Key of Knowledge (926 Words)

Godliness is to be near God, and the power of Godliness is to know God, thus God is the Key of Knowledge. False teachers fail to come to God, stand in the way of others approaching God, fearing their own failure, and proclaiming a corrupt message. Eternal life is to know God.

Those who are near God are Godly. To be in the presence of God requires nothing less than Godliness, otherwise His presence alone is sufficient for the ungodly to wish the mountains would cover them in their guilt and shame. The Savior has provided a way for all to be Godly, while in the flesh. He offers the Key of Knowledge. He offers the Holy Ghost, which gives access to the mind and will of God.

Moses 6:61

“61. Therefore it is given to abide in you; the record of heaven; the Comforter; the peaceable things of immortal glory; the truth of all things; that which quickeneth all things, which maketh alive all things; that which knoweth all things, and hath all power according to wisdom, mercy, truth, justice, and judgment.”

The power of Godliness is to know God. Having been near God, an individual comes to know God, and from that knowledge they can act in confidence that what they are doing is pleasing to the God that they know. It is through confidence that power is produced.

If someone were to tell me that they’re sure that they saw Dad dancing on the streets of Waikiki, I would know that they got the wrong Dad. However, if someone reported that they saw Dad at a home improvement show, a lumber yard, a construction site, a chicken feed store, a laundry supply house, or a green house, the certainty that they were talking about our Dad is high. And if they claimed seeing him at all of those places, I have extreme confidence that they knew who I was, and knew who my Dad is. Likewise Godliness is to be near to God, and the power of Godliness is to know God. What matters most is the Key of Knowledge.

False teachers are described in Luke:

Luke 11:52

“52. Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the Key of Knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.”

False teachers have never experienced what they try teaching. Luke is clear that false teachers haven’t entered into the heavens themselves, and when they see people trying to do what they’ve failed to do, false teachers stand in the way of those that were in fact entering in. They remove Key of Knowledge. They prevent salvation and redemption, discouraging those who are working at returning into the presence of the Lord while in the flesh. They proclaim a corrupted message, even the philosophies of men, mingled with scriptures. And they are certain that it cannot happen, because they’ve never had it happen to them. In their ignorance they establish rules, corporate standards, uniformity, and massive marketing campaigns, to justify their ignorance, and they label it a “House of Order.” When they make their claims, they do it in Christ’s name, taking His name in vain. It is all in vain, if you fail to actually know God and Christ.

Ignore the ignorant, and keep seeking His face in the flesh. Those who are wise will not respect the lie intended to deceive true disciples to stop seeking after Christ. Instead, they will awake and arise by studying the words of Christ, to know God.

John 17:3

“3. And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.”

Conclusion: Knowing God and Christ is the only way to eternal life. It doesn’t matter how many apostles you know, how many scriptures you memorized and can recite, or how many months of consecutive visit/home teaching you have done in your life. It doesn’t matter how many names you have gathered, and done ordinances for, none of it matters if all you have is ignorance. Sealing yourselves to the ignorant dead, is sealing yourselves to the damned. However, when you have knowledge, then you have value to your dead, and you can be a savior on mount Zion.

When you have the Key of Knowledge, what you have is the power of Godliness, and you are Godlike. The Holy Ghost is offered to those who will receive it, to make men and women more Godlike. The beatitudes say blessed are… or Godlike is… and instructions are given there, to assist those who sincerely seek Christ to become Godlike. When you have been redeemed, and brought back into the presence of God, then you are Godly, and have the power of Godliness, and can testify that you do know, not merely believing, who Christ and God is. Then you can save your kindred dead by teaching them about the God that you know.

Don’t be mad because the gospel doesn’t work from your vantage point as an LDS, following traditions of men that have kept you outside of the presence of the Lord in the flesh. Repent, simply turn around, be humble and don’t grumble. Just search the words of Christ so that you can be reconnected to the Key of Knowledge. It will not only give you an advantage now, it will be to your benefit in the life to come. Don’t let the fear of man stop you from Knowing God and Christ. Once you know them, then will your confidence wax strong.


Phase Changes! (698 Words)

The Path of God

The properties of water offer great instruction. The direction of phase changes offer even more understanding about revelation. When our minds are aligned with God, science suddenly becomes less academic, and more reality.

Water is unique as an element because of the deep symbolism it houses. Christ refers to himself as the waters of life, that if we drink, we would never thirst. There are three kingdoms: Telestial (this earth), Terrestrial (a Paradisiacal Glory), and Celestial (seven heavens). Look at the picture above, and you can see the three different levels. Joseph Smith prophesied, having seen into the seventh heaven (seven being complete), and the eighth level, being the hidden place where God dwells (represented in the image above by the eight pointed star of Melchizedek). That sets the stage so that we can learn something new about the significance of water.

Water is made up of two molecules, one part hydrogen, and two parts oxygen. The sun is made up of 91% hydrogen. Without oxygen, life on earth could not exist. Consider the symbolism in the make-up of a water molecule. Hydrogen (light from the sun), combined with two oxygen particles (man and woman), to form water. Maybe this is true, or maybe it’s just me, …you’ll have to decide for yourself if there’s any merit to this concept. Oxygen is also the eighth element on the periodic chart, by atomic weight. This seems to be pointing to the potential of man to become God, residing in the eighth heaven, or the hidden place. While these characteristics of water may or may not be symbolic, and may just be speculation on my part, I am certain that phase changes are a physical property that directly relates to the heavens!

Phase changes of water travels in two directions. The first direction is adding heat. Heat makes ice change from a solid, into a liquid (water). When more heat is added, water goes from a liquid to a gas (steam).  The second direction is reducing heat, or cooling. When cooled, steam distills, and becomes water. Morning dew on grass is an example. Moisture in the air, touches a cool blade of grass, causing the moisture from the air to phase change, from gas (steam), into water (dew). Further cooling turns water into ice. Frost is an example (something you Hawaiians don’t get much of- thank goodness). When seasonal temperatures drop, dew freezes, creating frost. In the mainland we scrape frost from car windows, so we can see when we drive, as temperatures begin dropping. A lot of money is spent on frost scrapers every year.

Here’s the spiritual application of one direction (heating). Consider yourself ice when you are hard hearted. With sufficient heat from the source of light (God), you will experience a melting into water. Water can take the shape of any container it is placed in, and is easily directed, as opposed to ice. Add even more heat from the light of God, and water can ascend into the heavens. Scriptures call heating “QUICKENING,” as molecules are quickened into excitement, representing heat!

Here’s the spiritual application of the other direction (cooling). When revelation comes to you from the heavens (gas phase), it is going from a high temperature (God), to a low temperature (you). That is why God refers to it as a distilling. It is not just water, it is pure water, clean water, …representing pure knowledge. And it appears out of what seems to be nowhere, distilling upon your soul as the dews from heaven. It doesn’t flood you. It simply appears at the right time, and in the right place.

When our minds are aligned with God, science suddenly becomes less academic, and more a reality. Knowing God lifts you up to become equal to Him. All men who are meek and lowly of heart (soft) can have their molecules excited by the increase of light offered from God, and phase change the hell out of here!

Conclusion: You have complained about my perspective on the gospel that offends. Heat is offensive to ice. Your responses have been cold. But, I’m not done with you yet. I’m just warming-up!


Anchoring Words! (783 Words)

Words shift meaning. Using a static dictionary to read scripture can become very confusing. The words of the fathers act as an Anchor to the children.

Words, when they are not Anchored, shift meaning. The same word can mean significantly different things, depending on when, where, how, and to whom it was said. The world takes advantage of this fact, making good evil and evil good, as they control the lexicon of words. Propaganda uses newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the internet to push false definitions, controlling words. “No Child Left Behind” has more to do with government regulatory control than it has to do with children being left behind. “Health Care” has more to do with tax revenues than it has to do with caring about a persons health. Words that aren’t Anchored, shift with the wind.

Context refers to the circumstances that words are used. A dictionary is general & limited, and it’s definitions doesn’t fit all contexts, especially scriptural. Even when words and their meanings are published in a dictionary, …it doesn’t take into account how the word is being used in scripture. Thus, all who read scripture must ponder, for context. When you understand the word and it’s intended context, only then can you unlock the definition of the words the prophet carefully selects.

The Church uses their power to govern how scriptures ought to be understood. They use a propaganda approach of magazines, videos, manuals, and websites, to shift the meaning of words, to fit their agenda. Individuals no longer need the mind and will of God, because “a man of office” handles that stuff. He will tell us what we need to know. The language is confounded in The Church, indicating a state of apostasy. Context is what prophets of old depended on to Anchor Words! In The Church today, context will get you cast-out!

The words of the fathers act as an Anchor to the children. Knowing context is how children’s hearts are turned to the fathers. Every dispensation began upon the exact same “principles.” How principles were applied depended upon their “circumstances.” While circumstances change, the principles have never changed! All who would be “ONE” must unite upon the same principles as those belonging to the Father’s. Circumstances will almost always differ, but principles are always the same. If our scripture study is Anchored in the context of the prophets, the words will be written in our hearts, and then we can be one.

Conclusion: People play “word games,” shifting circumstances to fit their agenda. When Words are Anchored, suddenly “word games” are over, and the truth is triumphant. I have been accused of playing “word games,” but my accusers refuse to discuss the scriptures, …which is where my words are Anchored! They accuse me of changing circumstances to fit my agenda, when in reality their refusal to go to the scriptures tells on them, because going to the scriptures threatens their agenda. I have no agenda, but to do the will of God.

If you don’t want to see, you’ll close your eyes. If you don’t want to hear, you’ll close your ears, and will not consider. Your actions condemn you, but I am accused as being the condemner, when I have no control over how YOU respond. I offer no condemnation. I offer further light and truth, as my Words are Anchored in scripture.

Lehi ascended into heaven, and was Anchored in the Book of Life (1 Nephi 1:11). It was unlawful for Lehi to teach its contents, so he sent Nephi to retrieve the records from Laban. Nephi used the record of Laban as a Liahona, leading him beyond the veil, into a far better land of promise, while his brothers didn’t. We are promised we can do the same (Alma 37:45). Lehi wouldn’t write about it, and Nephi uses Isaiah to try expressing it’s higher knowledge. Moroni had the Book of Life, but left the lesser record, to try our faith, …and promised the greater record if we proved true and faithful to the lesser (3 Nephi 26:9-11). John the Beloved spoke of two records (Revelations 20:12), the Book of Works (Earth), and the Book of Life (Heaven). A prophet who writes scripture is first Anchored in the Book of Life. The lesser record points to the greater record. Reject the lesser, and you are unqualified for the greater. Take hold of the lesser, and your name is promised to be written in the Book of Life. 

Your refusal to use scripture as your Anchoring Words not only disqualifies you from becoming ONE, it also disqualifies you from obtaining the greater, which is described as the fulness, or the mysteries of God in full (Alma 12:10). 



Accompanied By Scriptures (1400 Words)

Each dispensation always began with the presence of Christ, Accompanied By Scriptures. At the end of each dispensation, it always ends because the people have strayed from the scriptures. In this game of agency, there are only two sides, and the way to determine which side you are on is by the heed and diligence in which you search the scriptures.

After Abel was murdered, God gave Adam Seth, and immediately began to keep a book of remembrance, scripture (Moses 6:5-6). It was by this record that the language of Adam was preserved and taught to his children. And the pattern was established from the beginning, such that “…for it was given unto as many as called upon God to write by the spirit of inspiration;” (Moses 6:5). And by the writings of inspiration, “…their children were taught to read and write, having a language which was pure and undefiled.” (Moses 6:6). Adam began the dispensation, and he did so Accompanied By Scripture. And the first order of business was to start at the beginning, at the creation:

Moses 6:8-9

8. Now this prophecy Adam spake, as he was moved upon by the Holy Ghost, and a genealogy was kept of the children of God. And this was the book of the generations of Adam, saying: In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him;

9. In the image of his own body, male and female, created he them, and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created and became living souls in the land upon the footstool of God.”

This is the pattern established from the beginning: A Father is established, having returned to the presence of Christ in the flesh, he writes what God tells him, and begins from the creation, down through Adam, until it reaches the person at the head of the dispensation.

Adam begat Seth, who begat Enos, to Cainan (not Cain), to Mahalaleel, to Jared, …and finally to Enoch. But, in Enoch’s day the scriptures had been largely ignored, changed, and eroded, …causing people to seek out secret combinations to manipulate the minds of men for power. Enoch was visited by Christ in the flesh, and was sent to set things right, by preaching repentance. He was considered a “wild man.” All of those named in the patriarchal line from Adam to Enoch were: preachers of righteousness/ spoke and prophesied/ and called all men to repent (Moses 6:23). The condition of apostasy that the children of men where in are described by God in Moses 6:27-30. Once Enoch was called to this work, God instructed him to put clay on his eyes and wash it off. Enoch was then given the ability to see all things from the beginning, so that his testimony bore the same witness as Adam’s testimony. Enoch was given Adam’s record, and Enoch added his own testimony to Adam’s. And that record was written according to the pattern given of God, and it was given in the current language of the day (Moses 6:46).

Noah tells a similar story as Enoch, as the people in all the land have fallen into apostasy once again. Noah returns into the presence of Christ in the flesh, preserves the record of Adam through the flood, and preaches repentance on the other side of the flood. But that dispensation ends quickly, as Melchizedek’s people, the city of Salem, ascend to join the city of Enoch, and apostasy continues for ten generations, until Abraham.

Abraham records his account this way:

Abraham 1:2-3

2. And, finding there was greater happiness and peace and rest for me, I sought for the blessings of the fathers, and the right where unto I should be ordained to administer the same; having been myself a follower of righteousness, desiring also to be one who possessed great knowledge, and to be a greater follower of righteousness, and to possess a greater knowledge, and to be a father of many nations, a prince of peace, and desiring to receive instructions, and to keep the commandments of God, I became a rightful heir, a High Priest, holding the right belonging to the fathers.

3. It was conferred upon me from the fathers; it came down from the fathers,from the beginning of time, yea, even from the beginning, or before the foundation of the earth, down to the present time, even the right of the firstborn, or the first man, who is Adam, or first father, through the fathers unto me.”

What has Abraham found? Christ! And that is how he is established as a Father of many nations and a High Priest, holding the right belonging to the fathers. Abraham finds himself amongst apostate idol worshippers, and is once again connected to the fathers, given the record of the fathers, from the beginning down until it comes to him. God tells Abraham that he will receive the same as Noah (Abraham 1:19).

Moses finds himself among the House of Israel, trapped in bondage to the Egyptians, in a lost, fallen, and a state of apostasy. Moses tells of similar experiences, having been restored to the presence of Christ, been called as one of the Fathers, given the record from the beginning, having viewed all things on this earth, cast out Satan, and commanded to continue the record (Moses 1).

Lehi finds himself among an apostate people. He obtains a vision, where he returns into the presence of Christ in the flesh, is given a record, and his son retrieves the record from Laban, which tells of the Fathers from the beginning, up until the time of Lehi’s departure. That record passes on through Nephi, who also had returned to the presence of Christ in the flesh, until it is once again lost to apostasy.

It was no surprise that Joseph Smith came in a time of apostasy. He was brought back into the presence of Christ in the flesh, restored 1/3 of the records from the gold plates, and it teaches us of the fathers from the beginning, from Adam, until it comes to Joseph. Although the tradition in the LDS church is to state that this is the last dispensation, calling it “The Dispensation of the Fulness of Times,” the scriptures prophesy of another apostasy, called the end of the day of the Gentiles, before the establishment of Zion. We have been under condemnation for almost 200 years. And we now find ourselves oblivious to the record of the fathers from Adam until now. In fact we have gone to great lengths to change the story line so that our leaders become more significant than the understanding of that record.

Currently, another man has obtained the presence of the Lord. The scriptures brought through Joseph Smith is being preserved, and taking its place once again, to restore the record from the beginning, until now. I bear witness that a new dispensation is upon us, and that it is Accompanied By Scriptures.

Conclusion: Recently our family has been through the ringer. Some of you more than others. I had a conversation where Sig expressed her initial approach to the scriptures. She prayed, opened up the book to wherever it fell open, and read that passage. She has progressed to begin learning the story line. And she is now moving into the realm of pondering what the authors are conveying. I have followed the same pattern, and I bear testimony that, although it helped me progress slowly, it is the least efficient way of learning the scriptures. It is becoming more and more important that we do not squander our time, using this pattern to become familiar with the scriptures.

Your PRIDE has stopped you from making a serious effort. When you finally make a serious effort, it will be far more effective for us to have regular conversations on the words of Christ. NOT because I will now be your master. NO! But because I can get you up to speed much faster than you can by using the “pray and pop open the scripture” method.

While you may have been “humbled” by the terrible circumstances you are currently in, that is not the same as being HUMBLE. PRIDE can continue dormant, until you have passed through your difficulty, …and then it can return with greater force if it is not directly addressed. HUMILITY, on the other hand, only comes through the words of Christ. Check your pride at the door, and enter into humility, through a serious study of the words of Christ. And lets talk!

The Changing of Robes (1330 Words)

John the Baptist

John the Baptist

The tradition of The Changing of Robes are so common amongst diverse cultures that it goes unnoticed and disconnected, not only from other cultures, but also from their original intent. The original intent is directly related to the “Ritual Combat Ceremonies” that have transitioned into many different cultural year-rite celebrations. Central to the “Ritual Combat Ceremonies” is the resurrection of the King, expressed by The Changing of Robes.

The tradition of The Changing of Robes are so common amongst diverse cultures that it goes unnoticed and disconnected, not only from other cultures, but also from their original intent. Anyone attending a graduation commencement, have witnessed graduation robes and caps, and the changing of the tassels. It all indicates the end of their old life of ignorance, and commences, or begins, a new life of enlightenment. In old Hawaii the “kihei” (a rectangular tapa garment worn over one shoulder and tied in a knot) was changed from the left shoulder to the right shoulder, when becoming a Kahuna (High Priest). The original source of The Changing of Robes, originate from the temple, as part of the rites given to Adam to direct his return from the fall.

As Adam partook of the fruit, all men die, but through Christ, all men can be made alive. The temple rites given from Adam, and passed through the patriarchal lineage of fathers have preserved instructions for all of Adam’s posterity to make their return from the fall. The original intent of the temple and it’s rites is directly related to what is called the “Ritual Combat,” …and over the centuries it has transitioned into many different cultural new-year-rite celebrations. The roots of Hawaiian Makahiki is a return to the new-year rite. The Native American “Sundance” also ties to the new-year-rite. The merry-go-round (carousel) has it’s origins in the Trojan new-year-rite. To explain it, I’ll break down the “New-Year-Rite” into three parts:

  1. The Creation
  2. The Ritual Combat
  3. The Ascension

The New-Year-Rite was done at different times, for different cultures, but were commonly observed on one of the four-corners of the Earth (Equinoxes or Solstices). It began with a drama of the creation of one form or another, with all the world being tied together. Matter was organized, land and water separated, lights separated to communicate signs, plants introduced prior to animals, and then lastly men. When this part of the dramatization was complete, the games began (the olympics has the same origin, as light begins the ceremony). The games began as events of combat were represented by athletic games, like: wrestling, foot races, spear throwing, sword fighting, etc. In Hawaii, surfing played a huge role in the Makahiki. The King participated in the games. Ritually, the King was killed, but then he put-off his “common-robes,” changing Into “heavenly-robes. and conquered the entire Ritual Combat. Once the games had ended with the King’s victory, the people threw a huge luau in the honor of the King’s victory. It was a sacred last meal before the King departed into the heavens, in an ascension.

The may-pole and the carousel are symbolism that ties men to a tree of life. They go around and around in combat, clockwise (meaning ascension) or counterclockwise (meaning defeat or descending). The Blackfoot Okhan similarly ties the ritual participants to the symbolic tree, and they dance in a ritual combat in a similar fashion as the Scandinavian May-pole, and Trojan Carousel. In all cases, through the ritual combat there was a Changing of Robes.

The Changing of Robes from common-robes, into heavenly-robes, was the key to the successful come back of the King. Thinking in terms of great movies, it was the training scene, where there was a physical change in the main character. Or it was the psychological change that gave the main character drive to overcome all. It all points back to The Changing of Robes. But what does it really mean?

D&C 84:33

“33. For whoso is faithful unto the obtaining these two priesthoods of which I have spoken, and the magnifying their calling, are sanctified by the Spirit unto the renewing of their bodies.”

I have studied the Book of Enoch, the Ascension of Isaiah, the Assumption of Moses, and other pseudopigriphal and apocryphal texts, …studying The Changing of Robes, …only to find out that it is right there in scripture. I just did not understand it. The common terms that are used are: garments, robes, coats, and cloaks. When these words show up in your next scripture study, your minds should point to the New-Year-Rite, and the ritual combat. Consider the following:

  • Nephi slays Laban, and then puts on his robes
  • Nephi, Jacob, and King Benjamin washes their garments clean of the blood of their people
  • The mighty change of heart of Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah was another robe change
  • When the prodigal son returns, the father puts a ring on his finger and a robe or a cloak on his shoulders

But, that still doesn’t tell you what it means, does it? It should, however, give you a hint that this is a game-changer, right? The renewal of the body is a direct connection to the promises of The Changing of Robes. It is accompanied by being healed, miracles, prophesying, and gifts of tongues (gifts of the spirit). Common examples of robe changes include: the blind whose sight was restored, the lame man who was able to walk, and Lazarus who was raised from the dead. Each of them turned to Christ, and their robes were renewed as they followed Christ. This is the change required through the sanctifying and purifying fire, in order to prepare one for returning into the fulness of the glory of Christ. This is the cleansing of the temple. Your body, being the temple, set apart from the world, doing the will of God.

The Changing of Robes, if stuck only in symbolism, becomes a tool of unrighteous dominion, controlling, coercing, and manipulating the minds and will of men on earth. However, if The Changing of Robes are properly understood as the changing of a person from a fallen state, to being filled with the glory of God, it will produce in you the ability to sacrifice all things, including your life, and to overcome all by faith, having been sealed by the holy spirit of promise. It matters!

Conclusion: The picture above is my rendition of John the Baptist. I messed up on how old he looks, as he was only a few months older than Christ, and Christ was in his early thirties when he was crucified. However, I intended to make him look sunned, rugged, and wild looking, but happy, …as he was described as living off of locusts and wild honey, wearing a camel skin, with a leather girdle to cover his waist (Matthew 3:4).

Funny enough, while The Changing of Robes is the subject of this blog, tattered robes were the signature of true prophets, because how the world views clothing meant little or nothing to those whose treasures were in the heavens, where moth and rust doth not corrupt. John the Baptist’s clothing was described as a coarse pile of camel hair (Matthew 3:4). Elijah’s mantle was made from sheep skins (Kings 2:8). Others wore goats hair or coarse wool. Costly apparel was always associated with the wicked, because what they wore outwardly reflected emptiness inwardly, while prophets did exactly the opposite. (Side note: Now reflect on Joseph who was sold into Egypt, and ask yourself what the coat of many colors really meant, concerning the person Joseph was?)

Awake, and arise, O Isreal. Shake off the dust from your garments. Arise, sit down, …meaning: arise into the heavens in ascension, and be seated upon the throne of God, that your garments may be cleaned from the blood and sins of this generation. Put aside your ignorance of the things of God, by taking a serious effort to study the scriptures for yourselves. Repent.

The Path (737)


The Path is ascension. It keeps being offered, but then rejected. When will we learn our lesson?

We all know the story of Moses floating down the river in a basket. He was raised as Egyptian royalty under the rule of the Pharaoh of Egypt. At the age of forty, Moses barely escaped Egypt with his life, finding himself at a well in Midian, by the daughters of Jethro. Moses repented and was brought back into the presence of the Lord. At the age of eighty (40 years after leaving Egypt), Moses was called upon by God to free the entire House of Israel from the bondage and captivity of Egypt, as he was freed. He rescued them by persuading the Pharaoh with miracles. But it wasn’t until Pharaoh’s first born was killed by the angel of death, “passing over” the House of Israel, that he permitted Israel’s departure. The waters of chaos was cleared as the Red Sea parted, allowing the safe passage, to a new life with God. However, unlike Moses, the House of Israel refused to repent, awake, and arise, returning back into the presence of the Lord. They rejected ascension, and was required to wander in the wilderness another 40 years, before Moses was taken by the hand of God. The House of Israel lost their opportunity to ascend.

Ascension continued to be offered, in the symbolic form of the tabernacle. The tabernacle was positioned facing the east, and the traveler would journey from the east towards the west, following The Path of the sun. The sacrificial animal was a symbolic representation of the individual who brought the offering. The individual placed himself on the altar, using the substitute offering, representing the individual covenanting to lay his life on the altar. The offering was washed and pronounced clean in the court yard, before going into the Holy Place. Sacrament was taken within the Holy Place, to sanctify the offerer, changing it from a clean animal, into a man. This was represented by the changing of the robes, from earth colored robes to white robes, symbolizing sanctification and purity. Having been washed clean, and made pure through the process of sanctification, the animal became a man, prepared to enter into the presence of the Lord by traveling through the veil, into the Holy of Holies. That is The Path of the sun. It is also The Path of the Son. The Path of ascension is an invitation for all men to return into the presence of the Lord in the flesh.

You would think that we would learn our lesson, since Moses’ story is so well known. Nope! The early saints were instructed to build the Nauvoo temple, in sufficient time. Christ promised that if they succeeded, He would come into it and give them higher ordinances. But if they didn’t, they would suffer plagues and being scattered, …and that is precisely what happened. They had a legitimate opportunity. They had the material and the labor, but they sought after the things of the world, disregarding the need to be sanctified by the finishing of the temple. The Mountain of the Lord was rejected, the Tabernacle was rejected, and the Temple was rejected. When will we ever learn?

Conclusion: I am involved in the effort to raise money for the building of a temple. I have consecrated my time, talents, and everything I have towards that effort. However, when I relate my efforts to you, you consider me an apostate. Even though you have a temple, you fail to take advantage of attending and learning what it is communicating. If you did, you would see this pattern of The Path being rejected by the House of Israel, by the early saints at Nauvoo, and by you. Closing your eyes will not make it go away.

Rather than following the pattern of those remaining unredeemed, and cut-off from the Lord’s presence, …instead: repent, awake, and arise! Instead of claiming my scriptures as uninspired, go ahead and seriously read your own for a change. Rather than expressing concern about my temple efforts, try attending your own temple weekly, or bi-weekly, rather than bi-annually, or every other year (oh, and stay awake for a change). It was through the study of your scripture, and the attendance of your temple, that I recognized The Path of ascension. It has always been the doctrine of Christ since the time of Adam.



Laman & Lemuel: Part 6- Hearts Must Turn (1181)

Hearts Must Turn to Fathers

Hearts Must Turn. The spirit of Elijah leads to identifying a living Father, then to turning to the fathers (receiving instruction), and finally being sealed as an equal heir with Christ.

In order to be sealed to the heaves Hearts Must Turn! Although Laman & Lemuel used their agency to fall away, Lehi’s promise gave Lamanite descendants the opportunity to do what their parents failed to do, turn their hearts to Lehi; or in other words, the covenant fathers. Once the remnant of Lehi re-connect to the fathers, and are taught by them, they will be sealed through the fathers to Christ. Consider the instructions I am offering.

The last blog was A Parent’s Worst Nightmare, which was about the temporary falling apart of Lehi’s family after his death, as Laman & Lemuel sought to kill their brother Nephi. Parent’s spend so much time and effort to build and strengthen their family, only to have it destroyed once they die. BUT… Lehi was given a covenant; and through that covenant, Lehi extended a blessing to the children of Laman & Lemuel, offering them a chance to return. The condition of their return is that their Hearts Must Turn to the covenant fathers of their time (living), and Lehi’s record would aid them in making that return.

The descendants of both the Laminates and the Nephites were all eventually scattered, after having rejected the covenants of their fathers (Lehi & Nephi). The strength of the covenant to Lehi and Nephi promised to reach beyond their time, into these last days, to redeem those who would do the work that Laman & Lemuel wouldn’t do, and turn their hearts to the promises made to the ancient fathers, written in the scriptures. Lamanite King, Lamoni, when he was taught by Ammon (a covenanted father), offered to sacrifice all to know God, repented and returned to the covenant given to Lehi. King Lamoni’s father was taught the same, by Aaron (a covenanted father), and he too sacrificed all things to know God, repented, and Lehi’s covenant was renewed with him too. Anti-nephi-lehi was King Lamoni’s younger brother, and he participated in burying their weapons, to belong to the same covenant given to Lehi, and his children’s generation was what comprised of the 2,000 stripling warriors. Theirs is a pattern to show us, that if we are to receive Lehi’s covenant just the same, our Hearts Must Turn. The pattern is outlined in what Moroni (or Nephi) gave to Joseph Smith Jr.

JSH 1:39

39. He also quoted the next verse differently: And he shall plant in the hearts of the children the promises made to the fathers, and the hearts of the children shall turn to their fathers. If it were not so, the whole earth would be utterly wasted at his coming.”

When you finally pick up the scriptures, and take your studies seriously, you will then have planted in your heart “the promises made to the fathers.” Only then can you begin to turn your heart to the fathers, by authenticating their message against the words of Christ that swelled, sprouted, and began to grow (Alma 32:30-32). You will know the living fathers because they teach the pure doctrine through the words of Christ. They will not be telling warm, fuzzy, and entertaining stories, to get your emotions triggered, as we have falsely identified emotions with the Holy Ghost. It will be pure knowledge, pure intelligence, and enlightening. But, if you’re unfamiliar with the words of Christ, you will be caught up, with the LDS church, in the large and spacious building, pointing the finger and mocking the saints. When your heart is turned to the fathers, they will turn their hearts to you, to teach you of the mysteries of God, until you know them in FULL ( Alma 12:10). With fathers and children as one heart and one mind, now we have the makings of Zion.

Once the remnant of Lehi re-connect to the living fathers, and are taught by them, they will be sealed, through the fathers, to Christ. While the instruction between fathers and children does not require a building or church, and can be performed in a park, in a room, out in the garage, etc. The sealing must be done only in a temple connected to heaven. You know it is connected to heaven because Christ will dwell there personally, to reintroduce you to the heavens and the POWERS of the heavens.

Conclusion: The LDS Church has followed the same pattern as the Catholics, but have done it in less then half the time. Their attention has placed emphasis on the church building, the stake houses, and the empty temples, costing the widow’s mite billions of dollars of slave money. They have raised up unto themselves kings, in their offices and administrative positions, and have dismissed the necessity to develop the skill to know the voice of the Lord, and to identify a true servant delivering a message from God (Angel).

The drawing I added to this blog is a lineage that ties all to the family of God. That is Zion. When the government of Zion returns among us in the flesh, Enoch’s Zion will return to join them. They are the ones prophesied of that “…they that come shall burn them.” Once that is established all governments will fall apart. God allows the wicked to to kill the wicked. He allows the wicked to kill the righteous. But when Zion is established, God will never allow the wicked to kill Zion.

IN YOUR CURRENT STATE OF IGNORANCE, YOU ARE NOT YET CONNECTED TO THE FATHERS, AND HAVE NO PLACE IN ZION! Turn your hearts to the promises made to the fathers, written in modern scripture. Familiarize yourself with that material by talking to me, or to anyone who understands, but doesn’t need the filter of the LDS church. We can help you through your difficulty of letting go of foolish and false traditions of unbelief. Over your invested time in the scriptures, you will naturally become familiar with those words, then you will hunger and thirst after them, and finally, as you ask questions, you’ll notice that no one in the church has the answers, leading you on a quest ( just like the wisemen following the star to Bethlehem) to find a living father. You must use the knowledge you’ve gained from the scriptures to test the voice of anyone claiming to be God’s servant. Then you will be prepared to recognize the voice of the Lord in a living father, and can leave the institutional church, to be taught of him, to complete your return, being sealed to the family of God.

Failure to acquire a connection to the fathers will leave you neither root nor branch in that great and terrible day. That’s a prophecy of being cut off as a family, having no posterity, and no eternal life. You are currently being tested to see if you can hear the voice of the Lord. You cannot wing-it by not studying the words of Christ. God will not be mocked.

Good Luck Young Padowan!