Do the Work! (584 Words)

Godlike are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled with the Holy Ghost. If the Holy Spirit is the mind and will of God, those who are filled with the Holy Ghost have access to the mind and will of God, and are Godlike. The effect of the Holy Ghost upon those who are of the house of Israel is pure intelligence.

Godliness is to be near God, and the power of Godliness is knowing who God is. To be Godlike is to have both,  being near God, and knowing God. Thus, the beatitudes are attributes that must be developed to be near God, and to know God. Being poor in spirit, leads to mourning, which leads to meekness, and becomes hungering and thirsting for righteousness. The reason why scripture study hasn’t taken much priority is because you aren’t poor in spirit, haven’t cause to mourn, and aren’t meek. And since you don’t hunger and thirst for righteousness, you go on seeking the image of your own God, rather than being filled with the mind and will of the only true and living God. Without being poor, mourning the condition of ignorance you find yourselves in, and meekness to be taught, you are left with the ghost or spirit that animates you, which is not sanctified or made holy.

However, when the appropriate spirit is poor, causing you to mourn your ignorance, positioning yourself in the position ready to be taught of God in meekness, only then will you hunger and thirst for righteousness, and the scriptures will not only have value, it will have more value than other things occupying your time. As you are filled with the Holy Ghost, you are prepared to learn mercy and obtain mercy, have your hearts purified, and you will become a prince of peace.

The effect of the Holy Ghost upon those who are of the house of Israel is pure intelligence. When you succeed at obtaining sanctification and you have a Holy Ghost, don’t be surprised when suddenly what wasn’t in your minds before suddenly appears, and you understand God better, and have greater confidence in His presence.

Conclusion: Interpretation is a tricky thing. If you don’t have the same spirit as the author when he wrote the record, your interpretation will be filtered through your limited experience on Earth. However, when the same spirit animating the author, at the time he wrote it, occupies you as you read it, pure intelligence will flow to you. How you read the scriptures matters. How you interpret them matters. No one can do that work for you.

Mom, you have condemned my interpretation simply because it isn’t the same interpretation that you subscribe to as an LDS member. You have left the prescribed interpretation to your leaders, rather than coming to your own conclusions, by studying them out in your heart and in your mind, and seeking wisdom, by asking God if these things are not true. If you have, you haven’t done much, other than to ask. Just because my interpretations aren’t the same as your’s, that doesn’t make them false. You could simply be ignorant.

In your innocence, we continue our conversations. But, innocence does not fix the problem of ignorance. Our conversations could be so much better. You gotta do the work of fixing the ignorance. That requires you to be poor in spirit, to mourn, to be meek, and to hunger and thirst for righteousness. Do the Work!


One thought on “Do the Work! (584 Words)

  1. My dear son, here you go again accusing me and all LDS members of ignorance just because you have read what you have read and you have learned what you have learned and your way is the right way. Son, when you read, read for YOU and let me read for ME. You are not “chosen” to read for me, or the entire LDS church. If you have something to share that is exciting, then share, but your accusations of what we do or don’t do presents tell-tale signs that this is not coming from God, the Father, nor His Son, Jesus Christ, nor are the promptings of the Holy Ghost. And that is why I cannot buy into your concept, your belief, your judgement or your ideas. I condemn nothing. I said over and over again that your dedication to reading the scriptures,etc. is wonderful. The Lord knows me truthfully and honestly and he knows the intentions of my heart. And contrary to your accusations, I don’t just ask and expect. I read, I trust, and I practice, I repent. But none of that is your business anyway and your accusations are evidence that you don’t know me or my relationship with God and Christ nor the individuals of the church, nor the church itselff. I honor my Father in Heaven, His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. I trust them to judge me, to lead me, and to love me. That is their promise to me and to all LDS members and the world. I have forgiven your Bishop for doing what he did because we are counseled to “forgive all men their trespasses” and leave the rest to God. I trust this, so I now move on. That act no longer exists. It is done. Pau already! Moved on.

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