Path, Guide, and Godliness (812 Words)

Writing the Governing Principles for fellowships has provided further insight into salvation, the Holy Ghost, and Godliness. Salvation identifies the path. The Holy Ghost is a guide through the path. And Godliness is knowing God. Let me explain how it all comes together.

The plan of salvation can also be called the plan of godliness. The objective of the plan of salvation is to make all (who submit to it) precisely what God is. The path identifies what is necessary to obtain salvation, but knowing the path alone doesn’t produce the results. We must act upon what we know. Salvation is being offered in the scriptures, but the difficulty with applying knowledge from the scriptures is, you are required to understand them correctly. And even if you understand what the scriptures say, applying it is a whole other degree of complexity.

The Holy Ghost provides access to the mind and will of God to both understand the scriptures and apply it properly. Reading the words of the scriptures alone just doesn’t cut it. You must receive revelation to understand them. The Holy Ghost is required to access the mind and will of God that animated the author of the document in the first place. Joseph Smith was told by Moroni that the hearts of the children turn to the promises made to the fathers. That is found within the scriptures. Reading the promises alone cannot give access to the intention of the author, unless when you read them the same spirit that animated them is what animates you as you read it. Thus, Moroni said, if you ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, it would be made known to you by the power of the Holy Ghost, and by the power of the Holy Ghost you may know the truth of all things. The more you access the mind and will of God, the more you know God. So the Holy Ghost is not only your guide, the more you access of God’s mind and will, the more the Holy Ghost makes you precisely what God is, until, like Christ, your mind and will are their mind and will, making you one with them. At-one-ment is the process of the Holy Ghost in you, accessing and accumulating more of God’s mind and will, to become your mind and will. You are then At-One-With them, and you will not ask anything contrary to their will, because their mind and will is your’s.

Which brings us to Godliness, which means: knowing God. The beatitudes all begin this way, “Blessed are…” Another way to translate the same words from Greek offers a better understanding. It can be translated from Greek as, “Godlike is…” When Enos has his sins forgiven, the Lord said “Blessed art thou Enos…” When Nephi in Helaman 10 is given the power that what he asks it will be given, because the Lord knows he would ask nothing contrary to His will. All of it points to access to the power of Godliness, available while in the flesh. Now consider what Joseph Smith wrote:

D&C 76:113-119

“113. This is the end of the vision which we saw, which we were commanded to write while we were yet in the Spirit.

114. But great and marvelous are the works of the Lord, and the mysteries of his kingdom which he showed unto us, which surpass all understanding in glory, and in might, and in dominion;

115. Which he commanded us we should not write while we were yet in the Spirit, and are not lawful for man to utter;

116. Neither is man capable to make them known, for they are only to be seen and understood by the power of the Holy Spirit, which God bestows on those who love him, and purify themselves before him;

117. To whom he grants this privilege of seeing and knowing for themselves;

118. That through the power and manifestation of the Spirit, while in the flesh, they may be able to bear his presence in the world of glory.

119. And to God and the Lamb be glory, and honor, and dominion forever and ever. Amen.”

Conclusion: The Holy Ghost is your spirit. To be clear, death is the separation of your ghost (or your spirit) from your earthly flesh. To receive holiness is to add light to your spirt. Receiving the Holy Ghost is to receive light (or holiness) to your ghost (or your spirit). Sanctification is to make something holy. When your spirit is the same as God’s spirit, you are made one with them (At-one-ment).

Mom, the governing principles aren’t reinventing the wheel. They are using the wheel to progress into the eternities. Until now the wheel was used as a club to force people into submission. No, the wheel is better used for transportation. Damnation is using the wheel as a blunt-force object, never transporting anyone anywhere. Think about it.



2 thoughts on “Path, Guide, and Godliness (812 Words)

  1. Thank you for your extensive pondering and study of the scriptures and all things relative. As much as I appreciate your insight and the possibilities you describe, I somehow fail to see how we can all progress by spending unending hours on this when we should be helping to build our world, our families, and our places of worship. I believe Heavenly Father WANTS us to progress and WANTS us to work out our problems working with other people so that they can model for us or we for them how to go about doing this the “right” way. More than modeling – building – literally building the kingdom here on earth.
    BJ came home and tried to convince me that canabas (sp) oil would be wonderful medicinally. As true as he may think it is, I will not buy into it. You see, the healing powers in that “natural” remedy cannot outweigh the “natural” consequences for misuse by misunderstanding its intentor any other “drug”. Get over an illness and hooked onto an opium?
    Now that probably doesn’t even connect for you, but there are warning signs in interpretation, which I find a lot of in your writings.
    Love you, my son

    • Interpretation is a two-edged sword. You can be protected if it is correct, or it can cut you off if it is not correct. Claiming the interpretation of a prophet will not be sufficient justification for a wrong interpretation. It is our individual responsibility to judge the matter correctly.

      You seem to suggest that I would be better off making more money, building more LDS chapels and temples, and letting the administration run the show. Well, you can do what you think best for you, but I’ll do as I think best suits my family and I. You gotta live with yourself, and I gotta live with myself.

      Good luck with yourself.


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