God’s Grace is Sufficient (1283 Words)

God’s Grace is Sufficient. Those who humble themselves and have faith are promised grace. Through grace, God makes weak things strong.

Ether 12:27

“27. And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.”

God’s Grace is Sufficient, but what does that mean, what is God’s grace? The common Christian idea of grace is: the favor of God, …but I think it reduces grace to niceties. It’s far more than that. John the Beloved describes Christ’s progression, not having a fullness at first, but growing grace for grace. And Christ had not the fullness at first, but He grew from grace to grace. If this is how Christ became the only Begotten Son of God, John the Beloved is telling us that there’s more to grace. Joseph Smith taught that Christ is the prototype of a saved being, and anyone who will be saved must be precisely what Christ is, or else not be saved. His progression to become the Only Begotten Son was by God’s grace, by the power of the Father, and that is how all become God’s children, …by His grace. Christ was God’s son because every word that God gave Him, Christ obeyed and proved it, …through obedience. The final task for Christ to become unchanging was to be offered up, killed, and be resurrected, or in other words to lay down His life and take it up again. He was able to descend below all, ascend above all, acquiring all of God’s grace, to overcome all. God offers his grace freely for all to overcome all. So what is it? God’s grace is the offering of further light, to provide you more order, to overcome all weakness.

The benefits of grace only come when men humble themselves before God and exercise faith in Him, through obedience to every word that proceeds forth from His mouth to you. When ordinances are performed exactly as they were given from God’s mouth, it is an opportunity to receive grace to help you overcome weakness. For example, the blessing on the sacrament bread covenants those who partake as: being willing to take upon you the name of Christ, to always remember Christ, …and to keep Christ’s commandments which He gives you, …and you are promised to have Christ’s Spirit to be with you. Those who would humble themselves, to be instructed of the ordinance, would recognize that it is the Spirit of Christ being offered, …not the Holy Ghost. It is an offering to prepare those who partake of the sacrament to return into His presence, by gradually conditioning them with always having Christ’s Spirit to be with them. Because of humility, God’s grace is instruction to teach you what to repent of, …said another way, God’s grace tells you what to change into. When the concept is understood and likewise accepted as true, that is sufficient humility to begin to exercise faith in God.

Humility instructs you to know who it is you worship and how it is you worship, so that you are prepared to take action, by exercising faith. Faith is exhibited in repentance, …repentance simply meaning to change your mind. Every action we make is done as an expression of our mind, therefore your actions are an expression of your faith. What you believe is what governs how you act.

The Lord promises us that when we are humble and have faith in Him, it is He that makes weak things strong. God’s grace is what does the heavy lifting. It isn’t your self directed discipline. Directing yourself is creation ex nihilo, out of nothing, it is trusting darkness to lead into the light. Darkness does not comprehend light. God’s grace is His extension of light to those who will receive it. God’s grace directs the mind, and because the mind directs the actions, that is how God makes weak things strong. He doesn’t take away your agency. He doesn’t take away the work. He walks you through it. He can walk you through it because He gave you the weakness.

Conclusion: Christ was called The Word, in the record of John the Beloved, because He (Christ) obeyed all of God’s instructions. Knowing Christ as the prototype of a saved being, and that all must be precisely what He is, or else not be saved, …gives us a guide to not only know who it is that we worship, …it also instructs us how it is that we ought to worship. As we learn and come to know who Christ is, that would serve as a pattern to how we ought to live.

God’s Grace is Sufficient for all men who humble themselves to come unto Him. The treasure house amassed by God is more than is necessary for all men who come unto God, to receive His light, to overcome the world. God’s treasury of light is what He desires to share with all men, as fast as they are able to bear it. Sharing His light not only duplicates His light in abundance, it doesn’t diminish His share at all. His ordinances are intended to instruct and change the initiate, preparing them to receive more light.

The problem with saints of all ages is, they hew broken cisterns. Their vessels are cracked vessels, unable to contain the light that God’s grace produces. Therefore, the first grace is intended to repair the broken vessel. Baptism and sacrament fixes the broken vessel, cleaning it, in preparation to receiving the Holy Ghost (light).

In order for grace to effectively work, you must humble yourself to receive the instructions the ordinances give, and then act in alignment in faith. Through the process of time, God will perform the miracle to turn your weakness into strength. “And who overcome by faith, and are sealed by the Holy Spirit of promise, which the Father sheds forth upon all those who are just and true. They are they who are the church of the Firstborn. They are they into whose hands the Father has given allthings—” (D&C 76:53-55).

Native Ward Update: When I attended church Sunday, the bishop quickly approached me, telling me that he will uphold my previous bishop’s judgements, restricting me from bearing testimony and partaking of the sacrament, …asking me if we could talk just after sacrament meeting. A member of the seventy was attending, Larry Echohawk. I explained that it was an unfair assessment he was making of me, …that since I was honest and told him my circumstances, how can that gave him reason to agree with my previous bishop’s attribution of my guilt? I was penalized for no reason. Although I knew it was improper for him to ignorantly judge me, studying the scriptures has taught me to allow others to exercise their supposed authority, even when they are exercising unrighteous dominion. Christ did it. If I am to walk His path, why would I expect any different?

As he did not speak to my wife, she bore testimony of finding real solutions through the proper study of the Book of Mormon. She suggested accessing cultural tools, to unlock the lessons in the Book of Mormon, by reading it in the context of stories. She promised them that if they read the Book of Mormon accurately, it would produce real life solutions to overcome the world.

We talked afterwards, for the remaining two hours. I’ll write more on that conversation next post.



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