Key of Knowledge (926 Words)

Godliness is to be near God, and the power of Godliness is to know God, thus God is the Key of Knowledge. False teachers fail to come to God, stand in the way of others approaching God, fearing their own failure, and proclaiming a corrupt message. Eternal life is to know God.

Those who are near God are Godly. To be in the presence of God requires nothing less than Godliness, otherwise His presence alone is sufficient for the ungodly to wish the mountains would cover them in their guilt and shame. The Savior has provided a way for all to be Godly, while in the flesh. He offers the Key of Knowledge. He offers the Holy Ghost, which gives access to the mind and will of God.

Moses 6:61

“61. Therefore it is given to abide in you; the record of heaven; the Comforter; the peaceable things of immortal glory; the truth of all things; that which quickeneth all things, which maketh alive all things; that which knoweth all things, and hath all power according to wisdom, mercy, truth, justice, and judgment.”

The power of Godliness is to know God. Having been near God, an individual comes to know God, and from that knowledge they can act in confidence that what they are doing is pleasing to the God that they know. It is through confidence that power is produced.

If someone were to tell me that they’re sure that they saw Dad dancing on the streets of Waikiki, I would know that they got the wrong Dad. However, if someone reported that they saw Dad at a home improvement show, a lumber yard, a construction site, a chicken feed store, a laundry supply house, or a green house, the certainty that they were talking about our Dad is high. And if they claimed seeing him at all of those places, I have extreme confidence that they knew who I was, and knew who my Dad is. Likewise Godliness is to be near to God, and the power of Godliness is to know God. What matters most is the Key of Knowledge.

False teachers are described in Luke:

Luke 11:52

“52. Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the Key of Knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.”

False teachers have never experienced what they try teaching. Luke is clear that false teachers haven’t entered into the heavens themselves, and when they see people trying to do what they’ve failed to do, false teachers stand in the way of those that were in fact entering in. They remove Key of Knowledge. They prevent salvation and redemption, discouraging those who are working at returning into the presence of the Lord while in the flesh. They proclaim a corrupted message, even the philosophies of men, mingled with scriptures. And they are certain that it cannot happen, because they’ve never had it happen to them. In their ignorance they establish rules, corporate standards, uniformity, and massive marketing campaigns, to justify their ignorance, and they label it a “House of Order.” When they make their claims, they do it in Christ’s name, taking His name in vain. It is all in vain, if you fail to actually know God and Christ.

Ignore the ignorant, and keep seeking His face in the flesh. Those who are wise will not respect the lie intended to deceive true disciples to stop seeking after Christ. Instead, they will awake and arise by studying the words of Christ, to know God.

John 17:3

“3. And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.”

Conclusion: Knowing God and Christ is the only way to eternal life. It doesn’t matter how many apostles you know, how many scriptures you memorized and can recite, or how many months of consecutive visit/home teaching you have done in your life. It doesn’t matter how many names you have gathered, and done ordinances for, none of it matters if all you have is ignorance. Sealing yourselves to the ignorant dead, is sealing yourselves to the damned. However, when you have knowledge, then you have value to your dead, and you can be a savior on mount Zion.

When you have the Key of Knowledge, what you have is the power of Godliness, and you are Godlike. The Holy Ghost is offered to those who will receive it, to make men and women more Godlike. The beatitudes say blessed are… or Godlike is… and instructions are given there, to assist those who sincerely seek Christ to become Godlike. When you have been redeemed, and brought back into the presence of God, then you are Godly, and have the power of Godliness, and can testify that you do know, not merely believing, who Christ and God is. Then you can save your kindred dead by teaching them about the God that you know.

Don’t be mad because the gospel doesn’t work from your vantage point as an LDS, following traditions of men that have kept you outside of the presence of the Lord in the flesh. Repent, simply turn around, be humble and don’t grumble. Just search the words of Christ so that you can be reconnected to the Key of Knowledge. It will not only give you an advantage now, it will be to your benefit in the life to come. Don’t let the fear of man stop you from Knowing God and Christ. Once you know them, then will your confidence wax strong.


Predicated on Laws (898 Words)

All of God’s blessings are Predicated on Laws. Telestial laws differs from Terrestrial laws, which differs from Celestial laws. Celestial law is above them all, and encompasses both terrestrial, and telestial law. Our progression to the Celestial glory doesn’t require choosing one over the other, it requires obtaining all three glories.

God bases all of his blessings upon laws. If you want a blessing under God’s hands, you are required to know the law that governs that blessing, …and then act, based upon that law. That’s what it means to be Predicated on Laws, it is to be based upon laws. In exchange, God is “irrevocably” bound to produce the blessing (D&C 82:10). He “must” produce the blessing:

D&C 130:20-21

20 There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated—

21 And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated.

Each glory is based upon specific laws. The lowest glory is telestial, a higher glory is terrestrial, and the highest being celestial glory. They differ in light like the stars, moon, and sun, respectively. Celestial law is above them all, and encompasses both terrestrial, and telestial law. Our progression to the Celestial glory doesn’t require choosing one over the other, it requires obtaining all three” glories.

To master all three glories you must begin at the bottom rung, and progress upward, without skipping steps.

“When you climb up a ladder, you must begin at the bottom, and ascend step by step, until you arrive at the top; and so it is with the principles of the gospel—you must begin with the first, and go on until you learn all the principles of exaltation. But it will be a great while after you have passed through the veil before you will have learned them.” (TPJS 264-268)

The “KEY” is to obtain the knowledge of the law, and then constantly act upon that law, so that the law is identified with who you are, …and not just what you do. To make it clear, I’ll use an example. I have earned an engineering degree. I know that their are forces acting within a structure, and that materials and their configurations must be properly applied for the structure to endure the loads placed upon them, or it will fail and kill someone. However, “KNOWING” is not the same as “DOING!” I haven’t practiced the skill of engineering long enough to write that law upon. Both KNOWLEDGE and PRACTICE combine to produce POWER!

Each degree of glory builds upon the next, until, line upon line, you have accumulated all degrees. Starting from the very beginning requires instruction to acquire the knowledge of the telestial. Having knowledge is incomplete. Practice applying knowledge writes the law upon your hearts. Successfully applied knowledge grows through experience, developing into wisdom and expertise, producing POWER (in that law). Likewise, terrestrial law must be instructed. Knowledge must be put into practice, until experience turns into expertise (mastery). Likewise, celestial law requires instruction, practice, and mastery. Consider three progressive steps for each degree of glory:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Practice
  3. Mastery

There is telestial knowledge, practice, and mastery. And likewise terrestrial and celestial. The knowledge of telestial law is one of productivity. When productivity is practiced and mastered, telestial laws produce financial rewards. However, you cannot associate financial rewards with the knowledge and mastery of productivity. Theives and liars are not productive, but fair sumptuously in financial rewards. But telestial glory, tied to it’s law, produces real productivity. People who produce are rare in America today.

Terrestrial knowledge is acquired in the words of Christ. It too requires practice and mastery, to obtain terrestrial glory. The scriptures teach that when there are a terrestrial people, the Earth would yield her fruit. The scriptures are lined with promises of prospering in the land. But we tend to apply a telestial definition to a terrestrial law, seeing financial rewards as prospering in the land. The Earth has kept a celestial law from the beginning (D&C 88:25). To prosper in the land is to be tutored by the Earth in a celestial law. All things in the Earth teach of the creator of the heavens (Alma 30:44). Mastery of the Earth produces far greater abundance than financial rewards.

Celestial knowledge is acquired by entering into the presence of Christ in the flesh. He offers greater light and knowledge, beyond the veil. But, …you must still put that knowledge into practice. So the idea that death brings you into His presence in the flesh is a false idea. There must be practice, and mastery. Otherwise, you have not abided the celestial law, therefore, you cannot obtain a celestial glory (D&C 88:22). We must return from beyond the veil, to implement higher knowledge, …becoming saviors on mount Zion. Otherwise, we cannot claim the celestial glory.

Conclusion: My Ohana, you have kept the telestial law. You know how to labor in the world, and produce, even though the world has not given us the appropriate financial rewards. You are worthy of a telestial glory. However, the terrestrial offers a far greater reward. It comes with an incorruptible language, and a land of inheritance. Upon this land of inheritance can a temple be erected, and provide us access to Christ, celestial laws, and a grander reward into the eternities. Don’t be satisfied! Seek MORE!


Glory! (841 Words)

Signs in the Heavens

The Earth abides the Celestial Law, written in the lights of the heavens, …and she has kept it from the beginning. The restoration of Joseph Smith was a Terrestrial Law ( a lesser law), intended to reconnect all to Celestial Law (a greater law). The constitution of America was a Telestial Law, offering freedom, maintaining agency, relying upon the greater good of the heart and mind of men. The Law you abide will determine your Glory!

There is a law irrevocably decreed in heaven, upon which all blessings are predicated. All blessings come, based upon obedience to the law upon which it was given. There are laws that are Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial. Earth keeps a Celestial Law, therefore it will obtain a Celestial Glory.

D&C 88:22-26

22. For he who is not able to abide the law of a celestial kingdom cannot abide a celestial Glory.

23. And he who cannot abide the law of a terrestrial kingdom cannot abide a terrestrial Glory.

24. And he who cannot abide the law of a telestial kingdom cannot abide a telestial Glory; therefore he is not meet for a kingdom of glory. Therefore he must abide a kingdom which is not a kingdom of glory.

25. And again, verily I say unto you, the earth abideth the law of a celestial kingdom, for it filleth the measure of its creation, and transgresseth not the law

26. Wherefore, it shall be sanctified; yea, notwithstanding it shall die, it shall be quickened again, and shall abide the power by which it is quickened, and the righteous shall inherit it.”

The Earth has not transgressed the Celestial Law, from the 3rd day of creation, when the lights were set in the firmament, for signs (Genesis 1:14). When the Sun, Moon, and Stars move, the Earth takes her direction from them, and acts in obedience. Leaves change colors, new plants grow, animals are born, harvests follow it’s season, and the tides and waves obey that law. In the first dispensation of Adam, people lived according to the lights in the firmament, and their lives were prolonged. Ancient civilizations, like Stonehenge, charted the heavens with great detail, to keep the Celestial Law. The lights in the heavens cannot be controlled by man. The only way to loose that law is for man to be distracted for a generation, and forget what it all means.

The restoration of Joseph Smith returned us to a knowledge of Terrestrial Law (lesser law). With it comes “prosperity” in the land. But that term has been badly abused and adulterated to mean: worldly success, real estate holdings, shopping malls, and man made structures. Prospering in the land was intended to reconnect mankind to Celestial Law (greater law). Since the land has kept the Celestial Law from the beginning, as mankind reconnects to the land, the land will teach men the Celestial Law, until man is restored to the same knowledge as the Earth, and man and Earth are one because they obey the same law. That is how man prospers and inherits the Earth.

Telestial Law is capitalism. The constitution protects the agency of man, and is the highest degree of Telestial Law, while communism and anarchy is at the lower end. There is no kingdom where there is no law. America has strayed from capitalism, slipped into socialism, and are on the verge of communism. God will not allow it to happen any longer, without His testimony against it.

Conclusion: On 21 August 2017 a sign in the heavens will be given to the North American continent, as an eclipse cuts across that land, and that land alone, …from the North West, diagonally down through the South East. The moon will block out the light of the sun to the Gentile Nation, of which the LDS are associated (D&C 109:60). Your invitation has been offered within the words of Christ, to “prosper” in the land, and see the signs in the heavens. Soon after the eclipse will be another sign of the birth of the kingdom of God on the Earth, as Jupiter exits the womb of the constellation Vergo, on 9 September 2017, …prophesied in Revelations 12.

There is no need to panic, and run for your bomb shelters. You don’t even ever have to leave the LDS church. But, you’d better ask yourself some serious questions. When have you ever been instructed of the Celestial Law in the heavens, equinoxes, solstices, and signs in the heavens in your LDS church services? That NEVER happens. Even reading scriptures in church is rare, and if you understand it, you run the risk of getting kicked out like me. What you will find in the LDS church, however is jam packed of Telestial law. They wave the American flag, pledge allegiance, sing patriotic songs, teach people to market the church, while leaving their members starved for further light and knowledge. You are malnourished in that environment. Aren’t you hungry yet? Isn’t it about time we feast upon the words of Christ?

The Law you abide will determine your Glory!



Competing Theories (1146 Words)

Two competing theories, The Church, and The Fellowships, both start and end inversely (opposite)

The church seems to have one theory, that puts on the image of order and organization, while eroding the values that produce salvation. Fellowships, on the other hand, seem to implement an inverse theory (totally opposite), that feels chaotic at first, but relies wholly upon core values to produce salvation. Both are opposing and Competing Theories.

The Church: As long as I have been alive and aware of my surroundings (40+ years, but some would argue less), I have been taught to believe: “The Church is true.” As The Church is operated as a well-oiled corporation, it puts on the image of order and organization. Buildings are built and in order, bathrooms are cleaned and stocked, materials provided in the library, classes organized, teachers assigned, baby sitting is provided so most can enjoy the services, the cost of snacks are covered, and rules are written in handbooks, to direct leaders how to handle extreme situations. Streams of revenue comes in voluntarily, and without much effort. From a corporate perspective, The Church would be a sound investment, with an outrageous ROI (return on investment).

However, beneath the surface of a well-oiled corporation is the price that must be paid. And that price is “discretion” (the freedom to decide what should be done in a particular situation). Another word for discretion is Agency, which is the foundational principle defended and protected in the war in heaven. In a corporation, it’s people must be managed, commanded in all things, and reigned-in by compulsion, or they will over-turn the money-machine, and run things into the ground. The fear of the leadership requires strict action to get rid of rotten apples before they ruin the bunch, not considering themselves rotten.

The resultant byproduct of removing discretion is ignorance of the words of Christ, as the management manual trumps scripture. In the absence of scripture, we quote leaders, and suffer what is known as a cult-of-personality; where charismatic leadership convinces people to follow the leader, because the leader can never lead you astray. Revelation becomes reduced to emotion, scripture reading becomes a checklist item without the need to understand it, and church and temple attendance (even when you’re asleep) becomes an indicator that you have eternal life and are simply enduring to the end. The leadership puts on the image of a heavenly connection, but discourages anyone from acquiring their own heavenly connection, as that is reserved for the upper-class leaders.

The Fellowships: Fellowships are a throw-back to the days of the restoration of the church. Sacrament with wine is reinstated, and suddenly good Mormons who have never tasted a drop of alcohol suddenly host kegger’s. Others claim that polygamy ought to be reinstated, without thoroughly understanding the initial instruction of adoptionism. Church services are hosted in people’s homes, and can sometimes be offensive, as people innovate ordinances and claim revelation to do so. At times it seems like utter chaos, but there are a few who refuse to innovate, and do their best to follow the words of Christ. If the words of Christ are unclear to these few, they wait upon the voice of the Lord for further direction, while living what they do understand.

While this might not start out as optimal, beneath the surface of those few who adhere strictly to the words of Christ, those few receive revelation upon revelation, and their understanding of the words of Christ expands to govern and unite them. As they exercise faith in the scriptures, they find themselves less and less dependent upon charismatic leaders, emotional speeches, and church/temple attendance to indicate their salvation. Rather, they write the words of Christ upon their hearts, hear the voice of the Lord in the words of true servants, and return into the presence of the Lord themselves, without rank or office. No man need tell them, know ye the Lord, because they all know Him personally.

While it’s beginning seems chaotic, foreign, skeptical, and unfamiliar, it’s the process that makes the people one heart and one mind, and no poor among them. The byproduct of the fellowships is Zion. Agency is preserved, all are required to know the words of Christ, all have experiences with angelic ministers, and all return to walk and talk with Christ, as did Enoch.

Competing Theories: The Church and The Fellowships are opposing and Competing Theories. They start in totally different positions, and end in opposite places. The Church will result in ignorance of the words of Christ, rejecting messengers sent from the Father, and ultimately rejecting Christ. They will be as though they crucified Christ anew. The Fellowships, if they allow the covenant within the scriptures to govern them, and if they wait upon the Lord to instruct, they will be centered and founded upon the words of Christ, they will hear the voice of the Lord in the words of a messenger who has been in the Lord’s presence, and they will return into the presence of the Lord themselves. You are free to choose which you will trust. But, …and there’s always a big butt, …you cannot choose The Church, and then expect to achieve salvation in the flesh, by returning into the presence of the Lord!

Conclusion: I tried my best to symbolically draw both scenarios, how they begin, and how they end. Notice: in the drawing I placed the keys in different places. The church places the keys above one man, the head and the president of The Church. However, for The Fellowships, I drew the keys in the words of Christ. And in the final drawing of The Fellowships, not only does the words of Christ increase to encompass all of The Fellowship, but the keys are also expanded as well. The keys are equally shared, and equally accessed, so that the mind and will of God is in each member (all holding the keys, instead of just one). The Church keeps the keys in one person’s hand, and can only be partially accessed by other leaders, who command in all things.

I invite you, my family, to soften your hearts to the words of Christ. Alma says that it’s the words of Christ alone that can soften hearts (Alma 32:13-16). Let’s try doing things different in our family. Rather than relying upon charismatic leaders, lets all be equal, by uniting our efforts upon the words of Christ. Let that be our governor. Lets have no ranks, as we all have great value to offer. It’ll be a little chaotic at first, but as we get more and more familiar with the words of Christ, we will naturally unite, achieve massive abundance, and will return every last one of us into the presence of Christ in the flesh. I bear witness of this, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!



The Path of God (1412 Words)

The Path of God

The Path of God is through the heavens (4 on Earth [elements], 12 Lower Heavens [gates], and 7 Upper Heavens [kingdoms, thrones, principalities, dominions, powers, etc.])

The Path of God is much more literal than we think. Acquiring the knowledge from the heavens is the key to walking His Path. The prototype of a saved being is precisely what all must become or else NOT be saved.

The Path of God is more literal than symbolic. Christ constantly taught that what you see me do, you will likewise do these and more. But we have the idea stuck in our heads that “No one’s perfect.” Although that is true, reading the scriptures would tell you about “Just men made perfect.” To understand the idea, lets consider Christ’s origins, described by John the Beloved.

D&C 93:11-14

“11. And I, John, bear record that I beheld his glory, as the glory of the Only Begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth, even the Spirit of truth, which came and dwelt in the flesh, and dwelt among us.

12. And I, John, saw that he received not of the fulness at the first, but received grace for grace;”

Did you hear that? Christ did not have the fulness at first, but received grace for grace. You will see later that Christ was not Firstborn at first, but because he received grace for grace, and continued from grace to grace, that is why God was so certain that Christ could fulfill the role as redeemer. This life wasn’t Christ’s first rodeo. He had previously attained the fulness of the Glory of God, according to John the Beloved.

“13. And he received not of the fulness at first, but continued from grace to grace, until he received a fulness;

14. And thus he was called the Son of God, because he received not of the fulness at the first.”

By receiving the fulness, that is what gives you the title Son of God.

“15. And I, John, bear record, and lo, the heavens were opened, and the Holy Ghost descended upon him in the form of a dove, and sat upon him, and there came a voice out of heaven saying: This is my beloved Son.

16. And I, John, bear record that he received a fulness of the glory of the Father;

17. And he received all power, both in heaven and on earth, and the glory of the Father was with him, for he dwelt in him.

18. And it shall come to pass, that if you are faithful you shall receive the fulness of the record of John.

19. I give unto you these sayings that you may understand and know how to worship, and know what you worship, that you may come unto the Father in my name, and in due time receive of his fulness.”

The path being offered here is a literal invitation for all to walk. It is not figurative or symbolic. Any who literally follow Christ’s path, are tutored by Christ Himself, because who else can teach the path of Christ besides someone who has walked that path? And Christ is the ONLY person who has ever walked that path on this earth. The process for those of us who choose to walk the path that Christ has shown are those who are described by this scripture:

D&C 76:53-55, 66-69

53. And who overcome by faith, and are sealed by the Holy Spirit of promise, which the Father sheds forth upon all those who are just and true.

54. They are they who are the church of the Firstborn.

55. They are they into whose hands the Father has given all things—

66. These are they who are come unto Mount Zion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly place, the holiest of all.

67. These are they who have come to an innumerable company of angels, to the general assembly and church of Enoch, and of the Firstborn.

68. These are they whose names are written in heaven, where God and Christ are the judge of all.

69. These are they who are JUST MEN MADE PERFECT  through Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, who wrought out this perfect atonement through the shedding of his own blood.”

Although we may not be perfect when we began, since all men were given weakness, we can become JUST MEN MADE PERFECT. Christ had already done this in lives previous to this, and therefore, while we were given weakness, Christ was given the God Spirit uninhibited. The Path of God is more literal than we think!

Acquiring the knowledge from the heavens is the key to walking His Path. Forgiving sins is only a partial picture of the correct understanding of the atonement. In order for sins to be completely remitted, you must be filled with light, dispelling all darkness, so that there is no darkness within you. That cannot be done by a dash of pixie dust. It must be through a personal trainer, teaching you, tutoring you, testing you, trying you, stretching you, expanding you, until you too grow grace for grace, and from grace to grace. Christ was not only picked by God, but he was trained by God, so that He knew and could do as God knew and could do. That is not the same as we have been led to believe about calling an officer in the church, and then suddenly he has on himself a mantle, that distributes magical priesthood powers. Christ is Christ because of what he knows. He proclaimed, “I am more intelligent than them all.” So if any are to aspire to walking The Path of God, we must acquire knowledge, until we are more intelligent than them all.

The resistance of knowledge is a hardened heart. Those who are prideful cannot be taught much, if anything at all. If you are def, you’ll be unable to hear the voice of the Lord tutoring you. If you are blind, it’ll be impossible for you to see the path. If you are lame, you will not be able to walk the path, and you must suffer and die in your ignorance. But, after being put through the ringer, and you finally awake and choose to arise, you will be given a chance to do so.

2 Nephi 25:16

“16. And after they have been scattered, and the Lord God hath scourged them by other nations for the space of many generations, yea, even down from generation to generation until they shall be persuaded to believe in Christ, the Son of God, and the atonement, which is infinite for all mankind—and when that day shall come that they shall believe in Christ, and worship the Father in his name, with pure hearts and clean hands, and look not forward any more for another Messiah, then, at that time, the day will come that it must needs be expedient that they should believe these things.”

One day you-going-learn, and in that day the Lord promises to set His hand again a second time to restore His people from a lost and fallen state (I believe you are His people). And then a marvelous work and wonder will begin to come forth. We have been falsely told that this refers to the missionary work, but it is NOT true, it is when people begin to return into the presence of Christ, to be taught by him, so that they can become Saviors on Mount Zion.

The Lectures on Faith, written by Joseph Smith, taught that Christ is the prototype of all saved beings. If any are to be saved, they must be precisely what Christ is, or else not be saved. Jacob eludes to this concept, when he wishes “…that all men would believe in Christ, and view his death, and suffer his cross and bear the shame of the world;…” (Jacob 1:8). If anyone seeks to follow the path of Christ, they must atone for those whom are given them, just as Christ did for those whom God the Father gave to Him. Thus, they must witness an atonement done, and that is what Jacob wishes for all, …that they literally view Christ’s death, literally suffer Christ’s cross, and literally bear the shame of the world.

Conclusion: In church you sometimes sing a sacrament song that reads, “Savior, may I learn to love you. Walk the path that thou hast shown…” If this were so, you would study to learn the path that he walked, so that you could do the same, having overcome by faith, become a member of the church of the Firstborn, and be included in the group of JUST MEN MADE PERFECT.

Sons of God (1396)

There is a short passage of scripture that has recently leapt out at me, that I want to discuss, concerning becoming Sons of God. It comes from the heavenly treasury of light, but the dark NEVER comprehends the light. Are you conditioned to comprehend the light?

Scriptures: The King James Version of the Bible isn’t the most accurate translation of the Bible. Joseph Smith almost completed translating the entire Bible, but the church has chosen to use the King James Version instead, because there are some discrepancies between how some leaders felt about the truth, contrary to Joseph Smith. For this reason they cast out the Lectures on Faith and never sought to publish the Joseph Smith translated Bible (besides, I think that the rights to that translation belonged to someone else, and not the church). The Doctrine & Covenants have been shifted and changed by hierarchical hands over time as well, but that is not the subject matter, it’s the Bible. I have attempted multiple times a study in the old testament and new testament, but with all the translation errors, I have only experienced frustration and confusion. When the book came from the mouth of a Jew, the Book of Mormon testifies that it was accurate, but hierarchical fingers have mucked up the project, leaving it tragically handicapped.

Does that mean that the scriptures are altogether useless? NO! It will serve it’s purpose until the Lord finds it necessary to bring forth more (which has been promised). Those who have the right heart ought to be able to hear the voice of the Lord, assisting them in receiving the message being offered by the covenant fathers of the past, to recognize the voice of the Lord in covenant fathers of the present. Thus, our hearts can turn to covenant fathers “that are living,” declaring the same message as the covenant fathers of the past. The living fathers can turn their hearts to us, instructing us and sealing us up with the chains of heaven, breaking the links of the chains of hell that keep us in bondage and captivity. What is it that they declare? Christ! Christ is the only KEY! Anyone with “that key” can unlock every mystery and circumscribe both the earth and the heavens, by making all Sons of God. Consider the message in the record of John:

John 1:6-13

“6. ¶There was a man sent from God, whose name was John. [referring to John the Baptist]

7. The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light [Christ], that all men through him might believe.

8. He [John Baptist] was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light [Christ].

9. That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.

10. He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not. [those who are of the world won’t know Him or His voice]

11. He came unto his own, and his own received him not. [He was rejected of people who claimed were His- Jews and Mormons alike]

12. But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of Godeven to them that believe on his name:

13. Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.”

John the Beloved records the events in the Book of John, but in this context it is John the Baptist who testifies of Christ. He doesn’t only say “I am not the guy,” he teaches that the one you ought to look to for life is Christ. John never instructs people to follow him. He constantly admonishes them to look to Christ and live.

John the Baptist gives a promise to those who get baptized and follow Christ in the last two quoted verses (v12-13). As many as receive Christ, to them Christ will give power to become the Sons of God. I was always taught that “I am a child of God…” But, here it states that becoming Sons of God was a privilege of POWER, bestowed upon those who receive Christ and believe on His name. They become His sons because they were born of God. It was …NOT of blood, …NOR of the will of the flesh, …NOR of the will of man. They were BORN OF GOD.

Joseph Smith Translation, Hebrews 7:3

“3. For this Melchizedek was ordained a priest after the order of the Son of God, which order was without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life. And all those who are ordained unto this priesthood are made like unto the Son of God, abiding a priest continually.”

This knowledge comes from the treasure box of light, in the heavens, but the dark NEVER comprehends the light.

D&C 88:49

“49. The light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not; nevertheless, the day shall come when you shall comprehend even God, being quickened in him and by him.”

When is that day for you? Is it when you are older and wiser, or is it just when your hearts are finally softened by the words of Christ? Are you too dark, that you are unable to comprehend the light being offered? Or are you seeking diligently to ask, seek, and knock, to know ye the Lord. It is WE that are in question. Find confidence in the words of Christ, and Nephi will consider you a wise man! John the Baptist would label you Sons of God. Christ will refer to you as His Sheep. Be that!

Conclusion: The day of the Gentiles are ended, as the priesthood has been rested from the church in April 2013. The church no longer finds it necessary to have a general Presiding Patriarch tied to the patriarchal fathers, up through Abraham, to father Adam. They have chosen the lesser portion, seeking to sustain a prophet, seer, and revelator, to substitute in the absence of a Patriarchal Father. They have acted out of pride and ignorance, not knowing that removing a patriarchal father leaves the children no living father to turn their hearts to, and no one capable of being the father to instruct the children to return to Christ. Eldred Smith was given emeritus status on 6 Oct 1979, and died 4 Apr 2013, without a replacement Presiding Patriarch, thus disconnecting the church from the patriarchal priesthood lineage, and resting the priesthood.

The church was referred to by Joseph Smith as being identified with the Gentiles:

D&C 109:60

60. Now these words, O Lord, we have spoken before thee, concerning the revelations and commandments which thou hast given unto us, who are identified with the Gentiles.”

The day of the Gentile ended when they rejected the fulness, prophesied of:

3 Nephi 16:10-12

“10. And thus commandeth the Father that I should say unto you: At that day when the Gentiles shall sin against my gospel, and shall reject the fulness of my gospel [not if, but when], and shall be lifted up in the pride of their hearts above all nations, and above all the people of the whole earth, and shall be filled with all manner of lyings, and of deceits, and of mischiefs, and all manner of hypocrisy, and murders, and priestcrafts, and whoredoms, and of secret abominations; and if they shall do all those things, and shall reject the fulness of my gospel, behold, saith the Father, I will bring the fulness of my gospel from among them. [resting the priesthood is specifically taking the fulness from them]

11. And then will I remember my covenant which I have made unto my people, O house of Israel, and I will bring my gospel unto them. [what I offer you through exercising faith unto baptism]

12. And I will show unto thee, O house of Israel, that the Gentiles shall not have power over you; but I will remember my covenant unto you, O house of Israel, and ye shall come unto the knowledge of the fulness of my gospel.”

Rise up. Awaken from your deep sleep, and arise. Take up your sword, which is the word of God. Seek to turn your hearts to the promises made to the ancient fathers, and then you might not be so offended by my words, and can hear the voice of living fathers among you. Let’s worship Christ together.

Dispensation of the Fulness of Times (1328)

Adam sought to bless his people, by bringing them into the presence of Christ in Adam-ondi-ahman. Moses and others tried to do the same, but failed. The Dispensation of the Fulness of Times is identified by obtaining the presence of the Lord once again.

Adam sought to bless those who would be his sons and daughters, through the gospel and priesthood of God. To be blessed is to have conferred upon or invoke “divine favor.” Those who are favored of God are brought back into the presence of God, to be judged, and be made clean to remain in His presence. Someone with this blessing “always has his spirit to be with them,” as the sacrament prayer petitions heaven for. John the Beloved identifies it as making their “abode” with you:

John 14:21-23

21. He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

22. Judas saith unto him, not Iscariot, Lord, how is it that thou wilt manifest thyself unto us, and not unto the world?

23. Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.

Joseph Smith said:

“This is why Adam blessed his posterity; he wanted to bring them into the presence of God. They looked for a city, etc., “whose builder and maker is God.” (Heb 11:10.)”

Adam did the work and brought his family back into the presence of Christ in Adam-ondi-ahman. Adam-ondi-ahman literally means “Adam, in the presence of Son Ahman” or “Adam, in the presence of the Son of God the Father.” We have been taught by traditions that the location of Zion will be in Missouri. Some have speculated that it will begin at the location called Adam-ondi-ahman. Truth is, only God knows where Zion will be established. God is the maker and the builder of Zion. Wherever Christ appears to Zion will be Adam-ondi-ahman, where Adam (or sons/daughters of Adam considering themselves Adam) return into the presence of Son Ahman, Christ.  This is huge! That work is upon us NOW!

Since Adam, few have belonged to Zion. Enoch and Melchizedek established Zion, became God’s people, and was required to be taken up, or those who fought against them would have been utterly waisted. God allows the wicked to kill the wicked. He allows the wicked to kill the righteous. But God will never allow the wicked to kill Zion, because Zion is His government on the earth. In the past, He has taken Zion up. But in the future, the Zion in heaven will return to join the Zion on earth, preparatory to the earth’s transformation to it’s paradisiacal glory. Many have been called, but only few have been chosen. Joseph Smith reports the failure of Moses and other Eliases to establish a Zion people:

“Moses sought to bring the children of Isreal into the presence of God, through the power of the Priesthood, but he could not. In the first ages of the world they tried to establish the same thing; and there are Eliases raised up who tried to restore these very glories, but did not obtain them; but they prophesied of a day when this glory  would be revealed.

Moses and other Eliases tried to restore men to Christ’s presence, but their people would not look to Christ and live, and their people were left to wander the wilderness fighting with one another, in bondage and captivity, enslaved to foreigners. We are precisely in the same position, having not been brought back into the presence of Christ, wandering about, in bondage and captivity, enslaved to foreigners. The ancient covenant fathers who weren’t able to provide their people the presence of the Lord grieved, not being able to do so. They were comforted in their grief by the Lord declaring the latter day Zion.

Every people belonging to Zion had similar experiences. A wild man came among them, teaching doctrines of Christ that seemed foreign, centered around returning to the presence of Christ in the flesh. Although the message sounded wild at first, …that didn’t stop them from asking God if it was true, with a sincere heart, and real intent, to know for themselves. When they learned that it was true, they repented and became Zion. All ancient covenant fathers looked forward to this day, when the Zion in heaven reunited with the Zion on earth, and called it The Dispensation of the Fulness of Times. Joseph Smith wrote:

“Paul spoke of The Dispensation of the Fulness of Times, when God would gather together all things in one, etc.; and those men to whom these keys have been given, will have to be there; and they without us cannot be made perfect.”

The LDS church claims to have those keys, and claims their dispensation as The Dispensation of the Fulness of Times. Yet, when you discuss returning into the presence of the Lord, they reject the necessity for that to occur, and cast out those who claim to believe this way. They claim that temples offer saving ordinances, and revoke entry for not giving your tithes to them, so that they can use it to build more church buildings, more temples, more shopping malls, cultural centers, and business holdings to fatten their bellies, while the poor suck wind! They use their keys to turn men to them, to worship the key holders as idols and graven images. With them holding the keys, you must be a “key-hole” and do whatever they say, or loose salvation.

Where is the presence of Christ offered? Where are those who have Christ’s abode? Who knows the Lord personally, face-to-face? Then where are the keys that you jangle around like cracking a whip, threatening excommunication and damnation. I stand in opposition to those keys!

Conclusion: Nephi identified Gentiles (1 Nephi 13) as the early settlers of America, and the early saints involved in the restoration. They are identified as:

  • They are the source of the great and abominable church (v4)
  • They were separated from Nephi’s descendants (Lehi’s descendants) by “many waters” (v10)
  • The Gentiles went forth out of captivity and crossed the waters to come to the land of promise (v13-14)
  • The Gentiles scattered and smote the remnants of Nephi’s seed, but did not utterly destroy them (v14, 30)
  • The Gentiles were prosperous, white, fair and beautiful (v15)
  • They humbled themselves (Early America) on the land of promise (v16)
  • They were delivered by the power of God from all other nations (v19)
  • They had the Bible, though it was in a very corrupt state and actually prevented salvation and became a stumbling block to them (v24-29)

All describe the founders of America, and the founders of the church, as coming from Gentile nations. In short, the “Gentiles” refers to the primarily white, European immigrants who came to America and displaced the Native Americans, Polynesians, and Latin Americans. That is how Nephi sees the vast majority of LDS people on this continent, who are not either Jew or Remnant. Christ prophesied that the Gentiles would reject the fulness, which is the presence of the Lord in the flesh. When the day of the Gentile has ended, it must come to YOU, O’ House of Israel.

In “THAT DAY,” it will be your preparation in the promises made to the fathers that will prove you, identifying the master you choose to serve. Plant the words of Christ in your hearts. Recognize the prophesies that are just ahead being fulfilled, of the gathering of Israel into Zion. Do not procrastinate this work because I sound like a wild man. Hear the voice of the Lord, and know the truth by the Holy Ghost. When Zion is built by God, then is the beginning of The Dispensation of the Fulness of Times.