I Get You… Concerning D&C 20. (1319 Words)

Seriously, I Get You… Concerning D&C 20. What gives you the right to change scripture, right? Take a look at a brief history, and consider the quote: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

At the time of the restoration came an amalgamation of the Cambellite movement, already long underway. At the time of Christ, the title “Christian” was a derogatory term for people who called themselves “Followers of the Way.” To the LDS, the world has given us a similar title because of our Book of Mormon, calling us Mormon. The nickname that has been given to those who believe as I do, is offensive in my opinion. They call us “Snufferites.” It represents an outside opinion that we have substituted following one man, to follow another man. At the time of what was known as The Restoration Movement, one of the most predominant leaders was named Alexander Cambell (1788-1866, over lapping Joseph Smith), and the label people gave those who followed his teachings was “Cambellite.” To them it was derogatory, as they sought only to follow Christ. This group was committed to restore primitive Christianity.

Sidney Rigdon was a baptist preacher, influenced by Alexander Campbell. Rigdon journeyed to meet Campbell in the summer of 1821, to learn more about the Baptist who was encountering opposition to his idea that the New Testament should hold priority over the Old Testament in the Christian church. The Restoration Movement sought to align with Christ’s original organization in the New Testament, and what they lacked was a real prophet. Rigdon found what he was looking for in Joseph Smith in 1830.

Parley P Pratt was originally a member of Sidney Rigdon’s Baptist congregation. After becoming an LDS member, Pratt was sent to preach to the Native Americans. The Native Americans were the original target, but Pratt was unable to persuade any Natives, and ran into Sidney Rigdon stirring up The Restoration Movement, without a real prophet. Rigdon was baptized in October 1830, a month after Pratt. Rigdon brought all the people. He converted hundreds of members of his congregations, who were active within The Restoration Movement. In December 1830, Rigdon traveled to New York, where he met Joseph Smith.

Oliver Cowdery arrived before Pratt or Rigdon. Cowdery heard that Joseph had ancient Native American records. Cowdery was known to seek buried treasures using a divining rod. He was a school teacher. And when he heard of gold plates with Native American records, he immediately sought participation. Prior to Cowdery’s arrival, Joseph Smith lost the 116 pages with Martin Harris, and translation was at a dead stop. Cowdery arrives a year before the church was established (1829), and helps Joseph complete translation of the Book of Mormon before establishing the church in 1830.

The stage is set with Sidney Rigdon and Parley P Pratt influenced by The Restoration Movement at the establishment of the church in 1830 and Oliver Cowdery influencing the direction of the church in 1829. The introduction to D&C 20 reads:

Revelation on Church organization and government, given through Joseph Smith the Prophet, at or near Fayette, New York. Portions of this revelation may have been given as early as summer 1829. The complete revelation, known at the time as the Articles and Covenants, was likely recorded soon after April 6, 1830 (the day the Church was organized). The Prophet wrote, “We obtained of Him [Jesus Christ] the following, by the spirit of prophecy and revelation; which not only gave us much information, but also pointed out to us the precise day upon which, according to His will and commandment, we should proceed to organize His Church once more here upon the earth.”

The LDS church inserted this introduction in the 20th century with additional formatting of pages and footnotes, for the ease of scanning the section, without having to read it. It can be seen by the introduction that there are uncertainties of when the revelation was given, portions “MAY” have been given as early as 1829, and “LIKELY” recorded “SOON AFTER” the organization of the church.

Joseph Smith addressed in the restoration Christians seeking a Restoration Movement. He initially set out to seek out the Native Americans, but ended up with Campbellites. The organization Joseph used echoed back to Christ’s first presidency, quorum of the 12 apostles, and quorum of the 70.

Christ addressed in the restoration Jews who claimed to be of Abraham. Christ used The Restoration Movement of His time tying back to Abraham. He used Peter, James and John to symbolically represent Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Q12 represented the 12 tribes of Israel. And the Q70 to represent the 70 members of Israel’s family entering into Egypt. The presidency, Q12, and Q70 all represent the same thing, it represents the family of God, through the patriarchal order.

Joseph Smith, Jesus Christ and Abraham pointed back to the beginning, the patriarchal order. First shall be last and last shall be first is a prophesy that it all must go back to Adam and the original patriarchal order, the birthright, or the original family tree of life. However, Joseph was unable to persuade the saints to things that challenged their traditions before the people fell to pieces like glass. The apostasy from Christ’s dispensation happened extremely quick. Less than 100 years after Christ left, all the apostles are killed, and John walks away. The house of order will be restored, but it doesn’t reach back to the meridian of time. Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ were pointing back to the original fathers, the patriarchal fathers, the fathers through whom the covenant was established from the beginning.

While I recognize D&C 20 as revelation, I also recognize what the saints were unable to perform maintaining inequality established in offices. The little authority, as they suppose, has been the source of so much unrighteous dominion, that Zion cannot be established within it’s offices. Those offices must be removed in order for agency to survive, so all men can be left to govern themselves, according to the dictates of their own conscience.

Conclusion: Seriously, I Get You… Concerning D&C 20. I will not try to force you one way or another. All I can do is deliver a message. You are responsible to judge the matter, if it is truth or not. This is a restoration in the last dispensation of the fulness of times. Where “last” is used to mean latest, rather than final. The heavens have testified of it. The Earth is responding to it.

Four years ago, we went to Canada to visit family. Upon our arrival as storm came through flooding the reservation. Today, I am on my way to Canada to purchase a house on the reservation, and have just learned that houses surrounding the house we are buying have burned, due to fires started by neighboring farmers burning trash. The strong fall winds have kicked up the flames, causing the fire to jump the river, and my in-laws have been evacuated for safety.

The faith required in all dispensations is required now. All are judged by their ability to recognize and receive light when it is offered. We cannot see the faith of the ancients, looking back from our current position, thinking that it is obvious to spot Lehi the prophet, Nephi the prophet, Abinadi the prophet, or Alma the prophet. Looking back, it seems so obvious.

We must place ourselves in Jerusalem with Lehi, when Lehi is preaching against the elders of the church, and Nephi cuts off the head of Laban, who was the keeper of the scriptures. We must place ourselves in the courts of King Noah and his wicked priests, to hear Abinadi preach the truth against the accepted leaders of both church and state at the time. We must consider if we would hear truth and light, recognize it as such, and make the difficult choice to go to the light, despite the unknown consequences of the reaction of the majority. The faith required in all dispensations is required now.



Light and Darkness Cannot Exist Together (1600 Words)

Darkness will not leave until light dispels it. When darkness appears, the darkness becomes chaos. Light and Darkness Cannot Exist Together.

Within this movement that I have been working with, we have been struggling to come to mutual agreement on a small assignment to produce a statement of principles to replace the hierarchical D&C 20, …with all it’s ranks, offices, and inequality. Our efforts have gone from people claiming assignments from a committee of volunteers, morphing into a committee of tribal representatives who are sent to meet representing their fellowships of like minded individuals, …and the efforts have resulted in personal revelations, unable to unite as a whole. Confusion is our current status, as those who have had revelation can’t understand why others who’ve claimed to have revelation seem to contradict one another. If it’s revelation from God, it should never contradict, they correctly exclaim. The circumstances leave us to point the finger and question one another’s source of revelation. And that is precisely what has happened to most.

Rather than respecting the revelations of the individuals, people have fought to manipulate the minds and hearts of others, forcing everyone to look alike, …justifying the effort as the only road to getting a document that is mutually agreeable. It has gone so far as to take votes, where 91% claims to have a stronghold. And that translates into interpreting the 9% as hard hearted and should soften their hearts and join the majority. If the 9% could only have the same source of revelation as the 91% this would have been a light thing, and we could move forward, is the assumption. My family represents 5 of the 50 votes against the 91%. However, rather than claiming that they are wrong and we are right, we feel it important to respect the revelation of others, trusting that God could be working with them, …even when we don’t understand how He is doing it. So we ask the 91% to not stop the process of continuing the work upon us, to seek more light, so that we can move forward, without cutting one another off. We seek to value all light. The jury is still out as to what will result. Despite what results, we are confident that Light and Darkness Cannot Exist Together. And although we may not comprehend it all yet, …all we desire is more light!

Darkness will not leave until light dispels it. Revelation is light, and the saints are required to receive revelation upon revelation, and light was intended to cleave unto light, until the perfect day. Receiving the Holy Ghost necessitates you to receive revelation.  Although all are privileged, and even commanded to receive revelation, the revelation required to unite a people requires individual revelations “to merge.” Personal revelation needs more revelation to merge into a collective, and that is why we learn, we cannot trust in the arm of flesh, or make flesh our arm. Individuals can receive personal revelation, but only Christ can reveal revelation for a collective, and that is why He has servants. The only value a servant has is the source of the message he delivers. His position is never to be respected! Only when we trust in Christ alone can Christ merge personal revelation into a collective, so that all truth is circumscribed into one great whole. Rather than jarrings, contentions, strife, malice, and envying, …we should respect personal revelation, do our best to merge what we do understand, …and cry unto the Lord for more light to complete the successful merger. However, in the absence of light, …in the absence of Christ, …darkness continues.

When light appears, the darkness becomes chaos. When light is added, those who would prefer darkness, or those who are not conditioned to the light, tend to resort to fear and trembling, as their false traditions of unbelief are put into question. They make excuses, rejecting the light, and cleaving to the dark. No man can serve two masters. He will either love the light, and hate the dark, or he will cleave to the dark, and despise the light. If your eye be single to the glory of God, your whole body will be filled with light. But, if not, how dark is your darkness? (3 Nephi 13:21-24). The darkness fears the light. August 21, 2017 was a sign in the heavens of the cutting-off of the gentile nation (eclipse). Not only does the darkness fear the light, the darkness is ignorant of the signs in the heavens created and set for signs and for wonders from the time of the creation. They are unaware, and frankly don’t care. Thus, the sign prophesies of their cutting-off, and they don’t even know it. September 23, 2017 was another sign in the heavens of the presence of the family of God (a celestial light, star and planetary alignment). It is the presence of the righteous that generates fear in the wicked. In the end, it is prophesied that the wicked will not fight against Zion, for Zion will be great & terrible. They will be great because they all know the Lord …and terrible because the Lord will protect His family. Instead of fighting against Zion, it is prophesied that the wicked will kill the wicked. It is the presence of light that causes the darkness in people to scatter like cockroaches, in complete disorder and confusion. Thus, when light appears, the darkness becomes chaos.

Light and Darkness Cannot Exist Together! Joseph Smith taught:

“Where doubt and uncertainty are, there faith is not, nor can it be. For doubt and faith do not exist in the same person at the same time; that persons whose minds are under doubts and fears cannot have unshaken confidence; and where unshaken confidence is not, the faith is weak.”

“Unshaken confidence” is what is given when you enter into the Lord’s rest. When you keep the Sabbath day holy, you seek to be in the rest of the Lord. Seek light. Light dispels the darkness. When you seek light, and light appears, causing you to act, …when you act, that is how light grows and faith increases. Reject the light, by not acting, and you will suffer being displaced with the darkness, because your faith is insufficient. Those who reject the light, will receive less and less light, until they know nothing of the mysteries of God. And Alma calls this ignorance of the mysteries of God “the chains of hell” (Alma 12:11). Light and Darkness Cannot Exist Together!

Conclusion: I am hopeful that the efforts of the project we are working on will succeed because I will respect the revelation in others and expect the same respect in return. Although we currently lack the light to complete what we have been assigned to do, I believe James 1:5 was sufficient to begin the restoration, and it is sufficient to complete this project. The success of this movement will be our ability to wait upon the Lord, confessing where we lack wisdom, asking Him to replace our darkness with light.

Darkness will not depart until light appears. As light appears, I expect the darkness to respond with chaos and confusion. Those who fail to acquire sufficient light will get caught up in the chaos and confusion, and will not only reject further light and truth (truly being ANTI-MOR-MON or anti-more-good, because that is what Mormon means, more-good), they will be swept off the Earth with the dark.

Light and Darkness Cannot Exist Together. When you choose to receive the light I have been trying to unveil, you will not find my words so difficult and offensive. You will not only stop stoning those who offer truth, …you will be stoned by those who cannot endure the presence of your light. Don’t be associated with the dark. Recognize and receive the light. Do not fear what the wicked can do. They are no match for those who belong to the Lord. In the Lord’s rest, you will have confidence to overcome all:

D&C 76:53-57

53. And who overcome by faith, and are sealed by the Holy Spirit of promise, which the Father sheds forth upon all those who are just and true.

54. They are they who are the church of the Firstborn.

55 They are they into whose hands the Father has given all things—

56. They are they who are priests and kings, who have received of his fulness, and of his glory;

57. And are priests of the Most High, after the order of Melchizedek, which was after the order of Enoch, which was after the order of the Only Begotten Son.”

Bear your testimony of what you think you know all you want. When the time comes to stand upon your foundation of faith, you will face the reality of knowing what your foundation is made of. Don’t be found building upon as sandy foundation. The Salt Lake Temple took forty years to build, symbolic of the children of Israel wandering in the wilderness under condemnation. They failed to build the Nauvoo temple in sufficient time, and suffered the consequences given in D&C 124. The original foundation of the Salt Lake Temple was “sand“-stone. They didn’t even build to the height of the ground level before that foundation of “sand” cracked. It’s a symbolic representation of the current LDS foundation, as Joseph Smith wasn’t even able to get to ground-level with the church before they cracked. Build upon a foundation of rock, learning from the past mistakes of the saints, not to repeat them, seeking a position in the world, while sacrificing the treasures in the heavens. You cannot serve both God and Mammon. Light and Darkness Cannot Exist Together.

Back and Forth (229 Words)

Ma, we go Back and Forth, you for your truth “without” accountability, and me for truth “with” accountability. The church you have born testimony of has amputated the accountability by removing penalties from their temple ordinances, to be less offensive to the members who would prefer positivity, without addressing wo’s and condemnations. That is the robes you choose to put on and defend. The Lord is bound when you do what “HE SAYS.” Changing the ordinances to fit your comfort-zone makes the words within them NOT HIS WORDS. Therefore, it has no promise, …IF you believe the scriptures you read (D&C 82:10). As you testify of the church, you also testify against the church. Mor-mon literally means more-truth. You testify of a church that reduces truth to fit the comfort of the saints, to paint a pretty picture of the awful situation by which you are bound, …and that is anti-mor-mon. You might see faith and hope in positivity, but my faith and hope include the accountability of living up to the wo’s and condemnation for not living as I believe, for not living as the scriptures teach, …in exchange for corrupted ideas, and false traditions of unbelief. You might have a “glass half-full” sort of attitude, and “making lemonade out of lemons,” …but for me, I would prefer a “full-glass,” …and to “…not drink the kool-aid.”

Aloha Ke Akua!

Choose a Robe (838 Words)

The first university was the temple. Satan corrupts truth for his benefit, at our expense. You are free to Choose a Robe that fits you.

The first university was the temple, because within the temple was taught the universe and the heavens. Within the temple was a collection of knowledge of the heavens that was accessible to all patrons who chose to enter their. The ceremonies of wearing white robes symbolically represented learning, putting on knowledge, increasing in intelligence, …of the things of the heavens, …of the things of light. Therefore, the robes of the temple were white, to symbolically represent being clothed in light. The ceremony instructed the big picture, and the library offered sources of knowledge to literally be clothed in light, to apply that knowledge. Thus, rather than “doing endowments” or “going through the temple,” …you were required to be literally clothed in light (being endowed means to be clothed) by applying the knowledge you have acquired.

Satan corrupts the truth for his benefit, …and at our expense. Universities have been corrupted to only teach secular knowledge. Very little emphasis is given to the universe and the heavens in our modern education institutions. The library of modern education institutions are filled with secular books, and few books of the heavens. Graduation commencement marks a new beginning as being enlightened in secular knowledge. Originally, the robes of that university was black, and not white. Secular learning for the ambition within this world is appropriately symbolized by putting on black robes, representing being clothed in darkness. Graduation commencement is a ceremony of beginning anew, similar to temple ceremonies, sending graduates forth into the world to apply their knowledge. Those who succeed in the world governed by the black robes, move forward with ambition, to win the game of digging pits for their neighbors, claiming all is well in Zion, …when in fact it is not well, and you are not Zion, so how would you know? You have only faired sumptuously in the world of the black robe.

You must Choose a Robe that fits you. No man can serve two masters, and there are only two masters. If your master isn’t Christ, you wear a black robe. If your master is Christ, you are hungering and thirsting for righteousness, to accumulate and live in white robes. Some are unaware of another option, so they follow the crowd lining up wearing black robes. I recommend white robes. How you literally put on white robes is by making a commitment to study the words of Christ, and allow them to tell you all things that you should do. If you have problems understanding it’s instructions, wait upon the Lord, pondering and asking for clarity. By the power of the Holy Ghost he will manifest the truth of it unto you. Christ is the one who literally does the clothing. Not the ceremonial clothing, but the real clothing with light. He is the one who atoned, and he is the only one who can clothe you in the robes of the holy priesthood. Pick the white robe over the black robe, and let the Lord free you from the death lock grip the black robe world has upon you.

Conclusion: Ka’ua asked, “So, do you think that just because you have removed someone’s debt, that they will suddenly turn to God?” The answer is NO! However, if you have done your best, making room in your current life, for a serious study of the words of Christ, every free moment you have you find yourself pondering the heavens, and you take every opportunity to act upon what you know and are learning about the words of Christ, seeking in prayer guidance from Christ, …then if your debt was removed, it will be unmistaken that you will continue searching to clothe yourself in robes of light. However, if you didn’t care about light when you were in bondage, why would you ever care for light if you are relieved of bondage? Those who are unwilling to remove the black robes and put on white robes will find no relief from God.

You might say, “Well, you have a degree, and your wife has four of them. Aren’t you clothed in the black robes?” Having taken the words of Christ seriously has provided light sufficient to exercise the faith unto repentance, such that we have been in transition, exchanging our dark for further light and knowledge. I recommend you begin now. When the trial is upon you, the time for preparation has passed.

A little bonus: Those who are clothed in light, and live to the age of a tree, are twinkled because the transition is from a robe of light to another robe of light. That is how someone lays up for themselves treasures in the heavens. Those robes of light are not corrupted by moth or rust, and thieves cannot break through and take it away. Choose a Robe, and choose wisely padowan!

May the force be with you!

Part 3: Your Faith is Your Steel! (1276 Words)

Engineers get paid to test materials by tearing them apart, bending them, and crushing them, and measuring how the material reacts under those pressures, and at what point it fails. Sometimes the only way for your love of God to be tested is to require the ultimate sacrifice, all things. Out of all the possible things you can imagine as tithes or offerings, the only acceptable offering is your faith. Your Faith is Your Steel.

Laban’s sword was of such great craftsmanship that Nephi kept it and pattern swords after it. It survived into the restoration, as it was found buried with the plates. Testing the quality of a steel blade, to know if it will flex, crack, or hold an edge, has been done for thousands of years. As an engineer, I took a class called “Strengths of Materials.” Although I utterly failed the course, we did lab work, placing multiple computer sensors on different grades of steel, and pulled them apart, bent them and crushed them, to measure how the materials reacted under applied pressures. We measured how the material behaved under pressure, how it deformed until it failed, and at what point it failed. The results are collected and put into tables, so that when buildings, bridges, or roads are designed, …designers can evaluate the most effective materials to use for the purpose. Tests like these have been performed over, and over, and over again, to be certain of the attributes of materials. As I barely graduated, probably with the lowest GPA in the history of BYU Engineering department, with the most credit hours, my experience under the stresses and strains of school did little to prove my ability to others. Resumes don’t tell the story of the internal lattice of my ability to endure the test. Letters of recommendations cannot begin to assess my performance under pressure. To others, my degree, my experience, my recommendations, are anecdotal. To others, they are simply words on a page, but to me, …I was proven to MYSELF. I had a glimpse of what I was made of.

Sometimes the only way for your love of God to be tested is to require the ultimate sacrifice, all things. Light is the treasure of the heavens, that moth and rust cannot corrupt, and thieves cannot break in and steal. God is the source of that light. Through His Son, all can receive light. The amount of light you are able to bare is determined by your sacrificial offering, or the price you are willing to pay for light. In this earth, satan reminds us, you can buy anything with money. The Lord’s servants always ask, Do you sell your tokens for money? Depending on the price you pay, the Lord promises light. And He always delivers on His promises (D&C 82:10).

D&C 1:38

“38. What I the Lord have spoken, I have spoken, and I excuse not myself; and though the heavens and the earth pass away, my word shall not pass away, but shall all be fulfilled, whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same.”

To Abraham, all things meant sacrificing Isaac. Historically, Abraham’s story is told in two ways. The most popular is the version where the sacrificed is stopped, and an arrested sacrifice (a substitute sacrifice) is offered instead, using a ram in the thicket. Symbolically, the arrested sacrifice was a type and a shadow of the ultimate arrested sacrifice, Christ. A less popular version states that Abraham actually completes the sacrifice of Isaac, killing him, …but brings him back to life, in similitude of Christ’s resurrection. Both the one making the offering, and the one being offered were given the ultimate test, and proved their grade of steel by their faith. Some, like Abinadi who burned, Isaiah who was sawn in half, Peter who was crucified upside down, etc. require their grade of steel to be proven through death. Others had roles that needed them to continue to live, but they too were positioned, such that they faced offering the very same sacrifice, and passed the test.

Nephi, retrieving the plates from Laban, put it all on the line, and passed the test, offering all things. He did it repeatedly throughout his life, but let’s look at the example of him retrieving the plates. Prior to having to get the plates, Nephi cried unto the Lord, and the Lord did visit him, to make Nephi soft to all the words that his father said, such that he believed his father, and did not rebel against his father, like unto his brothers (1 Nephi 2:16-17). This is a key. Next, in chapter 3, Nephi and his older brothers are tasked with getting the records of Laban. Lots are cast, Laman is chosen, but Laman did not have the Lord visit him. So when Laban rejected Laman, calling him a thief and a robber and chasing him out, Laman did not have the confidence to exercise sufficient faith. Laman attempted to abandon the operation. Nephi, however, does not. The try buying the plates with gold and silver, and that planned was such a mess, Laman and Lemuel take it out on Nephi, beating him with a rod. An angel appears, confirming Nephi, and reaffirming Nephi’s visitation by the Lord, causing Nephi to act, not knowing before hand what he should do. The ultimate test, in this event, was the cutting off of Laban’s head, taking a man’s life, rather than laying down his own. It’s your faith that is being tested. Your Faith is Your Steel.

Laman’s faith was insufficient to make the same offering. Laman abandoned the effort, beating his little brother, even when lots represented God’s will, he was the oldest brother, and the lot fell upon him. Every indicator pointed the test in Laman’s direction. But he abandoned the test, threw in the towel, called it quits, and his faith was insufficient. Laman proved to himself that he wasn’t of the same grade of steel as Nephi. This was the fork in the road, where Nephi proves himself far more capable of withstanding the pressures of the test, …and most importantly, he proved it to himself. He would reflect on this experience, and accumulate more and more light through continual sacrifices, in exchange for greater experiences with heaven. Out of all the possible things you can imagine as tithes or offerings, the only acceptable offering is your faith. Your Faith is Your Steel.

Conclusion: The faith required in all time and all eternity is the same. How it is applied is specific to you. It requires sacrifice. The first comforter teaches you the truth of all things, bringing everything the Lord has taught you to your remembrance. However, the second comforter is their to apply that to your specific circumstance. It is the second comforter alone who has descended below all things, and ascended above them all.

Christ alone has the power to teach Men of Steel how to make an offering in similitude to the offering He himself performed. Christ is the only one who can increase the grade of your Steel by infusing Carbon with Iron, through the heat (Steel = Carbon + Iron). Your Faith is Your Steel.

Nephi sets himself apart in the task to retrieve the plates by receiving the second comforter. He was softened to the words of the patriarchal fathers, those fathers in whom the covenant is offered, for your and my salvation. Christ alone deserves your faith. All will be proven. Seriously study the words of Christ, obtain the first comforter, receive the truth, and seek the second comforter. Your Faith is Your Steel!


Part 2: Men of Steel (431 Words)

Reiterating yesterday’s post, Steel = Carbon + Iron. High Carbon Steel can withstand greater trauma without deformation because intense heat fused greater amounts of Carbon within the steel’s chemical makeup (or lattice). If the combination of carbon and iron is steel, we are all Men of Steel, question is what grade are you.

There are multiple grades of steel, and they all depend on the amount of carbon, or life within them. Understanding carbon as representing life, …in metal more carbon produces greater strength, while less carbon produces low strength. Likewise, more light introduces greater strength to us, Men of Steel. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) are regulatory bodies that set standards of steel, controlling the ratio of carbon to steel, so that engineers who specify steel are certain of their characteristics. Poorer countries do not have the same confidence, as their steel isn’t held to the same standard, and cannot be relied upon to bear the engineered load. Heaven is the one setting the standard, because they are certain of the characteristics necessary to make any of us sufficient to bear the burdens that will be placed upon us.

High Carbon Steel can withstand greater trauma without deformation because intense heat fused greater amounts of Carbon within the steel’s chemical makeup (or lattice). Likewise, we learn from temple ordinances that when light (life) is infused in us, clothed in the robes of light, we are able to withstand greater trauma without deformation, as heat fuses the light to us. That is how we are forged like steel.

We are all Men of Steel. The question is, what grade are we? There are three grades of carbon steel: low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, and high carbon steel. The strongest being high carbon steel. It has the greatest amount of carbon or life. How much light are you willing to receive? We are all in question.

Conclusion: All of us will be proven in this life, to determine the quality of our steel. Those who know and trust in the Lord’s voice will be given greater light, eventually being able to overcome the world, as Christ did. The same faith of the ancient fathers are required of you today.

We view the scriptures looking backward, after the events occurred. We are foolish to think that Lehi knew how life would play out for him before exercising his faith, that Nephi understood it all prior to exercising his faith, or that anyone can be certain, without first exercising your faith. Faith is not  only required, but it is the only way through the difficulty ahead.

Part 1: Steel= Carbon + Iron (555 Words)

The use of steel, described in scripture-symbolism, has much to uncover about this life. Steel is a mixture of carbon and iron. Since all life-forms on earth are carbon-based, and our blood is a mixture of iron, our lives are a good comparison with steel. This life was meant as a probationary state, where decay and death is inevitable. Consider the process of iron oxide, or rust, as a process of decay for steel. Likewise, when oxygen mixes with iron in our blood, the blood turns red for the exact same reason, it is rusting. It is an indication that our bodies face constant decay. This world suffers a condition scientists call entropy, the constant movement into disorder. And that is why this world is a great place to test the quality of your steel, to know what you are made of.

There are different types of alloys, or grades, of steel. When iron is mixed with high quantities of carbon, it is called “high carbon steel,” and has the attributes of high strength, hardness, and can hold an edge under high striking pressure. Lower grades of steel have a low percentage of carbon, like barbed wired, or tie-wire, etc. They are soft, cheep, and cannot hold an edge. Damascus steel is made by mixing carbon, such as coal, with a lower grade of steel, using intense heat, to create a bond, making the strongest blades of the ancient world. I wouldn’t be surprised if Laban’s sword was a type of Damascus steel. In keeping with the analogy comparing mankind and steel, it is easy to observe that mankind comes in all types of alloys, or grades, of steel. Those of the high-carbon, Damascus steel quality were the noble and great ones.

We learn in Abraham that, prior to this life, there were some who were noble and great ones. However, having passed through the veil, it is almost impossible to tell who the noble and great ones are, unless they are thoroughly tested like steel, …forged in a refiner’s fire. A forge heats the steel up to high temperatures, beats it with a sledge hammer on an anvil into shape, constantly removing impurities, until it’s final form is taken. In the construction of a blade, such as Laban’s sword, …when a blade is sharpened, the most expensive knives must undergo rigorous testing, to see if the blade will keep an edge, or if the blade will crack and shatter on impact, or if the blade will bend and loose it’s shape. Once a blade has passed all the tests, only then can it’s creator benefit from it’s value.

It is only through the forge of the refiner’s fire, and through the rigorous testing, that you can obtain a knowledge of the quality of your steel. It is not for the benefit of the master forge, but for the benefit of the blade, for the confidence of the metal, to know and not merely believe.

Conclusion: I’m going somewhere with this idea of steel being forged in the refiner’s fire. This will have two more parts. Most import is making the connection with steel = carbon + iron. This world is intentionally engulfed in decay and death to test what we are made of, what alloy, and what grade we are. Christ is the master forge.