The Word! (799 Words)

I used to think that in order for a people to unite under a common law, everyone needed to have common principles that govern them. I have been enlightened, and learned that laws change to fit the the progress of a people. Our best chance of success would be to unify on laws we can agree on, and begin, like a seed, to grow into greater and greater law as we all progress together.

I was mistaken to think that people who differ in progression, could unite upon common principles. For a month my wife and I have been participating in a group effort to write a governing principles (GP) document for “fellowships.” We have invested the effort of wrestling with others to accomplish it, and have failed. We couldn’t understand why, within our little fellowship of five people, writing GP’s flowed easily, …but when gathering with representatives of other fellowships, it produced a totally different result! On the surface people were polite, but not only did we fail to produce a united GP document, feelings have been hurt, words have bruised and injured, and trust has been strained to the point of being almost totally lost. It is a real “natural disaster,” …as the “natural man” is an enemy to God, and we have responded as “natural men,” falling to pieces like glass. I should have seen this within our own family, but I didn’t, and had to learn it through sad experience.

I have come to a greater understanding of our effort to come to God by obedience to the words of Christ. Laws change to fit the the progress of a people. As people progress toward God, God gives “commandments not a few.” However, as people become more corrupt, laws are amended, and reduced to justify sins. In this blog I will address how laws can progress a people toward Zion, …as our constitution already is a prime example of how good law is amended, to erode a people, by justifying their sins, through a democratic process. Consider a law that prepares a people for Zion.

God is the same yesterday and forever, and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. The plan of salvation is to bridge the gap. He gives us laws in scripture, based upon our level of desire to keep it, and write it upon our hearts. As a lower law is written upon our hearts, a higher law can continue our progression, until we are precisely what He is: gods and goddesses. His words, written in scripture, are static, allowing all who truly love Him to show their love, by understanding the words given, applying them as they understand, so that the words “become them!” That is how an individual writes them upon their hearts (BTW: it is not scripture mastery). That is why John the Beloved identified Christ as the Word!

John 1:1-5

1. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

2. The same was in the beginning with God.

3. All things were made by Him; and without Him was not any thing made that was made.

4. In Him was life; and the life was the light of men.

5. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

(I capitalized and bolded Him” to represent Christ as the person who is being spoken of. It is my innovation, but it represents the proper application of the author. Take it or leave it as you please.)

More word is given by God when we follow the example of Christ by writing them upon our hearts, until we become like Christ ourselves. That is how all can progress line upon line, precept upon precept, grace for grace, and from grace to grace. As God is the one who knows all, it is God’s words that unite. A people who are willing to be governed by God’s words need only write them, and progress their unity when God gives more word.

I have learned that our best chance of success would be to unify on laws we can agree on, and begin, like a seed, to grow into greater and greater law as we all progress together. Too many words all at once, possesses too much risk. We must go from one small line to the next, letting God do the heavy lifting of uniting our hearts and minds, by growing the word within us. That is the tree that produces the sweet fruit (Alma 32:42)

Conclusion: Lets begin to identify the law we can be governed by, as a family, and plant that seed, using the words of Christ available to us all. Then allow the words of Christ to grow within us, uniting our family into the eternities.



5 thoughts on “The Word! (799 Words)

  1. So, relative to teaching, I have found it absolutely necessary to set the laws of the class as the very first item of business whenever starting a school year, beginning a day as a substitute, or taking charge of a meeting. I believe it follows the laws of God. Once everyone understands the governing laws, they may choose to follow them or not. Also important in establishing the “laws” are spelling out the purposes of the law and explaining the natural consequences of the choice to follow or not to follow.
    We do not lessen a law or adjust a law to fit the recipients. That is what “waters-down” the main purpose of what you are trying to accomplish and therefore falls short of the main goal.
    The ten commandments cannot be adjusted to fit down to individuals. Simply put, DO NOT LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, COVET, OR MURDER. HONOR YOUR PARENTS, HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE HIM, ETC. How do you reduce this to fit your audience? You don’t!!
    Just as God’s laws rule the universe, His laws stand firm and are NOT adjustable. We are the ones needing to adjust ourselves to His laws and consequently to reap His blessings or His disfavor according to our choices.
    No, my son, laws (for whatever reason) are made to achieve a common goal. Once the goal is established then there must be laws that govern as a map to achieving that goal. Obedience to those laws are key. Laws assist in getting us from where we are to where we want to be.

    • God’s laws are far too high for us to abide in our current state of iniquity. A smaller portion of the higher law is given to begin our progression, and more is revealed as we have a firm foundation, preparatory to receiving higher laws. God doesn’t reveal all at once, just like parents, school teachers, and mentors. They progress others a little at a time, until they achieve a fullness.

      • Laws given by God for us to attain Celestial Glory begins with obedience to all His laws. A toddler can learn the law of tithing. He can be taught not to cheat, steal, murder, etc. He knows that there is a God as taught by his parents and that he should keep the sabbath day holy. A toddler, Rob, a toddler. God’s laws are not unreachable at any age or any stage of life. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Yes, God has higher laws, but the laws before us are our testing grounds of obedience as well as our love for God just as the laws or rules in your home with your children are for their protection and progression. When any of those laws are violated, we soon learn the consequences of our choices – whether they be right or wrong. No, God’s laws were never meant to be unattainable. On the contrary, they are very much attainable and the scriptures are the map to attaining them.
        We cannot confuse revelation with God’s laws. The laws are revealed, printed, pronounced, along with the promises that come with it. Revelation is personal “ahas” directed specifically to those for whom a particular message is needed. Laws of God are pretty black and white. Sometimes we try to shade it a little darker to justify our disobedience to them or a little lighter to display “righteousness” outwardly to others, but lying is lying and cheating is cheating and murder is murder. Black and white.

        • So, what of levels of understanding? Does the laws account for that? I think it does. And why would Moroni call the scriptures we have “the lesser law,” if you say we are given all of God’s laws. I think you are overlooking what’s being said.

  2. Rob,

    Now this is an inspired blog post. I learned a lot. I particularly liked this paragraph:

    “Too many words all at once, possesses too much risk. We must go from one small line to the next, letting God do the heavy lifting of uniting our hearts and minds, by growing the word within us. That is the tree that produces the sweet fruit (Alma 32:42)”

    It’s a true and profound concept of trusting in God to allow HIM to do the heavy lifting of uniting our hearts and mind through His word. Too often, in my own family, I know as a parent I get caught up in thinking it is necessary for me to compel the unity because I want it so desperately. Instead, I need to trust that as we each study and ponder the Lord’s word, He will work within each individual’s heart to bring about the changes required for unity. I must be patient, as everyone is on a different speed of being able to understand and write the words of Christ upon their heart.

    This was a great synopsis of some eternal truths that are very pertinent for our time. Thank you for taking the time to share.


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