BLOOD-MOON (1972 Words)

The moon has been speaking up lately, telling a story in the heavens about things on Earth. The recent BLOOD-MOON has greater value within a greater context. All of the signs point to the culmination of one event, the great and dreadful day of the Lord’s return.

In a past blog titled “Once in a Blue Moon,” I wrote a little about the activities of the moon and it’s symbolism. The moon has been speaking up lately, telling a story in the heavens about things on Earth. Recently, three specific dates concerning the activity of the moon are of greatest interest in this blog. The first event occurred in the solar eclipse, generating a shadow (cutting off the light of the sun), diagonally across the United States, on Thomas S Monson’s last birthday (August 21, 2017). Anyone familiar with the concept of the penalties, removed from temple ordinances in 1990, can make the connection of the cutting off of the Gentile nation in the last days, prophesied of in the Book of Mormon. In scripture, it is called the end of the day of the Gentiles, found in 2Nephi 27-29, 3Nephi 16, and 3Nephi 21. The second moon event happened on the first day of 2018. It was a super moon, or in other words a wolf moon, exhibiting the peak of light of the moon. On the following day (2 January 2018) Thomas S Monson died, as the moon begins to loose light, waning out of light. That brings us to the third moon event, the BLOOD-MOON.

Last night’s BLOOD-MOON has greater value within the context of the other two moon events, telling a story, aimed and targeted by God specifically at this time. Interestingly enough, this third moon event is a triple whammy, placing an emphatic exclamation point to the statement:

  1. Just like January 1, 2018, it’s a super-moon, or a wolf-moon.
  2. Since it is the second full moon in the same month (a rare occurrence), it is called a blue-moon.
  3. Because it is a lunar eclipse, meaning the Earth is positioned squarely between the sun and the moon, it is a BLOOD-MOON.

Take a close look at the context of the three events, the third being a triple whammy, and the story that the moon is telling aims the attention of observers to the month of January. Within this month was a transition of the rank of Elder Neilson to become President Neilson. Included with that advancement in office was the removal of Elder Uchtdorf, being replaced by Elder Oaks. The moon on the first and last day of the month places “air-quotes” on what’s going on, and it is not a good thing. It is a demarcation of a new era where light is returning, and the darkness not only does not comprehend it, they fight against it, kicking against pricks. For the LDS, the Shenanigans were bad already, but under the new administration, new Shenanigans will dwarf the old. These are three old Shenanigans already in place, that will be dwarfed by the new Shenanigans.

Homosexual: The church has teetered on the same-sex topics because the church has become opinion-based, rather than principle-based. They implement complex tools to survey focus groups, collect data through opinion polling, and social media statistics, to gauge the hot-topics, for their political alignment, to keep the church current in the eyes of the world. Although there are only about 2% of the population who practice homosexuality, the opinions of over 75% support their arguments, even when they do not personally engage in any form of homosexuality. The homosexual community frames their argument as a “Civil Rights” issue. And when couched in the context of “civil rights,” American opinions support Gay-Rights! Thus, the members of the church follow the popular opinions, and the church is forced to get someone on board to handle the Homosexual matter. D. Todd Christopherson is the face of the homosexual effort of the church, and is bridging the gap between the church and popular opinions, to smooth things out, and maintain the churches status as main-stream. This was the same way they justified removing penalties from temple ordinances, using statistics to justify that temple attendance would not be hurt if penalties were removed. The church has removed Joseph Smith’s ROCK for their foundation, replacing it with the sand of opinion-based choices. Opinions shift so quickly, like sand, unable to function as a stable foundational support. When virus, disease, and plagues appear, it will begin in the homosexual community. The opinions supporting homosexual rights will shift suddenly from being couched in civil rights, to becoming framed as a “health threat,” …condemning the opinion-based efforts that the church is steeped in. Shenanigans!

Tithing: Every dollar of tithing collected by the church is placed in an interest earning account for three years before one penny is spent for the purposes of running the church. That includes construction, maintenance, operation, etc. Money earned in interest, while tithes mature for three years, is not considered tithing by the church (even though it was tithing that generated the interest). By generally accepted accounting principles, the investment money can be freely spent by the church to purchase revenue earning investments (i.e. shopping malls, real estate holdings, themed parks, apartment high risers, etc.), and legally claim that 100% of the tithes are used for the growth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Because of tithes, the LDS church has the highest paid clergy in the world. My temple recommend has been revoked by Bishop Charles Ah You because he claimed I was not a full-tithe payer, when in tithing declaration I declared I was. I have used my tithing to lift the poor among me, not earning a cent in interest, and I am not allowed to enter the temple? Shenanigans!

DMBA: Deseret Mutual Benefits Administrators is the churches retirement program. Since it’s launch it has become the envy of Wall Street, because the fund is huge. Mormons are conservative, they are taught to save for retirement, and they work until they die without pulling money out of retirement savings, accumulating a coveted amount of secured wealth. In the recession of 2008, the market collapsed, and other investments went belly up. But the rules set in place for DMBA secured their people’s retirement fund, such that even if it went out of business, they could keep their commitments and pay out every policy. However, the money was too huge to ignore, and the church had no access to the secure funds, to generate interest for the investment arm of the church. Quintin L Cook was added to the Quorum of the 12, after successfully bankrupting a major hospital, making tons of money in the process! He was the perfect candidate to access the retirement of old DMBA, by legally creating a new DMBA. New DMBA allows the church to create an investment fund, giving the choice to their employees where they want to invest their retirement, within the options provided by them. Thus, the church makes money off of the investments of their employees retirement. Since most employees are not investor savvy, a DMBA officer is employed to offer free investment council. However, if there is another 2008 recession, the losses are the responsibility of the employees, putting their entire retirement at the risk of the economy. In a crash, the church would have already siphoned off their investment interest from their employees retirement, and invested it in real assets, leaving the employees fully accountable for their own future security. Shenanigans!

These are examples of the old Shenanigans! What is about to happen, the new Shenanigans, will be magnified by what happened this month, emphasized by heaven, with the “air-quotes” of the moon. It is not wickedness that causes the destruction of the wicked, it is wickedness in the presence of light! Your hope, if you choose to open your eyes and unstop your ears, is to let the words of Christ in the Book of Mormon direct your actions, free from the bondage of the institutional LDS construct. To be clear, to respect the signs in the heaven, read your Book of Mormon, be re-baptized, and partake of the sacrament as instructed in the Book of Mormon. Doing so does not jeopardize your status as an LDS member, and is nobodies business but your’s and God’s. Going to church is a privilege and a chance to learn. Those who don’t have faith ought to go to church to learn. Those who have faith ought to go to church to teach. Again, it is not wickedness that causes the destruction of the wicked, it is wickedness in the presence of light! So if you are filled with light, the darkness will reject the light, naturally leading to your being kicked out. Christ stated that if they hate you, it is because they first hated Him.

All of the signs point to the culmination of one event, the great and dreadful day of the Lord’s return. To those who do on Earth as instructed in the heavens, the Lord’s return will be a great day. Those who ignore the signs, reject the light being offered, and fight against the saints, it will be a dreadful day.

Conclusion: I am going back to church! I have been attending a Native American ward in Provo. It was the ward my wife and I attended when we were first married. We have been attending for three weeks now, and the bishop asked me if I wanted to transfer my records into the ward. I returned the question, asking, “Bishop, the real question is do YOU want my records in your ward?” I met with the bishop, explained what happened in the Samoan ward, and my being kicked out of church. I explained that our intention is to teach the Book of Mormon to the people, that it was written to, …without the overarching narrative of the institutional LDS church, that binds the minds of the Native people, keeping them in bondage and captivity. I told him it was his choice, whether or not our records were transferred. He was the bishop, the father of the ward, the judge of the ward, …and it was his choice to allow the members to be exposed to what we have to offer. I promised that if he did, his ward’s activation would significantly increase, they would have significantly more temple recommend holders, and not only would they increase their ward’s temple attendance, when they were in the temple, they would be awake and paying close attention to it’s instructions. Lastly, I promised that if he chose not to transfer our records, he would be personally responsible for those members who would have accepted the truth, and that accountability would sit squarely on his shoulders.

The bishop didn’t know how to respond, and bore testimony to me of following the prophet. I told him that I would oppose that idea, and that Nephi would too, because he said, “cursed is he who putteth his trust in the arm of flesh and maketh flesh his arm.” So if he was hard and fast stuck to that rule of following the prophet, his answer would be to not transfer my records, and to be accountable for the decision as a bishop, father, and judge of the ward. He asked me for two weeks to pray about it. I willingly accepted and agreed, saying, “No problem, I will speak freely until then.” The visit ended and we parted ways with a hand shake and a hug.

For some odd reason, this Sunday is fast and testimony meeting, …and I have a gut feeling that I will be bearing testimony this week. The BLOOD-MOON, in the context of the first wolf-moon and last year’s eclipse is absolutely a significant demarcation for all to observe and respond on Earth in alignment with heaven.


2 thoughts on “BLOOD-MOON (1972 Words)

  1. Ahhhh! It pleases me to see you where you belong – back in church- where you can share all your mana’o as you teach, share, and testify of things spiritual and of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost. Thank you.

    In reading 3 Nephi 24-30 I pondered over the question Jesus asked the 12 Nephites, “What is it that ye desire of me, after I have gone to the Father?” The 9 Nephites answered that they desired to live with Christ when they had reached the age of man (72). He thought that was good, called them blessed and granted them their desire. However, when he asked the other three, their request was so much deeper and more significant when he perceived that they wanted to continue preaching His gospel on the earth and bring as many souls as possible unto Christ. Their desire was to bring ALL men unto Christ. To this, Christ said, …”more blessed are thee…” That is how I feel with your return to church.

    It matters not whether you want to have your records transferred to this ward or the bishop decides to do it himself. What matters is your significant desire to bring all men to Christ. Not to disprove this or that (the Lord takes care of those things Himself) but simply to testify and teach the true gospel of Jesus Christ and how it teaches, guides, and blesses the lives of man. The bishop has his ecclesiastical duty to have your records in his ward if that is where you choose to worship. More importantly, what is your answer to the question that Christ asked His disciples: “What is it that ye desire of me…..”

    Answer that question, my son, and you will be on the Lord’s side and doing the Lord’s will and finding how much more “blessed” are you because of it.

    Me ke aloha pumehana,

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