Degrees of Knowledge (1472 Words)

Knowledge, as the world defines it, isn’t what it seems. The ancient pattern began in the days of Adam. Hope progresses into belief, which offers the potential to progress into faith, and ends in Degrees of Knowledge.

The first university was the temple. That’s right! It wasn’t Harvard or Princeton, it was the temple. It was in the temple that those within it studied the “universe,” and that’s why it was called a “university.” The original use of the word university meant: “the whole.” After all, “the whole” is precisely what is considered in the temple, isn’t it?  Within the temple was an observatory so that from the temple the sun, moon, and stars could be charted and studied extensively. It’s no wonder why the Magi came in response to a new star, …because they were charting the stars from a temple. You see, …God placed lights in the firmament for signs, seasons, times, and ordinances, so that man could know things happening in the heavens, …and then do on earth as it is done in heaven. Within the temple was an extensive library, from which the source of all language flowed, being the origins of all knowledge, even the mysteries of God in full! The source of all life flowed out of the temple. The garden of Eden was a temple from which flowed all living things. As mankind departed from the temple, being cast out of the garden, universities became secular, meaning: no connection to treasures in the heavens any longer. Universities still represent secular knowledge in our day, for the purpose of accumulating gold and silver, disconnected from “the whole,” limited by business and commerce. Changing temples into secular universities, where secular minds are groomed, robes are worn in graduation ceremonies, and tassels are changed at commencement, is a symbolic selling of valuable tokens for money. Knowledge, as the world defines it, isn’t what it seems.

The ancient pattern began in the days of Adam. Every apostasy was a departure from the temple, a symbolic casting out of the garden of Eden. Apostasy began as early as in the days of Adam and Eve. The further a people got from the temple, knowledge of the sun, moon and stars disappeared, …and business and commerce became the name of the game. Distance from the temple was also indicated in the corruption of language. Being disconnected from heaven, men were left to their own devices, sacrificing the things of God, in exchange for Mammon (riches). Adam and Eve, after being cast out of the temple  (the garden of Eden), had to make their return back into the presence of Christ, through the process of sacrifice, through the temple. In all ancient cultures is found evidence of temple rituals, indicating a return to the temple for preservation. Every year, at specific times (called holy-days), a ritual called the “new year rite” was performed, seeking to restore a people to knowledge of the heavens, the true university, the temple, …where what is done on earth matches what is done in heaven. The new year rite had to be performed every year because the people had not returned, pointing them to the way back. The reconnect was intended to be done in varying degrees, but was presented in the temple as “one whole.”

The return progressed from hope to belief, to faith, into Degrees of Knowledge. The result of the pattern is enlightenment. It is repeated as light cleaves to more light (D&C 88:40), until the perfect day, when you are filled with light, and come to know all the mysteries of God, until you know them in full (Alma 12:10). We are promised that if our eye be single, our whole body shall be filled with light (3 Nephi 13:22). Alma 32 tells how it begins to swell, sprout and grow from a desire (which is hope), into a belief, where you are convinced of that truth. Being convinced that something is true, necessarily leads to taking action, or exercising faith. When faith is exercised in a belief that is true, there is always a confirmation, and that confirmation is a Degree of Knowledge. Knowledge is the sweet fruit, it is a degree of light and truth, and must grow into a fulness as more light is added, until you are filled with light. Knowledge is the objective of the temple. The ultimate knowledge was defined by Christ as life eternal, and that was to know God and Christ, whom God has sent.

Conclusion: The decay of the ancient temple follows the same decay of every temple. Ascension is reduced to a ritual ascension, and then further reduced to something that happens only after death, not in the flesh, despite what ancient testimony writes. We dismiss scriptures for traditions of unbelief. Rather than asking, seeking, and knocking to part and pass through the literal veil, …we have made enormous effort to justify our existence as acceptable “within” the veil, …fearing the Lord’s presence, just as the people of Moses did, and were cursed to wander in the wilderness for forty years, without the presence of the Lord in the flesh abiding with them.

We shouldn’t be afraid of man, and discount God’s words. We should fear God, to know His words, and be accountable to abiding by it’s precepts, to be governed by Him. God promises to add unto us, when we seek first His Kingdom, where moth, rust, and thieves cannot corrupt, break through or take away (3 Nephi 13:20, 33). Repent, and seek the words of Christ, to write them upon your hearts.

Currently, a functioning temple does not exist. We have strayed far from doing on earth as it is done in heaven, such that we know nothing of the heavens, and have changed the ordinances to match our understanding. The temple is not an observatory of the universe. There is no library in temples, and people aren’t allowed to speak in the temple without being shushed. Our language has been eroded and corrupted by thieves who claim divine authority, teaching to not pay much attention to the guy behind the veil, to dismiss the man behind the veil symbolically representing Christ Himself. Temples have become “endowment houses,” offering symbolic rituals that have been altered to sooth those who are still wanting to be lulled into sleep. We sell our tokens for money.

Christ offers hope, belief, faith, and knowledge. We must receive it in that way, and no other way. We cannot skip steps from hope to knowledge, by bearing testimony at a pulpit of something you really don’t know, but really, really, strongly believe. A testimony of what you hope to be true is not a testimony; it is only a wish; it is only pretending, …and will not produce a thing. You must desire the truth, hoping for all things of God. You cannot substitute belief with unbelief, or wrong belief, and actually exercise and develop saving faith based on unbelief. Unbelief not only resists faith, it kills faith. You cannot just understand something and not put it into action by living as you claim you believe. God will not confirm faith without works. You must act, …and then God’s grace will spontaneously produce an abundance of light and truth, until your confidence can wax strong in the presence of Christ.

The path back to God is as old as Adam and Eve. It requires more light and truth, until you obtain a fulness. The Lord’s words to Joseph Smith identifies our current condition:

D&C 124:28

“28. For there is not a place found on earth that he may come to and restore again that which was lost unto you, or which he hath taken away, even the fulness of the priesthood.”

You can choose to believe it or not, that’s on you. The truth must be told in order for repentance to be possible. God has strengthened the arm of the enemy against His unrepentant people. He has used the Egyptians, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Greeks, and the Romans to jolt His people to a degree of remembrance. The Lamanites were a scourge to the Nephites, even unto destruction, if the Nephites failed to remember God (2 Nephi 5:25), and they were destroyed. The Jaredites were once God’s people too, but they failed to remember, and receive the truth. The early saints were moved from their place by the Missourians and those near Nauvoo, into the wilderness because the saints not only did not repent, but they sought to dismiss the light given by Joseph Smith, hiding their secret acts of whoredoms, murder, and theft, still speaking both good and evil of him. You must choose, and be accountable for how you choose. I would recommend a different path than you have been on, putting off your unbelief, by a serious study of the words of Christ.


More Law is Big-Badda-Bad! (2147 Words WAAAAY LONG!)

To make what I have said even clearer, I’ll direct your attention to Nephi. To Nephi, and to all prophets for that matter, they all sought to turn men’s attention to Christ, by teaching correct principles and letting them govern themselves. If principles were always the objective of true prophets, then More Law is Big-Badda-Bad!

Mom has expressed that I’m “off the reservation”when I quoted D&C 59:16-24, …using the blessings described of the earth, and applying it “willy-nilly” to the covenant of the words of Christ. Essentially, I am being accused of taking the scripture out of context. If it were in context, it would, according to Mom, be tied to only keeping the sabbath day holy. However, what she has missed is the reason for sabbath observance, fasting and prayer, …as it is tied to Zion, which is in the first verses of the chapter.

D&C 59:1-4

“1. Behold, blessed, saith the Lord, are they who have come up unto this land with an eye single to my glory, according to my commandments.

2. For those that live shall inherit the earth, and those that die shall rest from all their labors, and their works shall follow them; and they shall receive a crown in the mansions of my Father, which I have prepared for them.

3. Yea, blessed are they whose feet stand upon the land of Zion, who have obeyed my gospel; for they shall receive for their reward the good things of the earth, and it shall bring forth in its strength.

4. And they shall also be crowned with blessings from above, yea, and with commandments not a few, and with revelations in their time—they that are faithful and diligent before me.

5. Wherefore…

I ended that quote with “wherefore…” to make a point. The word “wherefore” is another way of saying, “for this reason…” or “as a result of which…” or “since this is the big picture, now let me tell you about how it is going to happen…” (obviously my interpretation. But it fits!). Once we have been introduced to the topic of Zion, that is where the two great commandments, sabbath, fasting, and prayer have value. Sabbath has value, but it’s value is Zion. Therefore, Mom is out of context, not me. Mom thought that sabbath worship was the driving principle, but I have shown that Zion is the driving principle, NOT sabbath worship. Sabbath observance ought to support the efforts toward Zion. Although, the way I used the scripture in my last blog emphasized the rewards of the earth, it was still in context, as I was pointing at the principles that produced the earth’s reward. So, there you go!

You see, the vision is given by principle, and then “the law” supports that principle, to produce the desired result. However, Mom would recommend that we ignore the guiding principle, that drives the law, …and mindlessly have laws not a few. My observation from my exchange with Mom is, she’d prefer more laws and only a few principles. That idea results in needing to be commanded in all things, as a slothful and not a wise servant.

Don’t be confused, thinking that commandments not a few, is the same as laws not a few. They are different. Consider the ten “commandments” that Moses gave. One of them was, Thou shalt not kill. If it was a law, then Nephi would have been breaking the law, and God would have been responsible for a contradiction. A contradiction is a lie, and as such, God would cease to be God. However, if commandment was viewed as a principle, rather than a law, God maintains status as having no contradiction. And that fits with the idea of being blessed with “commandments not a few.” More commandments are great, when we are not being commanded in all things, but More Law is Big-Badda-Bad!

Nephi supports the idea that principles are the driver, and NOT laws. He recommends that we talk of Christ, rejoice in Christ, preach of Christ, and prophesy of Christ. It is clear that Nephi isn’t recommending to do all of that, merely to boost Christ’s ego. I suggest that it has more to do with the “principles” of Christ, then it has to do with Christ Himself, …since every time you look in Christ’s direction, He points to His father. Our eyes ought to be single to the glory of God, and Christ exemplifies “THAT” in everything He teaches. Nephi continues to try to convince Mom, and all of us, that the law is only a means to get somewhere. And without the objective (the principle; Christ), the law is useless. Here’s what Nephi wrote:

2 Nephi 25:27-29

27. Wherefore, we speak concerning the law that our children may know the deadness of the law; and they, by knowing the deadness of the law, may look forward unto that life which is in Christ, and know for what end the law was given. And after the law is fulfilled in Christ, that they need not harden their hearts against him when the law ought to be done away.

28. And now behold, my people, ye are a stiff-necked people; wherefore, I have spoken plainly unto you, that ye cannot misunderstand. And the words which I have spoken shall stand as a testimony against you; for they are sufficient to teach any man the right way; for the right way is to believe in Christ and deny him not; for by denying him ye also deny the prophets and the law.

29. And now behold, I say unto you that the right way is to believe in Christ, and deny him not; and Christ is the Holy One of Israel; wherefore ye must bow down before him, and worship him with all your might, mind, and strength, and your whole soul; and if ye do this ye shall in no wise be cast out.”

Interestingly enough, I NOW stand upon the principle of following no man but Christ, exactly as Nephi has taught, …and for that reason, both my wife and I were reprimanded, condemned as apostate, and cast-out by the LDS church. It will not be long before they take casting us out to the extreme of excommunication, sealing their own judgments upon their own heads. I recommend that they don’t do it, and let us be counted as inactive. But I don’t believe their PRIDE will allow it.

It seems clear that Nephi agrees with me, and does NOT agree with Mom, as he calls the law dead. Of course he agrees with me, because I got the idea from him, so technically I agree with him. Nephi recommends that some laws ought to be done away, and it will be the hardness of the hearts of men, against Christ, that stop men from letting laws be done away, because it doesn’t lead to Christ any longer.

To Nephi, and to all prophets for that matter, they all sought to turn men’s attention to Christ, by teaching correct principles and letting them govern themselves. John Taylor, the third President of the Church, once overheard a member of the Illinois legislature who was visiting Nauvoo speaking to the Prophet Joseph Smith. The man asked the Prophet Joseph how he was “enabled to govern so many people and to preserve such perfect order, remarking at the same time it was impossible for them to do it anywhere else.”“Mr. Smith remarked that it was very easy to do that. ‘How?’ responded the gentleman; ‘to us it is very difficult.’ Mr. Smith replied, ‘I teach them correct principles, and they govern themselves’” (Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith [2007], 284).

If principles were always the objective of true prophets, then More Law is Big-Badda-Bad! Notice, when the people are ripened for destruction, the laws have grown in complexity, the principles have been destroyed, and that requires a huge increase of lawyers and attorneys to filter through it all. In those days the lawyers and judges got rich off of the contention of the people, because the people forfeited their principles, to fair sumptuously on the law. Principles threatened the success of those who used the law to coerce, manipulate, and extort for personal gain. Today is no different. Our courts are jam packed. Lawyers fair sumptuously on contention. To get ahead in merchandise, the law is being extorted, and the only success requires that you dig a pit for your neighbor. And we say to ourselves, “There is no harm in that,” fulfilling Nephi’s prophecy in 2 Nephi 28. The law is getting more and more complex, as over 100,000 pages of new law is added every year. It is a clear indicator that principles are null and void in our day. And the pattern was the same among the Jews, who used the law to justify crucifying Christ.

Conclusion: Let’s not be those people, claiming to believe in Christ by word alone, when our actions tell on us. Our actions tell on us when we use the law to justify our sins. They tell on us when we prefer following a law above recognizing the voice of the Lord. They tell on us when we sing praises to men, claiming that we can find salvation by following a prophet, while rejecting a true messenger speaking the words of Christ. They tell on us when we defend a church, and it’s laws, while ignoring true principles.

If the principle is guiding you, then you’d prefer a conversation about the words of Christ, even if it puts you in question. The Truth ought to be our biggest concern, not our perceptions. The words of Christ ought to be reconsidered, to identify the truth, and NOT used merely to justify your salvation through a membership in a church, and an association with some general authority.

Your offense from my messages have nothing to do with the enormous quantity of my expressions of Christ, and my message of truth. All of your offense can be summed up in your defense of the church and it’s prophet, and your insecurity of your standing before the Lord. Just as you, I am far from perfect, and I have claimed nothing less. Just because I speak the truth doesn’t mean that I am free of mistakes. However, I can stand before God this day with a clear conscience, not because I claim to be better than you, but because I will consider the words of Christ, to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Everyone filters truth through their traditions of unbelief. I seek to have less and less unbelief, and that requires that I no longer align with LDS laws, causing me to be cast out from among them. And by your responses, although you would never physically cast me out (I think), …you dislike my association specifically because of my opinions of the LDS churches laws, that conflict with the words of Christ.

My testimony is based upon true and correct principles. I know this because I know the words of Christ, I constantly dig into scripture to get more, and will listen to anyone claiming to teach it. I will forfeit the law if it conflicts with my principles. But before I forfeit the law, I will question my principles, because that is where I must be right with God. Anyone who recommends to me “the law,” over true and correct principles, will never convince me to their way of thinking. More law is an indicator of empty principles. Again, More Law is Big-Badda-Bad!

PS: In the near future, you will find conflict all around you, as your world will be governed by more and more law that conflict with your principles. And you deserve it, if you want to forfeit principle for “the law.” Dad’s work place is jammed packed full of them, being employed at “THE BYU!” (said in a deep, ominous voice). He isn’t the only one suffering those conditions, because it is an epidemic at all of the BYU’s.

As gay rights activists force laws upon everyone, requiring us not only to tolerate gay behavior, but to accept it, …our principles will conflict with accepting their behavior as normal. And within Mom’s work place, in the schools, she will soon be required to teach that to be gay is normal, and not offensive.

These issues are already at our door step, as our country has devalued our currency, made debt a necessity, bound our entire country in bondage, taken to wage war on others, whored our constitution, and perfectly prepared us for captivity. Like it or not, your principles are threatened by “the law.” I would not recommend you stand upon the law, when it ought to be done away, …otherwise you will be done away with the law you uphold. Correct principles is where it’s at. More Law is Big-Badda-Bad!

The Covenant Lexicon (1389 Words)

A Lexicon is a vocabulary of a person, and it houses their concepts of knowledge. As people’s “…hearts become set so much upon the things of this world and aspire to the honors of men,” …the Lexicon drifts, and pure knowledge is reduced to philosophies of men, mingled with scripture. The loss or rejection of pure knowledge, indicates being ripened for destruction. We are currently ripened for destruction, …but that can change with a return to The Covenant Lexicon.

The words that we hear, read, think, and speak make up our personal Lexicon. Nephi advises us to talk of Christ, preach of Christ, and prophesy of Christ, to emphasize this idea. The Lexicon controls the “knowledge and culture” of a people. People in different areas use different Lexicons, reflecting their knowledge and culture. In Hawaii “Da-Kine” can mean hundreds of different things. On my mission in California, they used different words, spoke with different emphasis and voice pitches. In Utah, they speak “Mormon-ese,” …and they say things like “warsh” instead of wash, …and “Mou’ens” instead of mountains. To add to all the confusion, our digital world has created it’s own vocabulary of acronyms (LOL, BTW, etc.). Emojis have also introduced another Lexicon that accompanies the already massive library of terms, requiring all to read in pictures. The words people listen to, read, think, and speak governs their knowledge and culture. To put it simply, the rule of thumb is:

“He who controls the Lexicon, controls the knowledge and culture of the people!”

The scriptures were intended to be a Covenant Lexicon that preserves the language of the Patriarchal Fathers, to provide “Great Knowledge” and a “Zion Culture,” where men and gods co-mingle. However, as people’s “…hearts become set so much upon the things of this world and aspire to the honors of men,” …the Lexicon drifts, and pure knowledge is reduced to philosophies of men, mingled with scripture. More laws are added, until the added laws displace the original laws, and the Covenant Lexicon is misinterpreted, confounded, and unable to produce wisdom. Consider some examples.

The brother of Jared prayed, at the time of the tower of Babel, for the preservation of their language. He did so at a time when language was being eroded, and knowledge was being lost. God preserved their language. Although it doesn’t state it directly, I believe it was preserved with scripture, through a Covenant Lexicon, as was done in all dispensations. However, when in the promised land, the people drifted from the Covenant Lexicon. The Jaredites displaced the language of the Covenant Lexicon with secret combinations, and were swept-off the earth. A similar pattern can be seen with Nephi and the record he brought from Jerusalem.

The constitution was a form of a Covenant Lexicon, when it originated. The founders of America were influenced by the Bible, and their writings reflected the Abrahamic covenant. Today, not only does the constitution hang by a very thin thread, the laws that men have written to displace the constitution has totally drowned, distorted, and deformed the original, …making it into an abomination. The new laws that explain the constitution have become the new constitution, or in other words a drifting Lexicon, without a covenant. Our current governing laws shift with every wind of doctrine, promoted by the masses, independent from the damage it will produce our future posterity.

The founding of the LDS church began with a Covenant Lexicon, just the same. It’s founder, much like America’s founders, searched the Bible. He returned into the presence of Christ, the author of the Covenant Lexicon. At the outset, the early saints were offered to be unmoved and blessed with the presence of Christ on the condition that they would adhere to the Covenant Lexicon. But, they suffered condemnation for treating lightly the covenant. Today, the LDS church has chosen to displace the Covenant Lexicon with their committee manuals and handbooks. While the Covenant Lexicon occupies four books, there are libraries full of General Conference reports, Ensign articles, church manuals and handbooks that make up a replacement drifting Lexicon. They place emphasis on studying the words of Christ by mouth alone, drawing near with their lips. But, when the words of Christ conflict with their drifted Lexicon of Conference Reports, Ensigns, manuals, and handbooks, …they abandon the words of Christ and trust in their drifting Lexicon instead. Both America and the LDS church will suffer the same fate as the Jaredites and the Nephites if they fail to repent and return to the Covenant Lexicon.

The loss or rejection of pure knowledge, indicates being ripened for destruction. We are currently ripened for destruction, …but that can change with a return to the Covenant Lexicon. The proposed scripture project approaching quickly, on September 2-3, 2017, is an effort to repent of the lost and lightly treated Covenant Lexicon. In this project, the Old Testament and New Testament will contain ALL of the Joseph Smith translation as its PRIMARY TEXT. The LDS OT/NT has only scraps of the Joseph Smith translation, and they are only provided in the footnotes, and partially in the back of the Bible. The Doctrine and Covenants portion of the project has produced much difficulty, trying to research who said what, to authenticate the truth of what was said by God to the saints. The process of identifying D&C sources has revealed the secret combinations of the LDS church, to justify their lyings, adultery, murder, and deceptions, since the death of Joseph and Hyram Smith. Fixing their interwoven lies have proven to be a difficult task for those of us who have inherited that record, but want to restore the original offered Covenant Lexicon. By repenting and restoring the Covenant Lexicon we fully expect that along with the language, the pure knowledge will be restored, …and the hearts of the children will have turned to the promises made to the Fathers, …and the hearts of the children can turn to the Fathers, …so that the hearts of the Fathers can turn to the children. Otherwise, as we are instructed, the whole earth will be utterly waisted at His coming. We believe that God is bound by His word, and those who seek to return to His word will bind the Lord to them, and seal themselves to eternity.

Conclusion: Propaganda is another term for controlling the Lexicon. When you have control of the language of a people, you control the culture/traditions of that people. When you control the culture/traditions of a people, you control their perception of history, …because the victors always write the history. The victors of today change the history to justify their position, and to promote their future agendas. The catholic church confiscated the lexicon, and replaced the culture, with bitter fruits of institutionalism. They used their power to change history at the general conference of Nicea. And they have faired sumptuously off of the contributions of the widow’s mite, while killing the Martin Luther’s and William Tindale’s, for trying to restore the Covenant Lexicon to it’s original intent.

The LDS church has followed this pattern by using their handbooks to resolve doctrinal questions, instead of doctrine to resolve handbook questions. They’ve sought deep to hide their sins, replacing the tragic history of lies, adultery, murders, and deception, …with feel good stories of surviving the calamities of God’s condemnation upon them (Nauvoo). Rather than repenting of their past mistakes, they’ve re-written the history, to provide them a very bright future of corporate success ahead. Those of us who, like Martin Luther and William Tindale, try to restore the Covenant Lexicon to it’s original intent are being cast-out, excommunicated, and rejected for doing so. Propaganda is the tool of choice for those exercising control and unrighteous dominion.

When we preserve agency, it’s the truth that matters most, and that is what must be circumscribed into one great whole. Truth will provide the weak to overpower the high and mighty. It will produce equality and squash greed. How you choose to spend your time, accumulating and trusting in truth or maintaining the lies, will determine your reality. But, in the end, the earth will be burned, and those who have trusted the truth will remain, while all others will be swept off the land. Return to and receive the Covenant Lexicon. Check yourself, before you wreck yourself!

Competing Theories (1146 Words)

Two competing theories, The Church, and The Fellowships, both start and end inversely (opposite)

The church seems to have one theory, that puts on the image of order and organization, while eroding the values that produce salvation. Fellowships, on the other hand, seem to implement an inverse theory (totally opposite), that feels chaotic at first, but relies wholly upon core values to produce salvation. Both are opposing and Competing Theories.

The Church: As long as I have been alive and aware of my surroundings (40+ years, but some would argue less), I have been taught to believe: “The Church is true.” As The Church is operated as a well-oiled corporation, it puts on the image of order and organization. Buildings are built and in order, bathrooms are cleaned and stocked, materials provided in the library, classes organized, teachers assigned, baby sitting is provided so most can enjoy the services, the cost of snacks are covered, and rules are written in handbooks, to direct leaders how to handle extreme situations. Streams of revenue comes in voluntarily, and without much effort. From a corporate perspective, The Church would be a sound investment, with an outrageous ROI (return on investment).

However, beneath the surface of a well-oiled corporation is the price that must be paid. And that price is “discretion” (the freedom to decide what should be done in a particular situation). Another word for discretion is Agency, which is the foundational principle defended and protected in the war in heaven. In a corporation, it’s people must be managed, commanded in all things, and reigned-in by compulsion, or they will over-turn the money-machine, and run things into the ground. The fear of the leadership requires strict action to get rid of rotten apples before they ruin the bunch, not considering themselves rotten.

The resultant byproduct of removing discretion is ignorance of the words of Christ, as the management manual trumps scripture. In the absence of scripture, we quote leaders, and suffer what is known as a cult-of-personality; where charismatic leadership convinces people to follow the leader, because the leader can never lead you astray. Revelation becomes reduced to emotion, scripture reading becomes a checklist item without the need to understand it, and church and temple attendance (even when you’re asleep) becomes an indicator that you have eternal life and are simply enduring to the end. The leadership puts on the image of a heavenly connection, but discourages anyone from acquiring their own heavenly connection, as that is reserved for the upper-class leaders.

The Fellowships: Fellowships are a throw-back to the days of the restoration of the church. Sacrament with wine is reinstated, and suddenly good Mormons who have never tasted a drop of alcohol suddenly host kegger’s. Others claim that polygamy ought to be reinstated, without thoroughly understanding the initial instruction of adoptionism. Church services are hosted in people’s homes, and can sometimes be offensive, as people innovate ordinances and claim revelation to do so. At times it seems like utter chaos, but there are a few who refuse to innovate, and do their best to follow the words of Christ. If the words of Christ are unclear to these few, they wait upon the voice of the Lord for further direction, while living what they do understand.

While this might not start out as optimal, beneath the surface of those few who adhere strictly to the words of Christ, those few receive revelation upon revelation, and their understanding of the words of Christ expands to govern and unite them. As they exercise faith in the scriptures, they find themselves less and less dependent upon charismatic leaders, emotional speeches, and church/temple attendance to indicate their salvation. Rather, they write the words of Christ upon their hearts, hear the voice of the Lord in the words of true servants, and return into the presence of the Lord themselves, without rank or office. No man need tell them, know ye the Lord, because they all know Him personally.

While it’s beginning seems chaotic, foreign, skeptical, and unfamiliar, it’s the process that makes the people one heart and one mind, and no poor among them. The byproduct of the fellowships is Zion. Agency is preserved, all are required to know the words of Christ, all have experiences with angelic ministers, and all return to walk and talk with Christ, as did Enoch.

Competing Theories: The Church and The Fellowships are opposing and Competing Theories. They start in totally different positions, and end in opposite places. The Church will result in ignorance of the words of Christ, rejecting messengers sent from the Father, and ultimately rejecting Christ. They will be as though they crucified Christ anew. The Fellowships, if they allow the covenant within the scriptures to govern them, and if they wait upon the Lord to instruct, they will be centered and founded upon the words of Christ, they will hear the voice of the Lord in the words of a messenger who has been in the Lord’s presence, and they will return into the presence of the Lord themselves. You are free to choose which you will trust. But, …and there’s always a big butt, …you cannot choose The Church, and then expect to achieve salvation in the flesh, by returning into the presence of the Lord!

Conclusion: I tried my best to symbolically draw both scenarios, how they begin, and how they end. Notice: in the drawing I placed the keys in different places. The church places the keys above one man, the head and the president of The Church. However, for The Fellowships, I drew the keys in the words of Christ. And in the final drawing of The Fellowships, not only does the words of Christ increase to encompass all of The Fellowship, but the keys are also expanded as well. The keys are equally shared, and equally accessed, so that the mind and will of God is in each member (all holding the keys, instead of just one). The Church keeps the keys in one person’s hand, and can only be partially accessed by other leaders, who command in all things.

I invite you, my family, to soften your hearts to the words of Christ. Alma says that it’s the words of Christ alone that can soften hearts (Alma 32:13-16). Let’s try doing things different in our family. Rather than relying upon charismatic leaders, lets all be equal, by uniting our efforts upon the words of Christ. Let that be our governor. Lets have no ranks, as we all have great value to offer. It’ll be a little chaotic at first, but as we get more and more familiar with the words of Christ, we will naturally unite, achieve massive abundance, and will return every last one of us into the presence of Christ in the flesh. I bear witness of this, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!



Three Patterns (616 Words)

Three Patterns

There are Three Patterns that deserve significant attention, as they are the only path leading into Zion. The first establishes a pattern that is the foundational-concept all must understand and do. The second properly expresses  how line upon line, precept upon precept really works. And the last is a pattern of the gathering of Zion. Let’s get to work.

The first pattern depicts how an individual ought to get started. It first requires an admission of ignorance to the things of God. Once you can admit it, you have humbled yourself to a possible solution, so next you must search the words of Christ, to write them upon your heart. This is a slow process that you don’t want to hasten, but would highly benefit from committing significant effort, in ponderous thought, and writing every word upon your heart. Most give up here, as this work can sometimes seem unrewarding, at first. As you continue the effort, it will be suddenly and often times unexpected that you will understand a concept you’ve never before understood. What wasn’t there at first, now suddenly appears. This is called revelation, and it was revealed by the power of the Holy Ghost. Now that you have searched, and received revelation, a testimony requires that you put that revelation to action. Implementing the revelation by obedience is an indicator that you did not ask these things in vain, and that you fully intend to observe and keep all the commandments you are given. Armed with a testimony, from your experience, you are now able to repeat the pattern, to get more knowledge, more revelation, and take greater action, to obtain a greater testimony. That is the first pattern!

The second pattern properly explains what “line upon line, precept upon precept” really means. The process for getting the scriptures written upon your heart, obtaining revelation, acting upon your revelation, and bearing testimony must be constantly repeated. As the pattern is repeated, greater revelations will be obtained, and greater actions will be taken, because you have come to align your actions with the words of Christ. Line upon line was intended to produce increase and progression, not excuses that will accumulate damnation.

The third pattern is how I believe Zion will be gathered. It will always start at the individual, who loves the words of Christ, and has repented of the condemnation, by not only speaking the words of Christ, but also by doing accordingly. From the individual, there must be a uniting of the couple, based on the same covenant. From the couple, a group of couples can be united based upon the same covenant. It is the words of Christ alone that is the covenant that will determine who’ll be gathered into Zion.

I can only offer you my understanding of the words of Christ, but my understanding is insufficient to save you. If you are to be saved, it will be because you have chosen to value the mind and will of God offered in the words of Christ, to develop your own relationship with God, personally. No man can offer you salvation. All a man can do is point in a direction. You are totally accountable for authenticating the message, by what you know of the words of Christ, and choosing the right direction.

Conclusion: The only thing stopping you from knowing the words of Christ is what’s in your heart. While you are all good people, you are still required to make choices. I can only do what I can do to make ingesting the concepts easier. You must still make a concerted effort to write them upon your own hearts. I wish you the best!

Gospel: The Good News! (1267)

I have called each of you to express the excitement of the Gospel of St. John: the good news from the testimony of St. John. Some of you have questions. Some of you have doubts. Welcome to a first hand experience of the gathering of Israel.

For those who have questions regarding the author of the text (Denver C. Snuffer), I’ll let his words explain the process he used to acquire the record. This is a letter Denver C. Snuffer wrote to explain the work he just produced in the testimony of St. John:

“There is a new edition of the scriptures being prepared which will use the JST of the Bible. That will result in both the Book of Moses and JS-Matthew being removed from the Pearl of Great Price. When I was asked to take a look at the project I had the impression that a new translation of John’s Gospel was needed and ought to replace the missing texts. I asked a qualified Greek Scholar to undertake that project and he declined. But the impression remained that it needed to be done.
I made it the subject of prayer and was told to do the work. I spent a few days working with an English-Greek New Testament, the JS Translation of John, and a Greek Lexicon before becoming hopelessly discouraged by the many options and choices. I prayed about it before retiring for the night and essentially quit. I explained that it would take years for me to accomplish this, and that I was not going to be able to solve the riddles of the text. I went to bed assuming I was done with it.
In the middle of that night I was awakened and given the solution to every dilemma I had been facing in the work on the text. So the next day I continued on from where I had abandoned the work and, to my surprise, everything was opened to my mind so clearly and continuously that the entire project was completed in less than three weeks. The light of heaven opened the material in a way I had never thought of nor had previously attained to in considering the Gospel of John. At times it progressed so rapidly that I was unable to finish one part before the next came rolling out. Many new and different things were added, and at least one thing was dropped entirely because it was not part of John’s original composition. Because of the rapid way it rolled out, once I finished the text I went back to clean up a lot of what had been left as incomplete sentences, run-on sentences, missing words (particularly conjunctions) and cryptic or inadequate explanations. The intent of the writer, John, was revealed, including why some things were included in the text and the manner he wrote.


When it began it was an attempt at a “translation” but by the time it was completed it was clearly a “revelation” and not merely a translation of a text. Therefore the result does not have my name on it, because I cannot claim any credit for the content. I failed in what I was attempting. What resulted came from heaven.”

Three key points:

  1. The announcement of new scriptures rolling out soon. I suspect that the St. George conference that my wife and I are speaking at will be when it rolls out, but it could be sooner.
  2. Another point that caught my attention was the fact that a Greek scholar declined the effort. I believe that revelatory work from the Lord doesn’t give scholars any advantage. The Lord can work with a simple contractor like my dad.
  3. One significant point that caught my attention is the pattern of the Lord to allow men to go to the point of failure, so that when the miracle occurs, the failed attempt makes it clear to the man that it was God’s work, He did the heavy lifting, He produced the miracle, so the man can take no credit!

Some of you have doubts. Particularly Mom has expressed her doubts. She has addressed me in a private email, so I’ll not go into detail, but will address common doubts that have been expressed. You have to go to the Lord. Don’t complain to me. Don’t warn me. You don’t have the position to warn me as none of you have made much of an effort to “know ye the Lord.” Read the words for yourself: Go to the downloads section, at the bottom, and download “the testimony of St. John.” Rather than stroke your pride, read it and use Moroni’s method to prove if it’s contents are genuine or not. Using the excuse that you already know, will provide you comfort in your fallen state, and you will be lulled back to sleep. Your choice.

Welcome to a first-hand experience of the gathering of Israel. You are in a position to witness the separation of the wheat from the tares, from the front row. The tool being used to do the separation is… (wait for it…) the words of Christ. Now is the time to reflect on your preparation, to see if you have what it takes to be considered wheat.

Conclusion: You have a big task to take on. New scriptures? Holy cow, can you believe that we live in these times? I’m pinching myself in excitement. The scriptures testified of it. The Mormons are associated with the Gentiles (D&C 109:60-61). The day of the Gentile was prophesied to end (3 Nephi 16:10). That means the LDS church’s time is prophesied to end along with the end of the days of the Gentiles, as they are associated with the Gentiles! The fulness was prophesied to go from the Gentiles to the remnant seed of Lehi, which means that the church has no leg to stand on as the scriptures have testified against them (2 Nephi 28).

The only reason you’ll get mad at me is because you fail to read the scriptures. Your aggression only testifies of your ignorance. This isn’t a time to be mad! It is exciting as Zion is unfolding before us.

When the scriptures were first produced, in 1830, the entire congregation read them and sustained them as the words of Christ. Christ himself then placed His stamp of approval by revelation to Joseph Smith. And the people were held to that scripture, to live according to every word printed within them. That is when the saints were instructed to build a temple.

But the early saints failed to live by the words that they sustained. When Joseph and Hyrum died, they cast out scriptures that give clear instructions of the Godhead, the Holy Ghost, and attributes of Christ. They fudged some of the records to justify plural marriage, and continue to manipulate changes in our day, intending to turn people away from Christ’s presence, rather than towards obtaining their second comforter and calling and election made sure (anti-Christ?). Therefore, they are cut-off ( a real penalty) from the presence of the Lord, until the day of judgement, when they’ll wish the mountains would fall upon them to hide their sins.

You are not of that blood line. You are the remnant of which the scriptures testify would receive the fulness of the gospel of Christ. You are the covenant that would be lions amongst the beast of the forest, having obtained your voice by speaking with the tongue of angels. Having obtained the tongue of angels requires knowing the words of Christ by feasting upon those words. Do that! Be that! Be free!

After the Apostles (1379 Words Long)

On my return home trip from Canada, for a funeral, I began re-reading about the original church, After the Apostles. None of us have studied it for ourselves, but have trusted what we have been taught by our church leaders. Their claim is that we were organized the same as the original New Testament church, with apostles and prophets, to become the only “true church.” What may surprise you is the difference between what we call “church,” and it’s departure from the instructions of Christ for an Ekklesia.

Church: The Bible was translated from Hebrew, to Greek, to Aramaic, to Latin, into English, and many plain and precious truths were lost in translation. Of the many corruptions which have led men astray, two words (ekklesia and kuriakos) has been incorrectly changed to represent our modern understanding of: Church. Now church simply means “a building used for public Christian worship.” Since we have used church incorrectly for so many years, we have cut a groove almost impossible to get out, we have exercised unrighteous dominion over others, and we have lost more truth, until we are left with false traditions of unbelief. Consider the origins of the two words that have been incorrectly lumped together as church.

One of the earliest records we have is from the Greek Septuagint. In it “Church” was pronounced “ku-ri-a-kos.” The meaning of “Ku-ri-a-kos” is understood by its root: “Ku- ri-os,” which means “Lord.” “Kuriakos” means “pertaining to the lord.” It refers to something that belongs to the Lord. The Greek “kuriakos” eventually became changed to: “cirice” (Kee-ree-ke), then “churche” (kerke), and eventually “church.” Rather than identifying what belongs to the Lord, church has become re-defined by and as an institution, housed in a building, claiming to be the Lord’s. All churches exercise power over it’s subjects, requiring knowing and obedience to it’s church leaders, without the need to know the Lord.

The Greek word “kuriakos” appears in the New Testament twice. In I Corinthians 11:20 it refers to “the Lord’s supper.” In Revelation 1:10 it refers to “the Lord’s day.” In both instances, it is translated “the Lord’s…” NOT “church.” Kuriakos doesn’t appear again in the New Testament. However “ekklesia” occurs over 100x, and in every instance it’s also mistranslated as “church,” now represented by a building.

Ekklesia: The correct translation for “ekklesia” is: a people who were called-out. From this word comes the Spanish equivalent iglesias, translated as: church. Comparing the origins of the two words ekklesia and kuriakos (church) you can see how a people who were “called-out” can be combined with “belonging to the Lord,” eventually being reduced to a building belonging to the Lord, but controlled by men claiming to be the Lord’s (our modern understanding of Church).

When correctly used, ekklesia was intended to instruct men who were called-out, about what God expected of their lives, as a community unified under Him. Whenever ekklesia was used in chronicles or psalms, it focused on worship in the Temple. After testing the will of the ekklesia in building the Temple, greater instruction was given of it’s use, and connecting to the heavens. The ekklesia came to the Temple for all types of worship and instruction, and to express it’s unity as God’s called-out people. Thus, the temple became associated with the ekklesia, and eventually lumped into a building, also known as a church. While church identified something belonging to the Lord, and ekklesia was a people who are called-out, a temple was what was used to gather those who are called-out, who belonged to the Lord, …and return them to His presence. When properly connected to the heavens the ekklesia included heavenly beings (hagioi: holy ones), as well as men in the flesh. Kings called God, “My Father.” God referred to a King as being made His “Firstborn,” the origins of birthright tied to heavenly favor, not just birth-order.

To be “called-out” is to be covenanted, or to have the old covenant (made to the fathers), made-anew in you. It was the same covenant made to the “ancient of days” (Adam), and renewed through the patriarchal lineage of the fathers, until the lineage of Hyrum Smith. A covenant being made anew is a new and an everlasting covenant.

Conclusion: The funeral I attended in Canada was held in a Catholic church. After the entertaining eulogy, the priests did a reading of last rights, preparing the deceased for facing death. The priest waved incense around the casket. The smoke from the incense ascended, as the priest prayed on behalf of the deceased. I could see the intended symbolism of prayer ascending as the smoke from the incense rose, originating from the temple, performed in the church, seeking to qualify as being called-out, and belonging to the Lord. Although the Catholic priest was well intended, it’s departure from the truth served more to comfort the grieved living, in our ignorance of what occurs beyond the veil. However, to the priest, he will bear testimony that his “church is true.”

The ekklesia was warned to not assimilate with surrounding societies and their idolatry. Failure to resist assimilation came with penalties raised by God to oppress them in their disobedience. False priests who oppress use their earthly recognized authority to manipulate and compel men into willingness to obey priests/leaders unquestioned. It is easily recognizable observing Catholic ritual. But not so easy when reflecting on our own nonsense as Mormons. False priests who oppress come in all shapes and sizes, but they are always dressed in sheep’s clothing.

If you would properly protect yourselves, and your families, against false priests who oppress, your best defense is knowledge of the words of Christ. Those who have written them upon their hearts will not be oppressed, but will belong to the Lord, having been called-out, and their elections made sure. That is the spirit of Elijah.

Anja called and briefly described a hilarious conversation she had with Tom. He asked, “I heard a rumor, from your son to my son, that our brother’s starting his own church. Is it true?” She responded, “No, he’s not starting his own church, …he’s building his own temple.” I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard that. Let me be clear, I am not starting my own church …like you have imagined: with my own building, two counselors, an assigned clergy, with home teaching assignments for the men, and visiting teaching assignments for the women, etc. But, I am calling-you-out, so that the Lord can make you His (ekklesia and kuriakos-CHURCH). I have gone back to the scriptures and the restoration of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, and have dismissed the misled leaders advise to change what was restored through them; trusting that God is ACTUALLY the same yesterday, today, and forever, …and NOT trusting in the arm of flesh, or making flesh my arm. From the restoration, we were taught the absolute necessity to go and make your callings and elections sure, and come into the presence of Christ in the flesh. That’s what I am doing and seeking.

BJ called, asking, “So once you build this temple, den what you going do wit-em?” A people who belong to the Lord, are called-out, and are led by the Lord. They will be instructed of the Lord, in the flesh, and by no other way. So while we wait upon the Lord, we are exercising our faith to raise the money necessary to build a temple to the Lord’s design. When we are instructed of the Lord to build it, just as He did to Noah, the brother of Jared, and Nephi, the Lord will tell us how it must be done, and what to do with it, once we have it.

This is the Lord’s work, to call you out, in order to make you His. It does not belong to false priests who oppress, and rule and reign with blood and horror on this earth. Church leaders have used compulsion to manipulate my worship, threatening my membership, in exchange for my compliance. This is not what Christ restored. But it is what happened in the apostasy, After the Apostles. The gospel is true, but NOT the church. Churches, as we have made them, have always led men astray. God would never do that.