Unfamiliar Zion (494)

Zion is the work of God, and not man. He doesn’t expect us to do things right at first, but we must do the work. Our current struggles were known to God and the beatitudes have been given for us to build a community that will produce fruits. Let’s begin there to build our family, to endure the offensive digging, dunging, and pruning.

Zion has only ever been accomplished by two communities. It’s prophesied that there will be a third community in our day. The concept of Zion is so unfamiliar to this world, there is nothing in the world to judge how we are doing, gauging the progress of building it. To make things worse, not even the scriptures have sufficient instruction or a blueprint to follow for Zion to be constructed by men. God alone will establish Zion. He must instruct us personally, in order for Zion to appear. His instructions are vital for the birth of Zion to come. Once He instructs us, the scriptures can only confirm that what God has prophesied, covenanted, and promised, is fulfilled. But the path to Zion is only to be found following God’s immediate instruction. THAT is how God will bring it.

God doesn’t expect us to do things right at first, but we must do the work. There is no magic, no pixie-dust, no Harry Potter spells, to bring about the work that you must do. Failure is part of learning. God will lead, teach, command, and guide us through our failure. The difficulty on our part is that we must become what He commands and do what He bids us do. His current instructions applies to our peculiar circumstances, to fix our imperfections, stopping us from bringing about Zion and entering into His presence.

Our current struggles were foreseen and foretold. The Lord of the whole Earth considered destroying all of the wicked, but His servant pled with the Him to grant more time (Jacob 5:49-50). More time was granted, for the final digging, dunging, and pruning. And the Lord promised His servant to spare it a little longer, and promised that He would labor with His servant one more time. The best instructions that we have to follow to build a community around is the beatitudes.

Conclusion: The scriptures is your personal work. You must read them seriously, ponder them intently, and return to them in thought and in word regularly. There is a sacrifice required. Only you can make the offering that makes you acceptable. No one can do that work for you.

However, we can work together by meeting together oft, talking of Christ, preaching Christ, rejoicing in Christ, and prophesying of Christ. We can provide a community, even within our own family, to grow the attributes of the beatitudes. When the wheat recognize who they are, and the roots are agitated, they will fruit. And when the wheat fruits, only then can the tares be burned. You are wheat!



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