Unfamiliar Zion (494)

Zion is the work of God, and not man. He doesn’t expect us to do things right at first, but we must do the work. Our current struggles were known to God and the beatitudes have been given for us to build a community that will produce fruits. Let’s begin there to build our family, to endure the offensive digging, dunging, and pruning.

Zion has only ever been accomplished by two communities. It’s prophesied that there will be a third community in our day. The concept of Zion is so unfamiliar to this world, there is nothing in the world to judge how we are doing, gauging the progress of building it. To make things worse, not even the scriptures have sufficient instruction or a blueprint to follow for Zion to be constructed by men. God alone will establish Zion. He must instruct us personally, in order for Zion to appear. His instructions are vital for the birth of Zion to come. Once He instructs us, the scriptures can only confirm that what God has prophesied, covenanted, and promised, is fulfilled. But the path to Zion is only to be found following God’s immediate instruction. THAT is how God will bring it.

God doesn’t expect us to do things right at first, but we must do the work. There is no magic, no pixie-dust, no Harry Potter spells, to bring about the work that you must do. Failure is part of learning. God will lead, teach, command, and guide us through our failure. The difficulty on our part is that we must become what He commands and do what He bids us do. His current instructions applies to our peculiar circumstances, to fix our imperfections, stopping us from bringing about Zion and entering into His presence.

Our current struggles were foreseen and foretold. The Lord of the whole Earth considered destroying all of the wicked, but His servant pled with the Him to grant more time (Jacob 5:49-50). More time was granted, for the final digging, dunging, and pruning. And the Lord promised His servant to spare it a little longer, and promised that He would labor with His servant one more time. The best instructions that we have to follow to build a community around is the beatitudes.

Conclusion: The scriptures is your personal work. You must read them seriously, ponder them intently, and return to them in thought and in word regularly. There is a sacrifice required. Only you can make the offering that makes you acceptable. No one can do that work for you.

However, we can work together by meeting together oft, talking of Christ, preaching Christ, rejoicing in Christ, and prophesying of Christ. We can provide a community, even within our own family, to grow the attributes of the beatitudes. When the wheat recognize who they are, and the roots are agitated, they will fruit. And when the wheat fruits, only then can the tares be burned. You are wheat!



Philosophy, Science, and Revelation (1219 Words)

Since the apostasy, Philosophy and Science have battled for control, ignoring Revelation. Through the apostasy people were ruled over by Philosophers, until the people got fed up with being oppressed, and rebelled. The people debunked oppressive traditions with Science, but everyone has totally forgotten about Revelation.

The word “dogma” has nothing to do with the mother of a dog (dog-ma, …get-it), …that would be a bitch- a female dog, wolf, fox, or otter (not being crude, but that just goes to show you how what might seem obvious may not be so obvious. Besides I never thought that I’d ever use the word bitch). Dogma is a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as “incontrovertibly true.” This sets the stage for the battle of the renaissance (1400 AD-1800AD).

Philosophy represented “religion,” and held the power over the perceptions of people’s minds for over a thousand years. Catholic Priests leaned toward the teachings of philosopher Aristotle, who defined God by stating what he knew that God wasn’t (or at least thought he knew). For example, we can’t say that God exists, all we can safely say is that God is not nonexistent, …or we should not say that God is wise, but we can say that God is not ignorant. They defined God by saying what He isn’t, rather than knowing what He is. The Priest was considered the mouth piece of God, and could expound the scriptures, making the translation “incontrovertibly true,” …and none could refute, despite that they were wrong. Priests settled the matter by stating their authority, and pounded in their stakes to make their claims.

The argument that has discredited religion, in favor of science, was based upon the reading of the scriptures. Priest’s claimed that their authority gave them power to expound the scriptures. They used their authority to expound scripture, claiming, the Bible says that the Earth is the center of the universe. This perspective was labeled Geocentric, or Earth-centeric. However, scientist Galileo, read the same scriptures a little differently than the Priests. He stated that the Bible could be read to express an Earth point of view, and nothing more. And then Galileo turned his telescope to the sun, moon, and stars, proving that Earth wasn’t the center of the universe. Priest’s, rather than repenting and fixing where they were wrong, they cast out Galileo’s theory, and called it heresy.  Today, it is common knowledge that the Priest’s were wrong, and Galileo was right, proving that a priest’s authority doesn’t control the correct understanding of scriptures. Scientists have used this case to support that there is no God, …only the natural laws of science. The battle between Philosophy and Science continues, as no one pays much attention to revelation. God has become an argument between religionists and scientists, who have never been in God’s presence.

Revelation flies under the radar of the brightest minds, only appearing in simple men like Abraham, Moses, Joseph Smith, etc. The philosophy’s of men mingled with scripture has never produced the presence of God. And despite the sophistication of machines, computers, and programming, scientists have never blasted off into outer space, to place an American flag in the presence of God either. Yet, we occupy most of our lives trying to balance between Philosophy and Science, never knowing God, never ascending, remaining cast out of His presence, rather than returning. Revelation is available to all, if they would receive it.

To receive it, revelation requires a pure heart, and purity is always tested. The veil is over our senses, not over our feelings. The heart governs feelings or desires. As our desires are to God, our hearts become purer, and our feelings can lead our actions, until our senses catch up. Revelation grows from feelings, to hearing, to seeing, to touch, etc. The scriptures refer to the heart as being the source of healing the deaf (those who cannot hear the Lord’s voice), the blind (those who cannot see His face and know that He is), and the lame (those who cannot walk back into His presence). All of it refers to revelation.

There is only one revelation, and it is the unveiling of God, the source of all light. The heart’s purity must be tested at every step, before more revelation will be given. The purification-work to hear the Lord’s voice is the effort we give to study the scriptures. The test comes, when a servant speaks with the voice of the Lord, disguised as a stranger, a bum on the street, or a son/brother, …can you hear the voice of the Lord and act? Acting upon His voice produces another test, as the Lord requires your actions to go against the logic and understanding of the world. For instance: Abraham sacrificing Isaac, Joseph being sold into slavery, the brother of Jared crossing the ocean, Moses parting the Red Sea, Lehi/Nephi leaving Jerusalem, etc.  Each of their hearts were tested at a higher degree, and the revelation they received matched. Ultimately, all of them offered all things on the sacrificial altar. Rather than a symbolic offering, a son or daughter of God must offer all things on the sacrificial altar, in exchange for walking back, for ascending, for the final unveiling, the one revelation, the unveiling of the source of all light, walking back into the presence of God.

Conclusion: Zion is a people who are of one heart and one mind, with no poor among them. I am certain that we have hearts of great potential. But our hearts are stuck on the things of this world, following after the traditions of men (philosophies of men mingled with scripture), depending upon science for our conveniences, that our efforts to balance our lives between philosophy and science have left our family outside of the presence of God!

The presence of God doesn’t remove the problems of the world, it offers a completely different paradigm that makes the problems of the world so insignificant, and produces power to overcome the world by faith. Moses’ problems with Egypt never disappeared, but God parted the Red Sea. Enoch’s problems never disappeared, but the city of Enoch was taken up. Noah’s problems never disappeared, but within the ark Noah was preserved. Moses, Enoch, and Noah had a paradigm shift by entering into the presence of the Lord. That has been available to all who would have a pure heart, hear the voice of the Lord, see His face, and walk back into His presence.

You have been invited to the wedding feast. You must have on a wedding garment, or else be bound hand and foot and thrown out. The sign in the heaven on Sept 23, 2017 is the sign of Jupiter and Virgo, crowned with a crown of 12 stars, standing on the moon, clothed in the sun. Symbolically, it refers to the family of God, built upon revelation (moon = wisdom or revelation), clothed in the robes of light (the sun), crowned with the glory of the heavens (12 star constellations represented by a 12 star crown).

We are required to see the things we learned in the temple as instructions. We must receive those instructions and find our way back. We must access the power of our family to do the work of knowing the words of Christ. Lets work!

Institutionalization (1317 Words)

A recent study from my absolute favorite PhD has been published that I think explains the confusion of the term “CHURCH.” Christ offers something far different than an Institutionalization concept, seeking a personal relationship instead. Traditions of Institutionalization have plagued us for so long, it’s almost impossible to consider surviving outside of an institution.

My absolute favorite PhD is my wife. While she wasn’t the top of her class in marks, her dissertation on “Brain Drain and Brain Gain” has been published, when those with top marks in her cohort haven’t. Since being published, her dissertation has been downloaded hundreds of times throughout the world, because of the insight she provided that I think applies to the confusion of the term “CHURCH.” In it she addresses Institutionalization among Native Americans. But I think her discovery is applicable in uncovering the damage caused by all Institutions, better reflecting Institutionalization as the large and spacious building in Lehi’s dream.

Institutionalization is well understood as a problem, when applied to incarcerated convicts, and their difficulty transitioning to civilian life, once released. A good movie depicting the Institutionalization of convicts is “The Shawshank Redemption” (highly recommended, but rated R in some countries- NOT Canada;). In the book titled “Tribe” (by Sebastian Junger) Institutionalization was the cause of PTSD, as soldiers returning from war preferred war over civilian life, …because at least in war there was order, value, and people were needed by the organization. But it’s difficult to identify occupational Institutionalization, as people retiring from a lifetime of service in their industry awake to the awful reality of being unneeded outside of their lifetime investment in their occupation. Life after retirement is short, and those of age to retire refuse to retire because of this fact. In my wife’s dissertation Native Americans who returned to live on the reservation after getting an education confessed that they returned because of “relationships.” But when asked what they recommended to promote more of a returning educated population back to the reservation, every one of them recommended government programs. Without knowing it, they too are Institutionalized. Relationships and Institutionalization are inversely related.

Christ offers something far different than an institutional concept, seeking a personal relationship instead. Christ doesn’t define His Church as officers, hierarchies, and strongmen, who lead by rules, lay down the law, and enforce compliance. His description of His church is this:

Mosiah 26:22-24

“22. For behold, this is my church; whosoever is baptized shall be baptized unto repentance. And whomsoever ye receive shall believe in my name; and him will I freely forgive.

23. For it is I that taketh upon me the sins of the world; for it is I that hath created them; and it is I that granteth unto him that believeth unto the end a place at my right hand.

24. For behold, in my name are they called; and if they know me they shall come forth, and shall have a place eternally at my right hand.”

Expounding on this scripture clarifies the inverse relationship between Institutionalization and relationships. Christ simply states in v.22 that baptism, repentance, and belief in His name, as the only qualifiers to be freely forgiven of Him. In the next verse, Christ identifies His forgiveness as the only forgiveness that matters, as He is the only one that atoned for sin, being the only one qualified to forgive sin. He is the gate keeper, and no other man or Institution has the power to make that decision, as no man or Institution has performed that atonement. And finally, in v.24 Christ identifies those who are called by His name as those that KNOW HIM. This echoes back to John 17:3 where John the Beloved teaches that eternal life is knowing God and Christ. “Knowing” is a personal relationship, as opposed to foolish traditions of Institutionalization.

Traditions of Institutionalization have plagued us for so long, it’s almost impossible to consider surviving outside of an institution. Satan uses deception, flaxen chord, to bind and capture the minds of men, such that they are in darkness at noon day. The taxes collected each year is more than 50% the gross domestic product (the total amount of earnings for all of America combined). That means America must work one half year for the government before they can earn a penny to support their families and themselves. In Mosiah 19:15 the people of Limhi paid one half (taxed at 50%) of all they possessed (gross domestic product). And scriptures call that being taken captive. The difference between them and us is: they knew they were in captivity, but we walk around at noon day, thinking we are free, when in reality we are just in denial that we are in captivity. We pledge allegiance to a flag, representing the government keeping us captive. Thus, Satan has lulled us to sleep in organizations of Institutionalization.

Conclusion: The price we pay to maintain our captive sleep of Institutionalization, is the loss of relationships. Despite the perfect report of 100% home/visit teaching, relationships run cold, as Institutionalization drowns Utah. Boundaries dictate relationships such that my stake president lives three houses away from me, but he and I don’t even have a “honk-and-wave” relationship, while his next door neighbor and I at least wave because we belong to the same ward boundaries. The signs of the fulfillment of Nephi’s prophesy in 2 Nephi 28 perfectly describes the Institutionalization that plagues the LDS church, as they become strangers to Christ, not only failing to develop a personal relationship with Him, but to cast people out who have dedicated their entire lives to a personal relationship with Him.

I take comfort in my effort to establish a personal relationship with Christ, seeking His face, to be redeemed from the fall. My favorite PhD and I refuse to accept anything less than the face-to-face relationship with Christ and God, to know them, to have eternal life. I take added comfort in the beatitudes, especially when it says:

3 Nephi 12:10-12

“10. And blessed are all they who are persecuted for my name’s sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

11. And blessed are ye when men shall revile you and persecute, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake;

12. For ye shall have great joy and be exceedingly glad, for great shall be your reward in heaven; for so persecuted they the prophets who were before you.”

(No, that was not a personal claim to being a prophet.)

Most importantly, I take comfort in Mom’s expression that she too does NOT believe in an Institutional salvation. Salvation to her, and I hope to you, is based upon your understanding of God. Salvation, as Mom said, is upon “…those things that we think, say, and do according to the commandments and we are fully responsible for where we end up.”

I reiterate the Standard written in the Standard & Guide document:

“We believe that every individual seeking to know God, through His son Jesus Christ, can be personally instructed by the Holy Spirit, to obtain greater light and truth. We believe that the words of Christ (past, present, and future) is the standard by which all followers of Christ should govern themselves. We relinquish any desire to have an institution, hierarchy, or strong-man lead us (AKA: Institutionalization), being willing to be personally accountable to repent and turn to Christ (AKA: Relationship), or answer for our own sins.”

It is so simple “even a child can understand it” and obey and keep it, growing into perfection.

Agency requires us to judge. If we must judge, then judge righteously. Institutionalization subtly removes the necessity for relationships and judging righteously, in exchange for a strongman to execute unfounded penalties tied to unfounded understanding of a relationship with God. So, when you are faced with a choice between Institutionalization and relationships, choose relationships. That will preserve our family, and reconnect it with the family of God.

Malama Pono Ohana!

After the Apostles (1379 Words Long)

On my return home trip from Canada, for a funeral, I began re-reading about the original church, After the Apostles. None of us have studied it for ourselves, but have trusted what we have been taught by our church leaders. Their claim is that we were organized the same as the original New Testament church, with apostles and prophets, to become the only “true church.” What may surprise you is the difference between what we call “church,” and it’s departure from the instructions of Christ for an Ekklesia.

Church: The Bible was translated from Hebrew, to Greek, to Aramaic, to Latin, into English, and many plain and precious truths were lost in translation. Of the many corruptions which have led men astray, two words (ekklesia and kuriakos) has been incorrectly changed to represent our modern understanding of: Church. Now church simply means “a building used for public Christian worship.” Since we have used church incorrectly for so many years, we have cut a groove almost impossible to get out, we have exercised unrighteous dominion over others, and we have lost more truth, until we are left with false traditions of unbelief. Consider the origins of the two words that have been incorrectly lumped together as church.

One of the earliest records we have is from the Greek Septuagint. In it “Church” was pronounced “ku-ri-a-kos.” The meaning of “Ku-ri-a-kos” is understood by its root: “Ku- ri-os,” which means “Lord.” “Kuriakos” means “pertaining to the lord.” It refers to something that belongs to the Lord. The Greek “kuriakos” eventually became changed to: “cirice” (Kee-ree-ke), then “churche” (kerke), and eventually “church.” Rather than identifying what belongs to the Lord, church has become re-defined by and as an institution, housed in a building, claiming to be the Lord’s. All churches exercise power over it’s subjects, requiring knowing and obedience to it’s church leaders, without the need to know the Lord.

The Greek word “kuriakos” appears in the New Testament twice. In I Corinthians 11:20 it refers to “the Lord’s supper.” In Revelation 1:10 it refers to “the Lord’s day.” In both instances, it is translated “the Lord’s…” NOT “church.” Kuriakos doesn’t appear again in the New Testament. However “ekklesia” occurs over 100x, and in every instance it’s also mistranslated as “church,” now represented by a building.

Ekklesia: The correct translation for “ekklesia” is: a people who were called-out. From this word comes the Spanish equivalent iglesias, translated as: church. Comparing the origins of the two words ekklesia and kuriakos (church) you can see how a people who were “called-out” can be combined with “belonging to the Lord,” eventually being reduced to a building belonging to the Lord, but controlled by men claiming to be the Lord’s (our modern understanding of Church).

When correctly used, ekklesia was intended to instruct men who were called-out, about what God expected of their lives, as a community unified under Him. Whenever ekklesia was used in chronicles or psalms, it focused on worship in the Temple. After testing the will of the ekklesia in building the Temple, greater instruction was given of it’s use, and connecting to the heavens. The ekklesia came to the Temple for all types of worship and instruction, and to express it’s unity as God’s called-out people. Thus, the temple became associated with the ekklesia, and eventually lumped into a building, also known as a church. While church identified something belonging to the Lord, and ekklesia was a people who are called-out, a temple was what was used to gather those who are called-out, who belonged to the Lord, …and return them to His presence. When properly connected to the heavens the ekklesia included heavenly beings (hagioi: holy ones), as well as men in the flesh. Kings called God, “My Father.” God referred to a King as being made His “Firstborn,” the origins of birthright tied to heavenly favor, not just birth-order.

To be “called-out” is to be covenanted, or to have the old covenant (made to the fathers), made-anew in you. It was the same covenant made to the “ancient of days” (Adam), and renewed through the patriarchal lineage of the fathers, until the lineage of Hyrum Smith. A covenant being made anew is a new and an everlasting covenant.

Conclusion: The funeral I attended in Canada was held in a Catholic church. After the entertaining eulogy, the priests did a reading of last rights, preparing the deceased for facing death. The priest waved incense around the casket. The smoke from the incense ascended, as the priest prayed on behalf of the deceased. I could see the intended symbolism of prayer ascending as the smoke from the incense rose, originating from the temple, performed in the church, seeking to qualify as being called-out, and belonging to the Lord. Although the Catholic priest was well intended, it’s departure from the truth served more to comfort the grieved living, in our ignorance of what occurs beyond the veil. However, to the priest, he will bear testimony that his “church is true.”

The ekklesia was warned to not assimilate with surrounding societies and their idolatry. Failure to resist assimilation came with penalties raised by God to oppress them in their disobedience. False priests who oppress use their earthly recognized authority to manipulate and compel men into willingness to obey priests/leaders unquestioned. It is easily recognizable observing Catholic ritual. But not so easy when reflecting on our own nonsense as Mormons. False priests who oppress come in all shapes and sizes, but they are always dressed in sheep’s clothing.

If you would properly protect yourselves, and your families, against false priests who oppress, your best defense is knowledge of the words of Christ. Those who have written them upon their hearts will not be oppressed, but will belong to the Lord, having been called-out, and their elections made sure. That is the spirit of Elijah.

Anja called and briefly described a hilarious conversation she had with Tom. He asked, “I heard a rumor, from your son to my son, that our brother’s starting his own church. Is it true?” She responded, “No, he’s not starting his own church, …he’s building his own temple.” I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard that. Let me be clear, I am not starting my own church …like you have imagined: with my own building, two counselors, an assigned clergy, with home teaching assignments for the men, and visiting teaching assignments for the women, etc. But, I am calling-you-out, so that the Lord can make you His (ekklesia and kuriakos-CHURCH). I have gone back to the scriptures and the restoration of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, and have dismissed the misled leaders advise to change what was restored through them; trusting that God is ACTUALLY the same yesterday, today, and forever, …and NOT trusting in the arm of flesh, or making flesh my arm. From the restoration, we were taught the absolute necessity to go and make your callings and elections sure, and come into the presence of Christ in the flesh. That’s what I am doing and seeking.

BJ called, asking, “So once you build this temple, den what you going do wit-em?” A people who belong to the Lord, are called-out, and are led by the Lord. They will be instructed of the Lord, in the flesh, and by no other way. So while we wait upon the Lord, we are exercising our faith to raise the money necessary to build a temple to the Lord’s design. When we are instructed of the Lord to build it, just as He did to Noah, the brother of Jared, and Nephi, the Lord will tell us how it must be done, and what to do with it, once we have it.

This is the Lord’s work, to call you out, in order to make you His. It does not belong to false priests who oppress, and rule and reign with blood and horror on this earth. Church leaders have used compulsion to manipulate my worship, threatening my membership, in exchange for my compliance. This is not what Christ restored. But it is what happened in the apostasy, After the Apostles. The gospel is true, but NOT the church. Churches, as we have made them, have always led men astray. God would never do that.


I Stand Corrected! (1190 Words Long)

In our last conversation I made a mistake in my interpretation of Mom’s words. I quoted her, and then responded according to my interpretation. She responded to clarify her intentions, and I Stand Corrected. She wrote:

Wow! I believe I hit YOUR nerve. Didn’t mean to offend you. All of your responses have missed my entire point, but so be it. I never said “I follow the prophet.” Read carefully. I said I have taken counsel from the words of the prophet. You simply added it up to say that I follow the prophet. Nor did I say that “following the prophet would help me gain my salvation.” You simply added that in.

I must have wrongly assumed that since you claimed that they have never led you astray, you will continue to follow them, expecting that they will lead you to salvation. That conveys to me, “follow the prophet.” I’m sorry for that assumption.

I still see a problem with you saying that “the church is true,” and that “…they have never directed you astray-never!” They ARE currently leading you astray. The scripture I referenced (2 Nephi 28) describes the prophecy of the church being at ease in Zion (which includes the Mormon church). It has gone into apostasy before, so why can’t it go into apostasy again? The Catholic church maintains that they too have never apostatized.

The reason the church has ceased to be true is because they have professed that the power belongs to man (v5), and Christ’s role in redeeming us, individually and personally, is done through them (not requiring you to see Christ in the flesh to be redeemed). Yet all the scriptures teach exactly the opposite. How can the church remain true, if they no longer think it necessary to see Christ in the flesh NOW? How is it that Zion is expected to have Christ in the midst of them, but we are not only diverted to not seek Christ in the flesh, if you do seek Christ, you are cast out as a dissenter, and an apostate, as I have been? If you think that they are right in barring you from the Lord’s presence NOW, then you ARE led astray.

You are correct. The bishop had no right stopping you from bearing your testimony. I stand by you completely on that. So you, again, missed my point that what you didn’t like about those two men, you may be doing yourself to the “worthiness” of our prophet.

I’m sorry for getting you wrong here. It sounded to me that you justified their actions, when you were really saying that “I’m doing to the prophet what those men did to me.” Having said that, however, …I have not done the same to them! I have spoken the truth, and allowed them to do as they please. They have used compulsion and unrighteous dominion, by physically removing my wife and I. How is that the same?

What was confusing to me is that you also said that I was being defiant, which means I was in “open resistance and bold disobedience.” I had no spirit of contention about me. I was not acting in defiance to them. I did not want to resist or disobey. I was in Hawaii the month before, and refused to bear testimony in submission to the bishop’s request. I have kept my peace with the bishop, and respected his demands. But what would you do, if Christ instructed you to do something in opposition to the bishop? Would you call obeying Christ defiant? What about cutting off Laban’s head, was that defiant too? If so, is defiant always a bad thing? The way you worded it, made my defiance seem like a bad thing. Maybe you didn’t think so, I’m not sure.

I have not changed my position on your bishop making some pretty serious calls unjustly. I know you. I know what you have done. I know that you love the Lord. I just don’t agree with the way you are going about it. I DO know that YOU know the Lord and His ways according to the scriptures. I love you for that. I know I love the Lord also and only the Lord knows how much I love Him and am willing to serve Him in the best way possible.
Love mom

It is a relief to know that you understand my circumstances correctly, and can see me for who I am now, that I love and know the Lord. I get mixed messages when you identify my actions as defiant, knowing the bishop was unjust. Even more confusing is how you label my words as constantly negative, when I emphasize the words of Christ and the missing light offered in the scriptures.

Conclusion: Being corrected is not usually welcomed by people who don’t desire to change. I want to change, so I Stand Corrected. Correction hurts, especially if roots of false traditions sink deep, and must be uprooted. Our test is the same as in every dispensation, can you hear the voice of the Lord? His sheep hear His voice. Are you His sheep, depends upon if you can hear His voice.

Conversation between pure hearted people, uncovers truth, and both are edified of all (D&C 88:122). That’s what church was supposed to be about, but we have done as the politicians have done, and over regulated that too. We have manipulated people into silence as a form of reverencing God, when we ought to talk of Christ, rejoice in Christ, and prophesy of Christ. Our compulsion has restricted our learning. And NOW there’s no expectation to return to the presence of the Lord in the flesh. We have been guilted and shamed into thinking that such and idea is impossible. I’m grateful for Mom allowing this exchange. I desire the same exchange with anyone who truly loves the Lord.

The difficulty connected with “the written word” is in the interpretation of the author, and that makes a personal relationship detrimentally important. I value my relationship with Mom, and am grateful that she has made herself available for an exchange and a much deeper relationship with her favorite son! (It’s interesting how she makes us all think that we are her favorite.) Our written exchange is a poor substitute for a conversation, but must do for now. Others have written without any response, and that must be difficult.

Nephi worried that his written testimony would be cast aside and considered as naught (and it has been by the majority of Latter-day Saints). Moroni worried that people would mock his writings, and they have done that too. But what all prophets have recommended for anyone to understand their words, was to develop a relationship with the true author, Christ! I hunger and thirst for a relationship with Mom, all of you, and with Christ. For this reason I write this blog. I am grateful to anyone who is willing to invest in a relationship with my wife and I.

Being corrected takes work by all parties. Final judgement ought to be reserved for God. Let’s work together.

King and Priest (1,935 Words Long)

kingThe evidence of the return of the government of the Kingdom of God is evident by the presence of a King and Priest. The opposing force of a King and Priest is “kingship and priestcraft.” The uniting of the stick of Judah and the stick of Joseph is the return of the King and Priest. The invitation of Zion is being extended. This blog is separated into four parts, required to be understood by anyone who will ever enter into Zion:

  1. King and Priest
  2. Kingship and Priestcraft
  3. Stick of Judah and Joseph being one in God’s hand
  4. Invitation to Zion

King and Priest: God established his kingdom through Adam, the patriarch or father of all creation. There was no separation between a ruling government (King) and the minister of the gospel of Christ (Priest); they were one-in-the-same. The Kingdom of God is founded upon the Patriarchal-line, or Father-line, of whom the birthright necessarily went to one who was a Patriarch/ a Father/ or a King and Priest. Although Adam had many sons, Abel was the next heir to the throne (Kingdom), but he was killed by Cain. A replacement heir was given in Seth. Although Seth had many sons, Enos was his birthright heir. And this pattern continued to Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, Noah, and Shem (Melchizedek). This was the line of the Patriarchs, who were called the Fathers.

Kingship and Priestcraft: What was Cain up to when he killed Abel? He was trying to overthrow the Kingdom of God, thinking that killing Abel, in a secret combination, would position himself as the next heir to the throne and Kingdom. Since then, all secret combinations were established to take control of the governing power of the people, to place themselves in an “office,” setting themselves up as a light unto the world, to get gain, and NOT for the welfare of Zion! Kingship is not the same as King. Kingship is merely “the position” or “the office” being used to claim ownership of power and authority. Priestcraft goes hand in hand with Kingship because both set themselves up as a light unto the world, to get gain.

2 Nephi 26:29

“29. He commandeth that there shall be no priestcrafts; for, behold, priestcrafts are that men preach and set themselves up for a light unto the world, that they may get gain and praise of the world; but they seek not the welfareof Zion.”

Kings were never to be established by men, especially on this land. Anyone raised as a King on this land by men, would not be tolerated by God.

2 Nephi 10:14-16

14. For he that raiseth up a king against me shall perish, for I, the Lord, the king of heaven, will be their king, and I will be a light unto them forever, that hear my words.

15. Wherefore, for this cause, that my covenants may be fulfilled which I have made unto the children of men, that I will do unto them while they are in the flesh, I must needs destroy the secret works of darkness, and of murders, and of abominations. [kingship & priestcraft]

16. Wherefore, he that fighteth against Zion, both Jew and Gentile [even church authorities- none are excluded], both bond and free, both male and female, shall perish; for they are they who are the whore of all the earth; [Large and Spacious Building] for they who are not for me are against me, saith our God.”

Although at the restoration, Joseph Smith was trying to establish the foundation of the Kingdom of God, that foundation was incomplete and must be completed in our day, by US! The prophesy of the incomplete foundation at the time of Joseph Smith is found here:

D&C 101:45-50

“45. And set watchmen round about them, and build a tower, that one may overlook the land round about, to be a watchman upon the tower, that mine olive trees may not be broken down when the enemy shall come to spoil and take upon themselves the fruit of my vineyard.

46. Now, the servants of the nobleman went and did as their lord commanded them, and planted the olive trees, and built a hedge round about, and set watchmen, and began to build a tower. [J Smith established the vineyard, and began setting the foundation, but was unable to build the tower- the Nauvoo temple]

47. And while they were yet laying the foundation thereof, they began to say among themselves: And what need hath my lord of this tower?

48. And consulted for a long time, saying among themselves: What need hath my lord of this tower, seeing this is a time of peace?

49. Might not this money be given to the exchangers? For there is no need of these things. [this is the justification used by the church to build cultural centers/ universities/ shopping malls/ high risers/ etc]

50. And while they were at variance one with another they became very slothful, and they hearkened not unto the commandments of their lord.”

The apostasy of the church is set in the scriptures, so that when that prophesy is fulfilled we have no excuse. Our failure will be that we chose not to read the scriptures, or the promises made to the fathers; and we failed to turn our hearts to the fathers. In King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, a stone that was cut without hands rolled forth to destroy the statue, representing the nations of the world. The presence of nations in our day is proof that the stone does not exist. It will be established in one generation, and it will quickly destroy the nations of the world. That requires the return of the Patriarchal-line, the Father-line, and the King and Priest-line. This brings us to the stick of Judah and Joseph as a prophesy, currently not yet fulfilled.

Stick of Judah and Joseph: Growing up, we were taught the unbelief that the fulfillment of the stick of Judah and Joseph becoming one in my hand was fulfilled when we held the standard works: Bible/Book of Mormon/POGP/and D&C. The stick of Judah being the record of the Bible and the stick of Joseph being the record of the BOM/POGP/D&C. This was an unbelief, or an incorrect belief, and must be corrected by the expounding, or correct explaining, of scripture.

I now understand the prophesy of the two sticks in one to be the return of the Patriarch-line, the Father-line, the King and Priest-line, or the Kingdom of God on the earth. At the time of Moses, the children of Israel lost the higher priesthood, and they sought “kingship” and practiced “priestcraft,” by placing at their head their own king, and ignoring the true priests (prophets), and setting themselves one above the next (using offices and debt). They split the Kingdom of God (theocracy) that God was trying to establish among them, into two lines: a king-line and a birthright-line. Judah and Joseph were brothers of the twelve tribes of Israel, who went into Egypt. However, much later, at the time when Moses departed out from Egypt, the Kingdom of God fell into apostasy and was separated. Israel failed to rise up into the presence of Christ, and was cursed to wander in the wilderness. They were given the lesser priesthood when Moses was taken from them, with a promise of angelic ministrations if they repented. However, as a people they were unable to regain the return of King and Priest. The line of Judah was the royal line of the Kings, while the line of Joseph was the line of the birthright, or the Priests. And they remained separated by the masses, until it was restored with Christ.

Christ reunited the two lines (King and Priest) in his mortal ministry, but the saints were unable to maintain it for long, and they quickly fell into apostasy (kingship and priestcraft). Joseph Smith restored the promises made to the Fathers, to lay the foundation, but was killed before the Kingdom of God could return. And the church finds themselves today in apostasy. The church practices kingship, Lording and ruling over others in unrighteous dominion. They practice priestcraft by setting themselves up as a light unto the world, to get gain, as they use the tithes and offerings for business investments, justifying their sins by their positions of authority (kingship). They buy lands to build temples, and lands surrounding the temples, to flip houses at a much higher value, once the temples are built and the land has had a significant increase in value. They seek deep to hide their sins as they refuse to disclose the use of the tithes and offerings.

Invitation to Zion: When the Davidic servant returns, the invitation to Zion is being offered. Isaiah prophesies of this servant in terms of the stem and root in the last days coming from Jesse and Joseph, to finally build Zion (explained by Joseph Smith in D&C 113). Jesse is the King-line through Judah, and Joseph is the Priest-line through Joseph who was sold into Egypt. Isaiah’s prophecy is fulfilled when the rod (or the servant) of God returns, who is of both lines: Judah (King) and Joseph (Priest). He is referred to as the Davidic Servant. That servant will finish the establishment of the tower, the temple, the ensign, the Kingdom of God, or Zion, that was initiated by Joseph Smith, but left unfinished.

The invitation is being extended through the words of Christ. Those who are familiar with it are the only people who will be able to discern this Davidic servant. Familiarity with them is the detector of this servant because this servant’s “WORDS” is his authority, not his office. He will not take it by kingship, by some recognized organizational authority of men. He will not use it for his personal gain, priestcrafts. When he speaks, the “WORDS” of Christ will become alive, and will finally make sense. Isaiah prophesied that when that day happens, all of the prophesies will be fulfilled and understood by those faithful who have eyes that WILL see and ears that WILL hear. The invitation is offered, but YOU are in question!

Conclusion: Real Kings shall shut their mouths because what had not been told them shall they see, and what they had not heard shall they consider (3 Nephi 21:8). You guys are being addressed as Kings. This has not been told to you until now, so you must open your eyes to see it. You have never heard this until now, so you must open your ears to heart it. And when you see and hear these things, then it will be time to show forth faith by being baptized, bearing one another’s burdens, and having no poor, through the abundance of the tithes, among our family. We can be grateful for the church preserving this record and familiarizing us with these truths, but what they have offered is insufficient to our salvation.

We must establish Zion within our own family, among us. We must all be equals, and not Lordship over others, using positions of authority to rule over others. We must not use priestcraft to set ourselves up for gain, by putting ourselves one-above-the-next. We must begin by tithing among ourselves, and progress through the abundance available through the law of tithing (not yet experienced), into total consecration. The land, or the earth, is accepting us, and is beginning to fruit for our benefit, but it is insufficient for us to depend on to sustain our lives yet. Our project has the potential to produce Zion, but we must preserve our language by the serious study of the words of Christ.

Citizenship in the Government of God (995 Words Medium)

Zion is the government of God. The government of God is a family. The family of God is literally connected to the heavens, by way of “the fathers.” Those whose hearts are turned to “the fathers” (those who have connected to heaven while in the flesh) are “the children.” The children have Citizenship in the Government of God.

Children: When there are children, whose hearts are turned to the fathers, then the hearts of the fathers turn to the children. The connection of “the fathers” and “the children” is an invitation to God, that there are a people on the earth who finally desire to be governed by Him. The savior’s return to claim that people is the establishment of the government of God (Zion) here on the earth.

We’re the Invitation: When what is on earth is as it is in heaven, then Zion in heaven will reconnect with Zion on earth, making heaven and earth “ONE.” Although a man can be connected to heaven while in the flesh, and belong to the family of God in the heavens, it doesn’t qualify as Zion on earth. He will remain a wanderer and sojourner on the earth, until there are others like him, a people. Zion on earth requires a people (a community) who hear the word of God, who become one because they are governed by the Doctrine of Christ. Their presence on earth becomes an ensign (or a signal) to heaven, that the family on earth looks like the family in heaven. We are the invitation.

Baptism: Since the government of God is a family, the only way to enter into a family is by birth. Baptism is the sign of being born into a family, and is required of all who enter the government of God.

The church is an unfinished mock-up of the family of God. Joseph Smith required baptism into the church because he was restoring the family of God on the earth. He set up the framework of the church by bringing forth more Doctrines of Christ, for the people to govern themselves, and setting quorums equal to each other, so one is not above the next (D&C 107). However, before he could finish the restoration, he was killed, and the work went unfinished. Immediately after Joseph’s death the quorum of the twelve made what was once equal authority, into a power grab, and it has been this way ever since. We have since removed from our canon of scripture significant doctrine (lectures on faith), and have sought to be governed by leaders, rather than governing ourselves.

Lessons in the Symbols of the Past: The church is the mock-up of the family of God. The first presidency is a symbol of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The quorum of the twelve is the symbol of the twelve tribes of Israel. The quorum of the seventy is the symbol of the seventy members of the family of the twelve tribes, when they entered into Egypt. When Joseph established it, each were equal in authority because each represented the entire family of God.

Egypt was the “Power House” at that time, as America is today, and was a symbol of going into the world. The family of God went into Egypt and fell apart, becoming apostate. Moses was sent to bring them out of the world, as Joseph Smith was trying to do before he died. However, when Moses took the children of Israel out of Egypt, Israel would not be sanctified. They would not be governed by Christ and become the family of God.

The restoration that Joseph began was intended to once again establish the family of God. The family of God is prophesied to over throw all nations of the world. The saints today have rejected to be sanctified by the words of Christ, just as the children of Israel did at the time of Moses, and have suffered a great deal because of that condemnation. Just as Egypt was the world power at the time of Moses, America is the world power today.

The restoration was left incomplete at the time of Joseph Smith. the family of God was not established, except for in the mock-up of the LDS church. In order to complete the restoration, the family of God is coming out from the Gentiles unto YOU, the house of Israel. It’s coming out of the mock-up, to become the real family of God, connected to heaven. It’s coming out of what the world considers the “Power House” (America), symbolic of when God overthrew Egypt.

Lessons of the Mock-up: We must qualify as little children, and not reject the gift being offered to us now. What we have in the Doctrines left by Joseph Smith is partial, on purpose, to try our faith. We must search the Doctrines Joseph left (including the lectures on faith), to write it upon our hearts. It must sink deep within us, to “govern” our every actions. Only those governed by the Doctrines of Christ qualify for citizenship in the government of God on the earth. And we must see clearly that lording over others, compulsion, unrighteous dominion, force, and inequality disqualifies citizenship in God’s government.

The counsel to become as little children had more to do with the establishment of the government of God, the family of God, Zion, …than anything else. Children submit to all things that the Father will inflict upon them. When the Doctrines of Christ are central, there you will find a family who are of one heart and mind, with no poor among them, dwelling in righteousness. We are the ensign. We are the invitation to the heavens. When we are ready, the heavenly Zion will return.

Conclusion: Because of agency, God doesn’t kill the wicked. The wicked kill the wicked. The wicked are also allowed to kill the righteous. BUT, …once the government of God is established on the earth (Zion), none can stand against it!