Wordcompass is intended to discuss the words of Christ and to study it similarly to the way Lehi and his family depended on the Liahona to chart their way through the wilderness and across the waters to the promised land.

The Liahona was of a curious workmanship and a unique gift. Even more so are the scriptures, the words of Christ, of curious workmanship and a unique gift, whose price was paid by the blood of many prophets and dedicated saints, in order for us to receive them and whose promised blessings far exceed the promised land that Lehi and his family received.

What I share in this blog is limited to my weak understanding. For this reason it will be your responsibility to read and seek revelation, through the Holy Ghost, to know the truth of it. It will also require each reader who desires to know truth to increase their sensitivity to the promptings of the Holy Ghost in order to discern between truth and error.

Coming unto Christ has never been dependent upon group convincing. It has always been only an individual invitation. Please do not assume that I am looking for a following to my interpretations of the scriptures. It is wrong to do so. Doing so would be aspiring to the honors of men and setting yourself up as a light unto the world. Satan did the same when he said “the glory be mine.”

I only hope to speak of the things I love. For this purpose, I do not intend to reply to comments, unless moved upon to do so.

I have no authority, and I consider myself a non-credible source, but have a deep desire to talk of Christ, and to preach of Christ. I have an engineering degree, but fail hard in terms of vocabulary, grammar, composition and punctuation. I have a glimpse of the reservations Moroni (Ether 12:25) and Nephi (2 Nephi 33:1-2) felt when writing concerning the words of Christ. Both Moroni and Nephi agree that speaking by the power of the Holy Ghost is easier than writing about the words of Christ. Because when a man speaks by the Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost carries into their heart. But, the words of Christ, when written, are cast away and considered as naught.

However, it is not man that I fear, but in God that I trust. So here it is, “Word Compass.”


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