?” Then, act upon that revelation, as far as the revelation was given. No less, AND NO MORE! Once you have done what you understand, stop, and seek for more revelation, before moving forward. Using this method, God will Surprise you, giving you far more than you bargained for, revelations upon revelations, bringing you back into His presence.


2 thoughts on “Surprise! (636 Words)

  1. Point 1- Nephi was doing what the Lord commanded. So in the act of obedience, God provided a way for him to accomplish the task that he was commanded. Did he know exactly what exactly would happen? No, but he knew that the Lord would provide a way for him to accomplish the thing which he was commanded.
    Point 2- I like what you said about revelations coming from God’s experiences. However, we are placed on this earth TO experience situations, appetites and passions and THEN to seek the Lord in understanding His place in our “experiences”. God wants us to experience what he experienced and to make choices in those experiences that will allow us further revelation in greater experiences.
    Point 3- I don’t think Alma and Mosiah were surprised that their sons were struck down for a period of time. Else why would they continue praying? They prayed in faith knowing God would hear their pleas AND knowing that they had made righteous choices to be able to petition God to somehow intervene…And so it was that God DID intervene. Did they know exactly what God would do? No, but they knew He would do something because they trusted God and thus prayed to Him.
    Point 4- I don’t believe anyone prescribes revelation. That is God’s job to reveal what He will, when He will, and where He will. However, ours is to pray in faith just as Nephi, the brother of Jared, Moses, etc. prayed. Whoever prays to Heavenly Father is never left unto himself. The very experience of praying to a supreme being is most humbling and very much rewarding.
    Point 5 – Revelation is definitely the Lord’s, not ours. However, the amazing thing is that we receive revelation daily, hourly, always – in seeking the inspiration of our Savior and the promptings of the Holy Ghost. That in itself is a miracle of wonder.
    Finally – You are right, we do not have to die to part the veil. However, the veil is not parted by us. It is parted by God wanting to know what we want. So continuously striving to obey all that the Lord has prescribed for US and our happiness if what we should continue doing always. And I do!
    I love you,

    • You’re missing the point. I wasn’t saying that those in the examples I used didn’t expect God to do something. The Surprise was what God did didn’t fit the common standard. Even by our standards today, what God did would be extremely surprising.

      You’re confusing the lack of expectations, due to the lack of faith as the point to the surprise. That misses the mark totally

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