Weeds Aren’t Bad! (899 Words)

Weeds Aren’t Bad! Dealing with weeds offers great insight to dealing with sin. A better approach to both weeds and sin is to repair the dirt.

God only blesses. Even when we witness God cursing man, His curses are always an invitation to receive blessings. The duality of blessings and cursing is a divine attribute of God, and gives value to weeds. For instance, in the creation, both kinds of seeds were set in the earth: fruiting seeds, and repairing seeds. Weeds are repairing seeds. Therefore, Weeds Aren’t Bad!

A working ecology has no weeds, and man can walk in that environment barefooted, without injury. The Garden of Eden is a perfect example of that. However, when an ecology is broken, repairing seeds are activated to repair what’s been broken. There are thousands of dormant weed seeds everywhere. Dandelions fill an area, drilling deep into the ground, to aerate tightly clumped soil. Clumpy soil doesn’t allow roots to grow to find nourishment and water. Dandelions break up the soil, making it easier for deep roots to be established. However, it takes years for dandelions to do the job. Once the job’s done, the dandelions die on its own, and doesn’t return again, until the soil is clumpy again. Thorns and thistles protect damaged ground from being walked on, until the ground is able to repair, then they too go away on it’s own. Weeds Aren’t Bad! Weeds are simply an indicator of what’s broken in the Earth. Weeds have value, if we listen to them and learn what needs to be repaired.

Adam and Eve partook of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil prematurely. They broke the ecology of the Garden of Eden, and God said that he cursed the Earth with briars, thorns, thistles, and noxious weeds, …for their sake. Their food source now did not produce spontaneously, and the ground needed to be repaired by the sweat of their brow, or else they’d starve. When mankind repair what has been broken, only then can the Earth receive it’s paradisiacal glory, and produce fruits spontaneously, yielding her fruit to those who inherit the Earth’s fullness (D&C 59:15-20)

Dealing with weeds offers great insight into dealing with sin. Too often we pull an embarrassing weed, when what we should do is LISTEN to figure out what’s really broken in the Earth. Likewise, men hide their sins, pulling them like weeds so they are not visible, without fixing what’s broken. Just like weeds, sin returns time and time again, because the dirt (the flesh) remains unrepaired. By the sweat of thy brow, man must work within their hearts, doing the labor to repair the flesh, tilling, aerating, nourishing, and fixing their hearts, …until the soil has been repaired.

A better approach to both weeds and sin is to repair the dirt. The words of Christ, when planted in the hearts of men like a little seed, produce different results, depending on the soil, or the heart upon which it is planted. The parable of the sower tells us of different conditions of soil: one by the wayside, another on stony ground, another being good ground, but choked out by thorns (weeds), and the last was planted on good ground, yielding much fruit. When the words of Christ are restricted by the false traditions of men, …those traditions restricts the soil of the heart, not allowing the tree to grow properly, producing all kinds of different fruit (Jacob 5). The words of Christ only requires a soft heart to produce sweet fruit.

If we pay attention to the weeds, we can resolve what’s broken, so that we can partake of the fruit that is white above all that is white, pure above all that is pure, and if you eat you neither hunger nor thirst. Pay attention to the sin around you. They are God’s indicator of your weakness. And with God’s instruction, and by the sweat of your brow, you can work with God, and He will make weak things strong unto you, by helping you repair the soil.

Conclusion: God blesses and curses, often at the same time. Christ’s death was horrible, but all prophets who witnessed it celebrated it’s event, singing the song of redeeming love. Enoch rejoiced at the slaying of the lamb of God (Moses 7:47).

I had a glimpse of this duality of blessing and cursing, when I saw Nui on the road last Sunday. I hurt inside, that my big brother wouldn’t have let me know that his son was here, so my wife and I, and all my children could visit with him. My wife could tell. When she asked if I were OK, I knew the hurt didn’t feel good, …but I considered what the pain meant, and that Weeds Aren’t Bad! I realized what the pain was indicating. I understood the duality of the cursing and blessing. I hurt because of my deep love of my brother. Had I not cared for my brother and my family so much, I wouldn’t have cared enough to hurt. I recognized that Christ’s pain in Gethsemane was less about the mistakes and sins, or weeds of men, and more because of His deeply rooted love for us. I rejoiced at the pain, because it was an indicator of the love we share as a family.

Mahalo for being my Ohana. Malama Pono!

The Poor Among You (811 Words)

Considering the different degrees of glory, and the accumulation of knowledge, practice, and mastery, …theres something more to say about The Poor Among You. Perhaps The Poor Among You is defined based on the degree of glory you have acquired. All of God’s knowledge is accumulative and complimentary, but not destructive or contradictory. Consider my point.

If there is knowledge, practice, and mastery in the telestial, terrestrial, and celestial, …then the absence of knowledge would describe The Poor Among You. Yes, …that’s right, …”ignorance” is poverty. The Priesthood was given to reverse the effects of “ignorance,” by increasing “light.”

“Although there are two priesthoods, yet the Melchizedek Priesthood comprehends the Aaronic or Levitical Priesthood and is the grand head, and holds the highest authority which pertains to the Priesthood- the keys of the Kingdom of God in all ages of the world to the latest posterity on the earth- and is the channel through which all knowledge, doctrine, the plan of salvation and every important truth is revealed from heaven.” (Joseph Smith dictated to his scribe R.B. Thompson, RE Section 48, pg. 130).

Joseph Smith taught that you can be saved no faster than you gain knowledge, and if a man gain more intelligence than another, it will be to his advantage in the life to come (D&C 130:18-19), …then our first step is clearly to acquire knowledge! So, …if we read between the lines, …if “knowledge” comes through priesthood, …then, there is a priesthood in each degree of glory. Priesthood was intended to elevate one another, to eliminate poverty, so that there are no poor among you. If you consider priesthood an association, then in the telestial, it is an association with producers, who like to work, like among our family, and the project we have been working on for almost a year now. In the terrestrial, it is an association with ministering angels (D&C 84:26-27), who bring further light and knowledge from the presence of the Lord. And in the celestial, it is an association with the mysteries of God, in the presence of Christ and God the Father, in the flesh (D&C 84:19-22).

Since all of God’s knowledge is accumulative and complimentary, but not destructive or contradictory, as we increase in glory, we are added upon, and added upon, until we are filled with light. Those who seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness are promised that all these things- clothes, food, and shelter- will be added unto you (3 Nephi 13:33). We are also taught that if your eye be single to the glory of God, your whole body will be filled with light (3 Nephi 13:22). If you harden your heart, you’ll be given a lesser portion of the word, until you know nothing of the mysteries of God, but if you soften your heart, you’ll receive the mysteries of God, until you know them in full (Alma 12:10-11). It’s all additive and complementary.

When the philosophies of men get mingled with scripture, the truth of the laws get eroded, corrupted, and withers away. For instance, telestial law naturally generates: producers, industrious people, that are anxiously engaged in a good cause. Their efforts lessen the burdens of life in the world, providing: better transportation, communication, building materials, etc. And people will pay the price tag, if it is mutually beneficial to them. Naturally, the byproduct is “financial rewards.” And financial gain equals “free time” to pursue a higher law, to study the words of Christ, and acquire a terrestrial law and glory. …However, crooks, thieves, and bullies, rob, steal, and force people to pay them, producing the same counterfeit financial result. Their purpose is to hoard, not considering the higher laws or glories. They prefer winning in the telestial over eternal progression. They sacrifice the power of creating worlds without number, for worldly aspirations and the glory of men. In ignorance they have sacrificed the greater for the lesser law and glory. When philosophies of men are mingled with scripture, men are fooled into selling their birthright of godliness, for a mess of pottage.

The work needing to be done with The Poor Among Us is very real. It begins with the correct knowledge, continues in a path unique to each of us, and progresses to higher laws and glories. That is our work and our glory.

Conclusion: The Poor Among Us must awake and arise to the awful situation by which we are held captive. The bondage we are all in (debt and sin) requires our combined effort to escape. We cannot skip steps, working in the terrestrial when we have failed to unite in the telestial. I consider us lucky that our parents have written upon our hearts the value of work. Lets finish this project as one, freeing up some time, to invest in the knowledge of a higher law and glory, by the study and discussions upon the words of Christ.

Predicated on Laws (898 Words)

All of God’s blessings are Predicated on Laws. Telestial laws differs from Terrestrial laws, which differs from Celestial laws. Celestial law is above them all, and encompasses both terrestrial, and telestial law. Our progression to the Celestial glory doesn’t require choosing one over the other, it requires obtaining all three glories.

God bases all of his blessings upon laws. If you want a blessing under God’s hands, you are required to know the law that governs that blessing, …and then act, based upon that law. That’s what it means to be Predicated on Laws, it is to be based upon laws. In exchange, God is “irrevocably” bound to produce the blessing (D&C 82:10). He “must” produce the blessing:

D&C 130:20-21

20 There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated—

21 And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated.

Each glory is based upon specific laws. The lowest glory is telestial, a higher glory is terrestrial, and the highest being celestial glory. They differ in light like the stars, moon, and sun, respectively. Celestial law is above them all, and encompasses both terrestrial, and telestial law. Our progression to the Celestial glory doesn’t require choosing one over the other, it requires obtaining all three” glories.

To master all three glories you must begin at the bottom rung, and progress upward, without skipping steps.

“When you climb up a ladder, you must begin at the bottom, and ascend step by step, until you arrive at the top; and so it is with the principles of the gospel—you must begin with the first, and go on until you learn all the principles of exaltation. But it will be a great while after you have passed through the veil before you will have learned them.” (TPJS 264-268)

The “KEY” is to obtain the knowledge of the law, and then constantly act upon that law, so that the law is identified with who you are, …and not just what you do. To make it clear, I’ll use an example. I have earned an engineering degree. I know that their are forces acting within a structure, and that materials and their configurations must be properly applied for the structure to endure the loads placed upon them, or it will fail and kill someone. However, “KNOWING” is not the same as “DOING!” I haven’t practiced the skill of engineering long enough to write that law upon. Both KNOWLEDGE and PRACTICE combine to produce POWER!

Each degree of glory builds upon the next, until, line upon line, you have accumulated all degrees. Starting from the very beginning requires instruction to acquire the knowledge of the telestial. Having knowledge is incomplete. Practice applying knowledge writes the law upon your hearts. Successfully applied knowledge grows through experience, developing into wisdom and expertise, producing POWER (in that law). Likewise, terrestrial law must be instructed. Knowledge must be put into practice, until experience turns into expertise (mastery). Likewise, celestial law requires instruction, practice, and mastery. Consider three progressive steps for each degree of glory:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Practice
  3. Mastery

There is telestial knowledge, practice, and mastery. And likewise terrestrial and celestial. The knowledge of telestial law is one of productivity. When productivity is practiced and mastered, telestial laws produce financial rewards. However, you cannot associate financial rewards with the knowledge and mastery of productivity. Theives and liars are not productive, but fair sumptuously in financial rewards. But telestial glory, tied to it’s law, produces real productivity. People who produce are rare in America today.

Terrestrial knowledge is acquired in the words of Christ. It too requires practice and mastery, to obtain terrestrial glory. The scriptures teach that when there are a terrestrial people, the Earth would yield her fruit. The scriptures are lined with promises of prospering in the land. But we tend to apply a telestial definition to a terrestrial law, seeing financial rewards as prospering in the land. The Earth has kept a celestial law from the beginning (D&C 88:25). To prosper in the land is to be tutored by the Earth in a celestial law. All things in the Earth teach of the creator of the heavens (Alma 30:44). Mastery of the Earth produces far greater abundance than financial rewards.

Celestial knowledge is acquired by entering into the presence of Christ in the flesh. He offers greater light and knowledge, beyond the veil. But, …you must still put that knowledge into practice. So the idea that death brings you into His presence in the flesh is a false idea. There must be practice, and mastery. Otherwise, you have not abided the celestial law, therefore, you cannot obtain a celestial glory (D&C 88:22). We must return from beyond the veil, to implement higher knowledge, …becoming saviors on mount Zion. Otherwise, we cannot claim the celestial glory.

Conclusion: My Ohana, you have kept the telestial law. You know how to labor in the world, and produce, even though the world has not given us the appropriate financial rewards. You are worthy of a telestial glory. However, the terrestrial offers a far greater reward. It comes with an incorruptible language, and a land of inheritance. Upon this land of inheritance can a temple be erected, and provide us access to Christ, celestial laws, and a grander reward into the eternities. Don’t be satisfied! Seek MORE!


Prerequisite Knowledge (801 Words)

Entrance into Zion requires Prerequisite Knowledge. Chastening has everything to do with it. Only those who love God, love God’s chastening.

I know, I know, I know, …Who died and made you God’s spokesman. Relax! I have never offered you any kind of recommend for professing me as a prophet, seer, and revelator. All I have ever done is quote scriptures, in correct context, and expected myself to be held accountable to the very same scripture as all of you. The only difference between us in the past has been, I have  made a serious effort to study them, and few of you have even taken the time to read them at all. Now, don’t get all offended and act like I am standing on a soap-box, holding myself above you, as if I am the big man, and you the little man. Truth is, once we can all take a serious effort to study, you’ll quickly learn how little we have been taught about the gospel of Christ, despite the decades of our collective memberships. And the sooner we take a team effort to acquire the missing knowledge, the sooner we can be redeemed of our ignorance, together! We must recognize that Zion requires Prerequisite Knowledge.

In D&C 95, the Lord declared that He chastens those in whom He loves. In His chastening, He offers an escape route. We ought not to fear the chastening of the words of the Lord, otherwise we will reject our escape route.

D&C 95:1

“1. Verily, thus saith the Lord unto you whom I love, and whom I love I also chasten that their sins may be forgiven, for with the chastisement I prepare a way for their deliverance in all things out of temptation, and I have loved you—”

Only those who love God, love God’s chastening. They will receive it with glad hearts and with good cheer, recognizing that in the chastening, we are being redeemed from the fall. Eternal Life was only found through knowing God and Christ, and how better to know them than by constantly being chastened, until our mind and will is precisely their mind and will, and when they appear we will know them, because we will be like them.

D&C 105:1-6

“1. Verily I say unto you who have assembled yourselves together that you may learn my will concerning the redemption of mine afflicted people—

2. Behold, I say unto you, were it not for the transgressions of my people, speaking concerning the church and not individuals, they might have been redeemed even now.

3. But behold, they have not learned to be obedient to the things which I required at their hands, but are full of all manner of evil, and do not impart of their substance, as becometh saints, to the poor and afflicted among them;

4. And are not united according to the union required by the law of the celestial kingdom;

5. And Zion cannot be built up unless it is by the principlesof the law of the celestial kingdom; otherwise I cannot receive her unto myself.

6. And my people must needs be chastened until they learn obedience, if it must needs be, by the things which they suffer.”

Hawaiians, lets drink from the gentle waters, available to us now, before the floods come. We must recognize that the early saints failed. They did not succeed, otherwise they would have been “…redeemed even now.” Let’s not repeat their mistakes, and take the words of Christ lightly. We must be “…united according to the union required by the law of the celestial kingdom…” and nothing less. Zion cannot be built without the “…principles of the law of the celestial kingdom…” The celestial law is not optional for Zion, it is Prerequisite Knowledge.

Conclusion: My Ohana, you have seen my efforts as everything but correct, and that is fine. But don’t disregard the words of Christ. I have quoted them, in context, and I expect to be held to the very same rule. Yasmine asked me the other day, “If God said to go back to church, would you?” I would! But if God were to tell you that the LDS church has gone astray and fallen into complete apostasy, I ask you, “Would you believe it?”

I don’t care how you spend three hours of your sabbath, wether in the LDS church, serving, or observing the heavens on the beach, for a greater understanding of God’s patterns. That’s your choice. What matters to me is that we don’t take the necessary Prerequisite Knowledge, found in the words of Christ, lightly, as did the early saints. What matters to me is that we are ONE! Lokahi is the effort towards oneness, and that is what I desire to be with you.

We all have value, and I need you. No rush, …but HURRY UP ALREADY!

A Welding Link (749 Words)

Talk is cheep, so put your actions where your mouth is and consider the scriptures concerning our connection with our dead. Salvation is a family affair, and requires both the living and the dead. The point of this blog is to teach you what I have learned by the Spirit of Revelation, concerning A Welding Link with our dead.

There is more for us to do with our dead than we have ever understood before. Talk is cheep! After reading the scriptures that I’ll lay out for you, are you going to put your actions where your mouth is? Do you ACTUALLY believe that the scriptures are the words of God? If so, consider what I am recommending about our relationship with our dead. Let’s start with A Welding Link:

D&C 128:18

“18. …that the earth will be smitten with a curse unless there is A Welding Link of some kind or other between the fathers and the children… For we without them cannot be made perfect; neither can they without us be made perfect. Neither can they nor we be made perfect without those who have died in the gospel also; for it is necessary in the ushering in of the dispensation of the fulness of times, which dispensation is now beginning to usher in, that a whole and complete and perfect union, and welding together of dispensations, and keys, and powers, and glories should take place, and be revealed from the days of Adam even to the present time. And not only this, but those things which never have been revealed from the foundation of the world, but have been kept hid from the wise and prudent, shall be revealed unto babes and sucklings in this, the dispensation of the fulness of times.”

The dispensation of the fulness of times began to be ushered in, during the time of Joseph Smith. He brought about the Spirit of Elias, but there were mistakes sown by men, that must be corrected before the work can move forward. The complete return of Elias, Elijah, and Messiah, indicates the fulness of times. This will weld together all dispensations, keys, powers, and glories, …from Adam to now. Things revealed in THAT day, have never been revealed from the foundation of the world. Summary: The Welding Link ties all dispensations together, and reveals new knowledge, which has never been revealed before.

If you without them, and they without you cannot be saved, A Welding Link between all of us must be formed, or the whole earth be smitten with a curse, and our family-line be cut-off. Salvation is a family affair, and requires both the living and the dead.

Malachi 4:1

“1. For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the Lord of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch.”

Root and branch is a genealogical reference, saying that our disconnected state leaves us cut-off. We must change that.

Reading D&C 63 opened a revelation to me, concerning our dead.

D&C 63:49

“49. Yea, and blessed are the dead that die in the Lord, from henceforth, when the Lord shall come, and old things shall pass away, and all things become new, they shall rise from the dead and shall not die after, and shall receive an inheritance before the Lord, in the holy city.”

I have read this passage before, but this was the first time it stood out to me. I read it, saying, that when we walk into Zion, our dead will be raised up, …and they’ll receive a land of inheritance with us!

Conclusion: We walking into Zion offers our dead to be raised up, on the morning of the first resurrection. They can live with us in Zion. They can have a land of inheritance just like us. We can be one, having been welded together. Read it carefully. It’s in there. Can you see it? Can you hear the voice of the Lord telling you that it is true? Then lets work together, so that we can qualify to enter into Zion. The Mormons don’t understand it, and they will not be the ones entering in. Search the scriptures, and let them tell you what to do. If you do, you will be free of the false traditions of the church, allowing Christ to lead and guide your efforts, personally. That was always His intention.

Two-Approaches: Decisions or Principles (772 Words)

I’m committed to reduce your pain, and increase my efficiency. From here on out, I’m committed to reducing my blogs to eight hundred words or less. If I am unable to do it, I haven’t thought it through well enough to write about it. So there!

Now I’m going to teach you about the EXTREMELY simple subject of atonement!? Jokes! But I do want to write about oneness, and that has everything to do with atonement. Everyone has a different perspective on life, and for that reason, “being one,” based on a decision will never succeed for very long. We can temporarily find oneness on things we have in common. Lives go through different paths, providing unique experiences, adding value, and produce greater perspectives. Decisions add perspective, but doesn’t produce oneness. Often times it produces contention, as one person’s experiences are valued greater than another, unintentionally translating into one person valued above another. I suggest never attempting to be one based upon decisions, perspective, or experiences.

Instead of being one in decisions, I recommend “Principles.” God’s principles represent God’s mind and will. When everyone has God’s mind and will as their own, their decisions will naturally converge into oneness as a byproduct. “Decisions” can be different, …but they will eventually converge to compliment one another, as God’s mind and will increases in us. Zion is the work of God’s mind and will, not the work of manipulating decisions. I am confident that anyone who puts God’s principles first, above ALL ELSE, will find oneness with me, as I feel it important to do the same. Our decisions may conflict. Our views might seem to oppose each other initially, but God’s mind and will has no contradiction, and will converge into one.

Ignorance of God’s principles forces us to depend on “decisions.” Being commanded in all things requires a decision-maker, …and God calls this “decision-approach” slothful and unwise. In our ignorance, men coerce, manipulate, use unrighteous dominion, and use compulsion, to produce a resultant decision. They replace their trust in God, with a dependency upon the arm of flesh. When there are differences in opinions, the result is conflict and contention, or peaceful withdraw, …which still produces separation. Separation is the opposite of oneness. In every volume of scripture, anyone understanding this blog can recognize when the mind and will of God is leading people, or when the arm of flesh is leading instead. The indicator: is there peace, or is there war?Peace is God’s Principles leading. War is decisions leading.

The scripture project I am involved with is currently full of contention, wether people want to believe it or not. If at the end of the project we have a document, despite how incredible it’s content, that has been created based solely on decisions (contention), …I will not join that covenant! I will be left alone, not belonging to the Mormons, and not belonging to this covenant movement. However, if those participating in this project repent of their contention, and depend solely upon God’s Principles to unite us, finding oneness in the mind and will of God, …whatever covenant we produce in the end, I will receive it in FULL FORCE! 

Consider what is most important in the world today by America’s approach to war. It is clear that the world is ignorant of God’s Principles. If the scripture committee, and the people, continues the contention in this project, they too will have proven that our project is not led by God’s mind and will either. Likewise, our familie’s contention indicates the same.

Conclusion: Mom’s prayers on my behalf is for me to be a Mormon, focusing solely on a decision, and does not consider God’s Principles of oneness. As long as you have the same tendency to manipulate a decision, rather than depending solely upon God’s Principles, you will find our family in contention.

Each one of you agreed that our project would be done in oneness. I am holding US ALL to that word, as I believe that a man’s word is his bond. We have chosen to use the “decisions” approach in the past, …and our ignorance of “God’s Principles” has been thoroughly tested. If we continue to complete this project, based on “decisions,” NOT repenting of our ignorance of “God’s Principles,” …then when I have completed my full purchase, I will separate from the project, desiring to own none of it with you. I cannot afford to pretend to oneness. I will have considered myself true to my word, and considered your decision to seek a different oneness as a sign for me to separate from this effort.


Skeletons in the Closet (405 Words)

A Method of Approach to the Scripture Project

The mistakes of the early saints have gone ignored, have become infected, and threatens to take the lives of those who ignore the signs. The image above is a recommended approach to preserve the work of the restoration, by correcting the Doctrine & Covenants to reflect a covenant that can produce a Zion people. Much work is required to clean out the Skeletons in the Closet.

Too many songs have been written, stories rearranged, and lies have been told to hide the failures of the early saints, who killed Joseph and Hyrum Smith, producing gross infections, which threatens the eternal lives of the LDS membership. Closing your eyes, plugging your ears, while screaming “la, la, la, la, la!” …cannot ignore or justify the current amputation about to come forth, in the upcoming “cutting-off” soon to come upon the church, and the world. The church has taught for so long, the following of men, leading the saints into idol worship, which is after the image of their own god, which is an idol of Babylon, which shall fall (D&C 1:16). Even good saints such as yourselves, even the very elect of God, will suffer heart failure, as even the elect may be deceived.

Rather than making the same mistakes, I have included a diagram above, describing a way to filter out the problems of the early saints, so that those who choose to rise-up, may rise up, and walk into Zion. The Nephites, in 4th Nephi, almost achieved Zion, but they failed to maintain equality, because of their hierarchy mindset, and their hunger and thirst for the things of this world, and aspire to the honors of men. And they suffered death as a result.

The early saints began their dispensation by using the very model that caused the failure of the saints of 4th Nephi. They established a New Testament church, and immediately after Joseph & Hyrum’s death, it completely transitioned into another hierarchy. The image above is a recommended approach to preserve the work of the restoration, by correcting the Doctrine & Covenants to reflect a covenant that can produce a Zion people.

Much work is required to clean out the Skeletons in the Closet. We could use your help. Any takers?

Conclusion: If any of you have any questions concerning what I am doing, feel free to ask me questions. I love talking about the stuff of the gospel.