A Bruised Heal (811 words)

Satan uses the power of A Bruised Heal to manipulate people into destruction. Those who love God, love God in their neighbor, and the love of God unites. It is the power of the love of God that detects Satan, and casts him out.

Satan has very little power, having been reduced to use A Bruised Heal. Trained circus elephants have learned, as young calves, that a rope around their ankle means they cannot escape. Having trained their minds early in this unbelief, …when they are adult elephants, they believe that they cannot escape, even though they have the physical strength to shred the rope to pieces. Just like trained circus elephants, Satan uses A Bruised Heal to “alter” the minds of men, with false traditions of unbelief. Men raised in false traditions of unbelief are psychologically in bondage and under the control to such a small thread of unbelief, rejecting and refusing “to know God,” by exercising faith in His words. Men who “know God” have the power to crush Satan’s head!

Those who love God, …can see God in their neighbor. Since they know their God is in their neighbor, they can love their neighbor, because they love their God in them. It is the love of God that unites. All men know Christ’s disciples because they love one another. Disciples love God and can see God in one another. As a people study the word of God, seeking diligently to know Him, they obtain the power of Godliness, and recognize God acting in others. God is love. The pure love of God is charity, and if a man doesn’t have charity, he is nothing, unable to unite. When the love of God runs cold in men, they repel and fight against one another. With the love of God men can unite because God first loved them.

Acquiring the love of God also has the power to detect Satan, and cast him out. It’s tricky to navigate in this world because Satan usually goes undetected. He distracts people with “how” things are said (process), so that “what” is being said (content) goes undetected. He does this by influencing men to use fake personalities, political correctness, and hollow words. Under Satan’s influence, men can say a lot, without saying anything. The accuser cloaks himself in people who beat around the bush, hide behind fluffy language, hidden agendas, passive-aggressive approaches, …avoiding the difficulty of developing real relationships through “the grind” of sometimes very difficult situations. Try to face the problem directly, seeking a resolution, and Satan falsely labels disagreement as contention. In all the fluff, Satan’s influence is almost impossible to detect and identify up-front. But Satan is easily detected in the “content” of the situation, when you know God. Recently, in an education conference, an attorney reported that there are more law-suits filed based on the process of a case, than law-suits filed for the content of a case. The old adage of, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it” emphasizes greater importance on how something is said (PROCESS), while de-emphasizing what is being said (CONTENT)! In different cultures, processes vary dramatically. However, those who know God can consider the content, no matter how it is presented, and judge wisely. In other words, your familiarity with “God’s” words (both in scripture and His voice) give you the power to detect Satan in the CONTENT of what others are offering.

With the power of the love of God and the ability to see clearly Satan’s shenanigans, in his flowery processes, a person focusing on the content can judge the matter properly and cast Satan out. It is the power of the love of God that detects Satan, and casts him out.

Conclusion: Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water, by casting one another out. Rather, let’s make it a point to express our love of God by studying to know His mind and will, letting go of the false traditions of men, holding us in our ignorance and bondage. As we know God, we will see God in one another, and patiently await God animating us all in unity. With the love of God, and the love of one another active in us, we will have the power to recognize the accuser, to cast Satan out, without casting out one another. I love you my ohana, and miss being with you. Let’s put aside our religious traditions, and just talk pure scriptures.

Lets not be manipulated by A Bruised Heal any longer. Let’s crush the head of the false serpent, and bind him from ever having any impact or influence on us. Let’s know God, and love one another, so we can put off our psychological barriers of false traditions of unbelief, taught by men acting like circus trainers, and break free of our bondage.



One thought on “A Bruised Heal (811 words)

  1. It is totally unclear of what you are trying to say but you have taken the at long explanation basically to say your ohana follows false traditions that you have judged and we should be more like you so we can be unified. Hmmm. Still another unqualified judgement. We love you our family and our neighbor. Probably not in the “process” you describe. But we do. Thank God Christ is our judge. And not man. Love you. Mom

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