A Blood Sacrifice (1056 Words)

A life best served is a life freely given as A Blood Sacrifice. Women are a constant reminder to men, giving a greater understanding to yesterday’s BLOOD-MOON. The sacrifice is only acceptable as it reflects Christ’s ultimate sacrifice, turning death into life!

A life best served is a life freely given as A Blood Sacrifice. To best understand the concept, we will need to learn something about blood and it’s properties as a living sacrifice. The body requires oxygen to live. Lungs breath oxygen in, and the blood carries the oxygen throughout the body, to give the body life. Blood, distributing oxygen, pays a price to transport oxygen throughout the body. It turns red because the iron that carries the oxygen within the blood oxidizes, rusts, decays, or in other words, …DIES! After delivering oxygen throughout the body, the blood returns blue, having lost it’s life, being oxygen poor. Those who are rich in heaven will give up their mortal life, distributing life to the body, as A Blood Sacrifice, …dying poor! Blessed are the poor in spirit who come unto me, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven, indeed (3Nephi 12:3).

Consider the principle that teaches “Let no man be afraid to lay down his life for my sake; for whoso layeth down his life for my sake shall find it again.” (D&C 103:27). The blood in each of us teaches a valuable lesson about sacrifice. If oxidization is rust, decay, or death, …then blood is a living sacrifice, for the purpose of giving life to the body. Christ gave the ultimate sacrifice for the purpose of giving eternal life to all mankind, …that all through him might live. It is no coincidence that His ultimate sacrifice was A Blood Sacrifice. When we partake of the sacrament, the wine is the symbol of the blood of Christ. Consider how the prayer on the sacrament wine asks that Christ’s sacrificial blood gives us life:

D&C 20:79

“79. O God, the Eternal Father, we ask thee in the name of thy Son, Jesus Christ, to bless and sanctify this wine to the souls of all those who drink of it, that they may do it in remembrance of the blood of thy Son, which was shed for them; that they may witness unto thee, O God, the Eternal Father, that they do always remember him, that they may have his Spirit to be with them. Amen.”

The blood of Christ was shed to give us life, by offering to us the opportunity to always have Christ’s Spirit to be with us. His Spirit is likened unto oxygen, causing the body to live. His Spirit is light, and it gives eternal life. Christ offered himself in death, to give us life. When we drink of the symbol of Christ’s blood, our minds should turn to the Blood Sacrifice of Christ, so that we can do likewise, walking the His path, just as He walked it. In Christ’s death, He gave life.

Respiration is the process of breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide. Breathing in is called inhaling, or “inspiration.” Breathing out is called exhaling, or “expiration.” If we breath in carbon dioxide (what we exhale), we are inspired by death, and spread throughout the body “expiration.” We become a source of death. Respiration is thus a process of breathing in life, and breathing out death. Speech is a form of exhaling, or expiring. When the words we speak are false, mean and destructive, our exhaling is death, magnifying more death. It defiles the body, spreading decay, plagues and death throughout. When we speak the truth, adding light to darkness, we do as Christ did, turning death into life. Thus, man can become saviors on mount Zion by acquiring the words of life, from the book of life. This way we can become the life blood of this world, turning our breath of death, into life.

Women are a constant reminder to men, giving a greater understanding to yesterday’s BLOOD-MOON. The moon is a symbol of God’s wife, God the mother. It is no coincidence that women menstruate, loosing blood, every month. And it is no coincidence that the moon waxes and wanes, defining the month, befitting of the symbol of every woman. Women are A Blood Sacrifice, giving life to every person who has ever been born. Women are a perfect symbol of A Blood Sacrifice. However, the role of the man is to be “a living sacrifice” for the life of the children born by the woman.  Every life is born of A Blood Sacrifice by the woman, to come to Earth. Any life that is to be redeemed, must be redeemed by a father’s sacrifice. Therefore the hearts of the children must turn to the fathers, and the hearts of the fathers must turn to the children. Thus, the husband and wife, as parents, offer the sacrifice for all of their children to live. Yesterday’s Blood-Moon is not only “air-quotes” on the month of January. It is also a sign signifying and teaching, all who would be a type of Christ, of their greatest significance as A Blood Sacrifice. Those who loose their life for Christ’s sakes, shall find eternal life. Every day is a good day to die, making your life an offering unto God. Ka Mate, Ka Mate, Ka Ora, Ka Ora (I die, I die, I live, I live). That is the chant of an acceptable sacrifice, death in exchange to give life.

Conclusion: The sacrifice is only acceptable as it reflects Christ’s ultimate sacrifice, turning death into life! It is our greatest appointment from heaven to be a vessel that carries light to the body of Christ.

Read your scriptures, …inhaling, or being “inspired” by the lesser portion of the word, offered in the Book of Mormon. Receive the light it is offering, …for it’s light is a treasure from heaven, and will give you eternal life. Be like God the Mother, …be like God the Father, …be like God the Son, and be like the blood that flows within you, …be a sacrifice, …and with unwearyingness declare that light, …even the words of Christ. First distribute it throughout every fiber of your body, and then distribute it throughout every fiber of the body of Christ. Make every day a good day to DIE!


BLOOD-MOON (1972 Words)

The moon has been speaking up lately, telling a story in the heavens about things on Earth. The recent BLOOD-MOON has greater value within a greater context. All of the signs point to the culmination of one event, the great and dreadful day of the Lord’s return.

In a past blog titled “Once in a Blue Moon,” I wrote a little about the activities of the moon and it’s symbolism. The moon has been speaking up lately, telling a story in the heavens about things on Earth. Recently, three specific dates concerning the activity of the moon are of greatest interest in this blog. The first event occurred in the solar eclipse, generating a shadow (cutting off the light of the sun), diagonally across the United States, on Thomas S Monson’s last birthday (August 21, 2017). Anyone familiar with the concept of the penalties, removed from temple ordinances in 1990, can make the connection of the cutting off of the Gentile nation in the last days, prophesied of in the Book of Mormon. In scripture, it is called the end of the day of the Gentiles, found in 2Nephi 27-29, 3Nephi 16, and 3Nephi 21. The second moon event happened on the first day of 2018. It was a super moon, or in other words a wolf moon, exhibiting the peak of light of the moon. On the following day (2 January 2018) Thomas S Monson died, as the moon begins to loose light, waning out of light. That brings us to the third moon event, the BLOOD-MOON.

Last night’s BLOOD-MOON has greater value within the context of the other two moon events, telling a story, aimed and targeted by God specifically at this time. Interestingly enough, this third moon event is a triple whammy, placing an emphatic exclamation point to the statement:

  1. Just like January 1, 2018, it’s a super-moon, or a wolf-moon.
  2. Since it is the second full moon in the same month (a rare occurrence), it is called a blue-moon.
  3. Because it is a lunar eclipse, meaning the Earth is positioned squarely between the sun and the moon, it is a BLOOD-MOON.

Take a close look at the context of the three events, the third being a triple whammy, and the story that the moon is telling aims the attention of observers to the month of January. Within this month was a transition of the rank of Elder Neilson to become President Neilson. Included with that advancement in office was the removal of Elder Uchtdorf, being replaced by Elder Oaks. The moon on the first and last day of the month places “air-quotes” on what’s going on, and it is not a good thing. It is a demarcation of a new era where light is returning, and the darkness not only does not comprehend it, they fight against it, kicking against pricks. For the LDS, the Shenanigans were bad already, but under the new administration, new Shenanigans will dwarf the old. These are three old Shenanigans already in place, that will be dwarfed by the new Shenanigans.

Homosexual: The church has teetered on the same-sex topics because the church has become opinion-based, rather than principle-based. They implement complex tools to survey focus groups, collect data through opinion polling, and social media statistics, to gauge the hot-topics, for their political alignment, to keep the church current in the eyes of the world. Although there are only about 2% of the population who practice homosexuality, the opinions of over 75% support their arguments, even when they do not personally engage in any form of homosexuality. The homosexual community frames their argument as a “Civil Rights” issue. And when couched in the context of “civil rights,” American opinions support Gay-Rights! Thus, the members of the church follow the popular opinions, and the church is forced to get someone on board to handle the Homosexual matter. D. Todd Christopherson is the face of the homosexual effort of the church, and is bridging the gap between the church and popular opinions, to smooth things out, and maintain the churches status as main-stream. This was the same way they justified removing penalties from temple ordinances, using statistics to justify that temple attendance would not be hurt if penalties were removed. The church has removed Joseph Smith’s ROCK for their foundation, replacing it with the sand of opinion-based choices. Opinions shift so quickly, like sand, unable to function as a stable foundational support. When virus, disease, and plagues appear, it will begin in the homosexual community. The opinions supporting homosexual rights will shift suddenly from being couched in civil rights, to becoming framed as a “health threat,” …condemning the opinion-based efforts that the church is steeped in. Shenanigans!

Tithing: Every dollar of tithing collected by the church is placed in an interest earning account for three years before one penny is spent for the purposes of running the church. That includes construction, maintenance, operation, etc. Money earned in interest, while tithes mature for three years, is not considered tithing by the church (even though it was tithing that generated the interest). By generally accepted accounting principles, the investment money can be freely spent by the church to purchase revenue earning investments (i.e. shopping malls, real estate holdings, themed parks, apartment high risers, etc.), and legally claim that 100% of the tithes are used for the growth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Because of tithes, the LDS church has the highest paid clergy in the world. My temple recommend has been revoked by Bishop Charles Ah You because he claimed I was not a full-tithe payer, when in tithing declaration I declared I was. I have used my tithing to lift the poor among me, not earning a cent in interest, and I am not allowed to enter the temple? Shenanigans!

DMBA: Deseret Mutual Benefits Administrators is the churches retirement program. Since it’s launch it has become the envy of Wall Street, because the fund is huge. Mormons are conservative, they are taught to save for retirement, and they work until they die without pulling money out of retirement savings, accumulating a coveted amount of secured wealth. In the recession of 2008, the market collapsed, and other investments went belly up. But the rules set in place for DMBA secured their people’s retirement fund, such that even if it went out of business, they could keep their commitments and pay out every policy. However, the money was too huge to ignore, and the church had no access to the secure funds, to generate interest for the investment arm of the church. Quintin L Cook was added to the Quorum of the 12, after successfully bankrupting a major hospital, making tons of money in the process! He was the perfect candidate to access the retirement of old DMBA, by legally creating a new DMBA. New DMBA allows the church to create an investment fund, giving the choice to their employees where they want to invest their retirement, within the options provided by them. Thus, the church makes money off of the investments of their employees retirement. Since most employees are not investor savvy, a DMBA officer is employed to offer free investment council. However, if there is another 2008 recession, the losses are the responsibility of the employees, putting their entire retirement at the risk of the economy. In a crash, the church would have already siphoned off their investment interest from their employees retirement, and invested it in real assets, leaving the employees fully accountable for their own future security. Shenanigans!

These are examples of the old Shenanigans! What is about to happen, the new Shenanigans, will be magnified by what happened this month, emphasized by heaven, with the “air-quotes” of the moon. It is not wickedness that causes the destruction of the wicked, it is wickedness in the presence of light! Your hope, if you choose to open your eyes and unstop your ears, is to let the words of Christ in the Book of Mormon direct your actions, free from the bondage of the institutional LDS construct. To be clear, to respect the signs in the heaven, read your Book of Mormon, be re-baptized, and partake of the sacrament as instructed in the Book of Mormon. Doing so does not jeopardize your status as an LDS member, and is nobodies business but your’s and God’s. Going to church is a privilege and a chance to learn. Those who don’t have faith ought to go to church to learn. Those who have faith ought to go to church to teach. Again, it is not wickedness that causes the destruction of the wicked, it is wickedness in the presence of light! So if you are filled with light, the darkness will reject the light, naturally leading to your being kicked out. Christ stated that if they hate you, it is because they first hated Him.

All of the signs point to the culmination of one event, the great and dreadful day of the Lord’s return. To those who do on Earth as instructed in the heavens, the Lord’s return will be a great day. Those who ignore the signs, reject the light being offered, and fight against the saints, it will be a dreadful day.

Conclusion: I am going back to church! I have been attending a Native American ward in Provo. It was the ward my wife and I attended when we were first married. We have been attending for three weeks now, and the bishop asked me if I wanted to transfer my records into the ward. I returned the question, asking, “Bishop, the real question is do YOU want my records in your ward?” I met with the bishop, explained what happened in the Samoan ward, and my being kicked out of church. I explained that our intention is to teach the Book of Mormon to the people, that it was written to, …without the overarching narrative of the institutional LDS church, that binds the minds of the Native people, keeping them in bondage and captivity. I told him it was his choice, whether or not our records were transferred. He was the bishop, the father of the ward, the judge of the ward, …and it was his choice to allow the members to be exposed to what we have to offer. I promised that if he did, his ward’s activation would significantly increase, they would have significantly more temple recommend holders, and not only would they increase their ward’s temple attendance, when they were in the temple, they would be awake and paying close attention to it’s instructions. Lastly, I promised that if he chose not to transfer our records, he would be personally responsible for those members who would have accepted the truth, and that accountability would sit squarely on his shoulders.

The bishop didn’t know how to respond, and bore testimony to me of following the prophet. I told him that I would oppose that idea, and that Nephi would too, because he said, “cursed is he who putteth his trust in the arm of flesh and maketh flesh his arm.” So if he was hard and fast stuck to that rule of following the prophet, his answer would be to not transfer my records, and to be accountable for the decision as a bishop, father, and judge of the ward. He asked me for two weeks to pray about it. I willingly accepted and agreed, saying, “No problem, I will speak freely until then.” The visit ended and we parted ways with a hand shake and a hug.

For some odd reason, this Sunday is fast and testimony meeting, …and I have a gut feeling that I will be bearing testimony this week. The BLOOD-MOON, in the context of the first wolf-moon and last year’s eclipse is absolutely a significant demarcation for all to observe and respond on Earth in alignment with heaven.

Through Christ (1358 Words)

Salvation is Through Christ. Knowledge of how to worship and who you worship is prerequisite for repentance. To follow anyone other than Christ, is to worship a dumb idol. By the grace of God all can be saved.

It is true that salvation is Through Christ, but what does that mean? Joseph Smith called Christ the prototype of a saved man, and that in order for any man to be saved, they must be precisely what Christ is, …or else not be saved (Lectures on Faith, lecture 7). The moment a person is saved, they are exactly the same as Christ, …or else they are not saved. What I mean is we must emulate Him, imitate what He has done, walk the exact same path, and become Saviors! Those who would be saved must do it exactly as Christ did it. To do it as Christ did it, it will take a long time, beyond the veil, to be instructed, until you are able to “…view his death, and suffer his cross and bear the shame of the world” (Jacob 1:8). We must repent and be Christ.

Knowledge of how to worship and who you worship is prerequisite for repentance. Look at how Christ did it (generally speaking, obviously). Christ set the example that all must follow by proving God’s words. Christ proved God’s words by doing exactly as His Father asked, no more and no less. John the Beloved names Christ “The Word” because Christ did exactly as His Father asked (John 1:1). He obeyed all of God’s instruction. How did God instruct Christ? The same way He has always instructed, by establishing a law of order. The law of order is a law that “creates.” Or in other words, it is a law that orders and organizes those who keep and obey the law. God established and distributed law through a series of progressive ordinances. While some exercised their agency to reject the law of order, …Christ received each ordinance, line upon line, aligning to live by the ordinance/law established. Chris obeyed all the ordinances/laws throughout eternity, lifetime upon life time, or grace to grace, …until He became the Son of God. Christ was like any of us, not having the fulness at first. But, through His obedience, He grew grace for grace, and grace to grace, until He attained to the resurrection. Christ is now a light unto Himself, unchanging, the same yesterday, today, and forever. He and the Father are now one, making Him able to redeem all who come to Him. Knowing  and following the path that Christ took is how we worship. Knowing Christ’s characteristics, perfections, and attributes, is how we know who we worship. Knowledge of how to worship and who you worship is prerequisite for any who would know the path they are to walk, and the person they are to be, in order to change themselves in repentance, and be saved. You must do as Christ did and prove His words.

Abraham tried teaching his people to follow Christ, but they were in the practice of offering their children to dumb idols. While that might mean something different in their day, today we have many dumb idols that children are sacrificed to just as well. To follow anyone other than Christ, the prototype of a saved being, is to worship a dumb idol. Anyone who recommends that you follow a man, is recommending you put your trust in the arm of flesh, making flesh your arm, …and they are cursing you. Nephi said, “…cursed is he that putteth his trust in man or maketh flesh his arm” (2 Nephi 4:34). No amount of justification can make a man equal to Christ. The best imitation these dumb idols can produce is only an image of godliness, and that image is in the form of the god of Babylon, which will fall.  Scripture warns us of these dumb idols:

D&C 1:14-16

14. And the arm of the Lord shall be revealed; and the day cometh that they who will not hear the voice of the Lord, neither the voice of his servants, neither give heed to the words of the prophets and apostles [scripture, not general conference talks], shall be cut off from among the people;

15. For they have strayed from mine ordinances, and have broken mine everlasting covenant;

16. They seek not the Lord to establish his righteousness, but every man walketh in his own way, and after the image of his own god, whose image is in the likeness of the world, and whose substance is that of an idol, which waxeth old and shall perish in Babylon, even Babylon the great, which shall fall.”


JSH 1:19

“19. I was answered that I must join none of them, for they were all wrong; and the Personage who addressed me said that all their creeds were an abomination in his sight; that those professors were all corrupt; that: “they draw near to me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me, they teach for doctrines the commandments of men, having a form of godliness, but they deny the power thereof.””

Dumb idols put on a form of godliness, while denying the power thereof, claiming they speak in the name of the Lord, but doing so in vain, or without effect. They are freelancing, walking in his own way, dictated by the god of the world, with their hearts set so much upon the things of this world, and aspiring to the honors of other men. Beware of dumb idols, and those who would offer you up as a sacrifice to these dumb idols.

Conclusion: Lehi knew what he was saying, when he wrote,

2 Nephi 25:23

“23. For we labor diligently to write, to persuade our children, and also our brethren, to believe in Christ, and to be reconciled to God; for we know that it is by grace that we are saved, after all we can do.”

The grace of God is His law, offered through ordinances, line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little. Grace alone is insufficient to save. God will force no man to heaven. We are required to do all that we can do, to adjust our lives, to act upon the grace God offers, by doing as we have been instructed in the ordinances. The power of godliness is manifest in the ordinance thereof. When God gives us His grace through the laws and ordinances of the gospel, and we respond by keeping and obeying them exactly as He instructs, …then we are walking the path that Christ has walked, coming to know Christ by our walk.

Often times, however, ordinances are beyond our ability to comprehend. Our ignorance leaves us unable to apply it’s teachings. In this way we are in a vulnerable position, begging the Lord for further light and knowledge regarding our ignorance, …reminding us that we are all beggars. God promises that if we seek diligently, intending to act, to do as we are instructed, …He will give us more grace, through more ordinances, until the perfect day, …or until you know all the mysteries of God in full (Alma 12:11). Thus, we, like Christ, would not have had a fullness at first, but grew: grace for grace, and grace to grace, until we too, …obtained the fulness of the Father, and could attain unto the resurrection (D&C 93:11-20).

Christ is the way. He is the only way and name under heaven by which all men can be saved. You must be willing to take upon you Christ’s name, always remember Him, and keep His commandment which He gives you, …so that you can always have His spirit to be with you. He will give you more, even commandments not a few. That is how He gives grace for grace, increasing your knowledge, making you more and more capable of standing on your own. That is how you become a son of God. God intends to make many sons of God. He intends to continue for as long as you will receive it, …until He has made you precisely what He is, …God!  It is done Through Christ.



Language is a Gift (1662 Words)

The alphabet is considered by scholars as the greatest invention, but take a closer look, and it was not an invention at all. Language is a Gift. Language, in it’s oldest, highest and most advanced form, is only found in sacred texts of temples!

Scholars have credited the alphabet, the way words are formed, sentence structure, paragraph design, etc. as the greatest invention to man. But it was not an invention at all. The idea of inventing a language out of nothing (ex nihilo) is the same argument supporting the idea of evolution out of nothing. If man came from apes, then where can we find apes today, turning into man? …Or did the ape family just forget how to do it? Caterpillars still change form into butterflies. Caterpillars haven’t forgotten, so why did apes forget? Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that evolution exists, but not as scientists suggest. Evolution is not bottom up, it’s top down. Laws of heaven are irrevocably decreed in heaven, before the foundations of the Earth. All life and creation is formed as a blessing from God. It’s very form is attributed to the higher law it obeys, wether rocks, water, plants, animal, or man. Evolution is centered on light, and not out of nothing (ex nihilo). Research the origins of language, and you will find that language is also top down, and not creation out of nothing.

Scientists want to see language like the morphing of a single cell blob into an intelligent human, …like THEM! However, archeologically, language seems to pop up suddenly, and remains unchanged for thousands of years. There’s no evidence of groping in the dark, using trial and error, to form any language, as if it were man-made. Scientists have clumped ancient pictures (or glyphs) with letters, sentences and paragraphs, …all into one, …when they aren’t. They falsely assume that language transformed from glyphs on prehistoric cave walls, eventually evolving into words, giving justification for Darwinism and evolutionists, and scientology, and atheism. God has been looked past, because we have created our own Urim and Thummim, …and called it GOOGLE! Who needs God when we can just GOOGLE IT!

Language is a Gift from the heavens. It suddenly appears in history, because it comes through heavenly messengers, from God, to a temple. The oldest of all ancient languages were discovered in temples. They were discovered as holy writings, describing: creation, the garden, the fall, a mortal combat for redemption from the fall, culminating in an ascent. Ordinances were written and performed as instructed, but if initiates applied what was given, they obtained a higher association, with a higher order or a higher caliber of persons. Thus, Language is a Gift.

Language was intended to redeem mankind from the fall. John the Beloved titled Christ “The Word,” because Christ would do all things commanded of him by the Father. In this way, the Father’s word was made a reality in Christ’s action. That is the power of language. As stated above, language is introduced to Earth just the same way as all light, …through ordinances. More ordinance is given as a gift just as quickly as lesser ordinances are heeded. Thus, it was the offering and receiving of words of light from heaven that changes the lives of initiates. We receive the law upon which all blessings from God are predicated through the Gift of Language accompanying ordinances. Language and ordinances start at the temple, and extent out into the world, in the lives of the initiates and their dealings with others. That’s how the language spreads forth from the temple to fill the Earth with light, …through witnesses who live their ordinances, without divulging sacred knowledge to people unwilling to first keep and obey a lesser law. The ordinances are often called in scripture terms, “mysteries.”

Alma 12:9

“9. And now Alma began to expound these things unto him, saying: It is given unto many to know the mysteries of God; nevertheless they are laid under a strict command that they shall not impart only according to the portion of his word which he [God] doth grant unto the children of men, according to the heed and diligence which they give unto him.

10. And therefore, he that will harden his heart, the same receiveth the lesser portion of the word; and he that will not harden his heart, to him is given the greater portion of the word, until it is given unto him to know the mysteries of God until he know them in full.

11. And they that will harden their hearts, to them is given the lesser portion of the word until they know nothing concerning his mysteries; and then they are taken captive by the devil, and led by his will down to destruction. Now this is what is meant by the chains of hell.”

Here, Alma writes that ignorance of God’s word leads to ignorance of God’s mysteries. Failure to understand God’s mysteries is bondage, and Alma calls it “the chains of hell.” He also reports that it is through such ignorance, Satan takes men captive. Not only is Language a Gift from the heavens, it is the only escape from the bonds of hell.

Language, in it’s oldest, highest and most advanced form, is only found in sacred texts of temples! The word hieroglyph literally translated means: sacred/holy (hiero) carvings (glyph), and is predominantly found within ancient temples. The oldest writings known to man are all found in temples. It is clear that the temple is the original source of all language. The further language strays from the temple, it’s original ordinances, it’s instruction, …the further it allows the philosophies of men to mix and mingle with scripture, …until the very language is in itself chains of hell and bondage!

Lehi read the book of life, then commanded his sons to retrieve the brass plates from Laban. Nephi read the scripture and desired to understand Lehi’s viewpoint, seeking the mysteries, and the Lord visited him. Laman and Lemuel claimed that God made no such things known to them, but they refused to study and ponder as Nephi did. Eventually, the fate and destruction of the Nephites came as Nephi’s descendants took lightly the words of Christ, such that they built stages, praised God for making them right and everyone else wrong, once a week, and then went back to work digging pits for their neighbors. In their destruction, Moroni laments as he leaves a record for Joseph Smith to later discover, for the Mormon saints not to make the same mistake. And less than three years after being established, the early saints have earned a condemnation for treating lightly the Book of Mormon, not to produce fruits. Ezra Taft Benson reiterated that condemnation in 1986, saying that the condemnation had not been removed. Things are worse today, as the temple ordinances have changed, concepts of salvation have been justified, the language is corrupted, and Isaiah becomes more and more relevant.

Language is a Gift, but it is a gift that often goes unrelieved. The words of Christ may as well be a part of the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon, as they ware so often left unread, even more so misunderstood, and of little interest for conversation. Perhaps, when we choose to allow the words of Christ instruct us, then we can be restored to original ordinances, and have a temple in which Christ can come personally, to redeem the saints. Until then, the gift is left unopened.

Conclusion: I noticed a pattern of scriptures. Those who write it are not free lancing and making things up. They were all given greater light, and wrote what they were allowed to write to try the faith of the saints. The trial of faith was intended to expose who valued the Language as a Gift. Those who valued the lesser portion of the word, were given the greater portion of the word.

3 Nephi 26:6-11

And now there cannot be written in this book even a hundredth part of the things which Jesus did truly teach unto the people;

But behold the plates of Nephi do contain the more part of the things which he taught the people.

And these things have I written, which are a lesser part of the things which he taught the people; and I have written them to the intent that they may be brought again unto this people, from the Gentiles, according to the words which Jesus hath spoken.

And when they shall have received this, which is expedient that they should have first, to try their faith, and if it shall so be that they shall believe these things [to act upon it] then shall the greater things be made manifest unto them.

10 And if it so be that they will not believe these things, then shall the greater things be withheld from them, unto their condemnation.

11 Behold, I was about to write them, all which were engraven upon the plates of Nephi, but the Lord forbadeit, saying: I will try the faith of my people.

There is a direct relationship with obtaining higher and higher order by keeping ordinances, written to instruct initiates. In order for you to become gods, you must receive God’s Language as a Gift, living by every word preceding out of His mouth, in order for you to obtain all of god’s word, until you are given all the mysteries of God in full. Reject it at your own peril and condemnation. Greater things will be withheld, allowing you to continue in your ignorance, until the great and dreadful day of the Lord. For those who have cherished God’s Language as a Gift, His return will be a great day. For all others, that day will be dreadful, making the very same day both Great & Dreadful. May it be a great day for you. Make it a great Sabbath day and lets talk about the words of Christ.

Dew Point (894 Words)

Dew Point has captured my interest concerning the doctrine of the priesthood distilling upon the soul as the dews from heaven. Understanding dew can unlock moisture from scripture, which goes unnoticed by casual readers. Most importantly, moisture from heaven can produce in us a fountain of pure water, providing us the promised sweet fruit from the tree of life.

In order to understand Dew Point, we must first consider phase changes of water, in both directions, heating and cooling. When more and more heat is applied, water changes phases from ice, to liquid, to gas. When cooled, water changes in reverse, from a gas, to liquid, to ice. “Distilling” ignores the ice to liquid phase, focusing specifically on the change from liquid-to gas-back to liquid again. It is a two step process. The first step is the process of purifying liquid into a gas by vaporizing it with extreme heat (evaporation). The second step is cooling the gas back to a liquid phase by condensation. Dew Point is the temperature at which evaporation (liquid to gas) equals condensation (gas to liquid). At Dew Point, dew is not noticeable because liquid is vaporizing into gas as quickly as gas is condensing into liquid. Once temperatures drop below Dew Point, the air is oversaturated, not only unable to absorb and hold more vaporized moisture, the air is forced to release excess moisture (condensation). Dew is excess moisture from the air.

Okay, okay, …that’s a lot of science. But, understanding the science can be a key to unlocking the following scripture:

D&C 121:45

45 Let thy bowels also be full of charity towards all men, and to the household of faith, and let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly; then shall thy confidence wax strong in the presence of God; and the doctrine of the priesthood shall distill upon thy soul as the dews from heaven.

I am suggesting that charity towards all men, virtue garnishing your thoughts unceasingly, and having your confidence wax strong, …these are all part of the process of distillation, representing your liquid offering. What I mean is: your charity, thoughts, and confidence can represent the impure liquid vaporized into the atmosphere. When your atmosphere is fully saturated by your charity, virtuous thoughts, and confidence with God, and then your temperatures drop below Dew Point in humility, …perhaps that is when the doctrine of the priesthood is distilled upon your soul from heaven, producing power in you.

Let’s take it a step further. Understanding different forms of dew can unlock moisture from scripture, which goes unnoticed by casual readers. Dew on the ground or on a surface is liquid. Frozen dew is frost. Dew suspended low in the air is a mist of fog. Dew suspended in the air is clouds. Each of these are referred to in scripture: water, hoar frost, mists, and clouds. Understanding the physical properties of Dew Point can unlock mysteries that have remained locked since the gift of the Book of Mormon was given. There are many gifts that have been given within scripture that have been offered, like a hen gathering her chicks under her wings, but have been left unreceived.

Moisture from heaven can produce in us a fountain of pure water, providing us the promised sweet fruit from the tree of life. Consider the imagery of a fountain of water feeding the tree of life, in Lehi’s dream. It was a fountain of pure water, distilled water. It was prophesied to become a well unto you, a spring unto you, a never ending source of life unto you. It was never intended to only drip droplets of dew, although that’s how it begins. It was intended to be a fountain. It will be a fountain as we are full of charity towards all men and the household of faith. It will be a fountain as we let virtue garnish our thoughts unceasingly. It will be a fountain as our confidence waxes strong in the presence of God. It will be a fountain as the doctrines of the priesthood distill upon our souls as the dews from heaven.

Conclusion: By their fruits you shall know them. The fountain-head for distilled water is the heavens, and none else. When you are instructed to look to a man, you partake of impure waters, which produce bitter fruits. Those are waters of priestcraft, condemnation, and it will generate unbelief instead of belief, and damn you, or in other words stop your eternal progression. The scriptures refer to that fruit as bitter. Only pure water will produce from your tree fruits that are white above all that is white, pure above all that is pure, and if you eat you will neither hunger nor thirst.

Lehi’s dream remains locked, or hidden, to the understanding of those who casually read over it, without allowing it’s meaning to distill upon your souls from heaven. It was foreign to Laman and Lemuel because it did not distill upon their souls. It would have been lost to Nephi if he hadn’t taken the time to acquire understanding of his father’s dream. To Nephi, his inquiry became a fountain of pure, distilled water, forever and ever. It will be the same for you if you will use the scriptures as your Liahona, to guide you through the veil of sorrow, into a far better land of promise (Alma 37:45).


Ex Nihilo (1151 Words)

Evolutionists (Darwinism) claim science and the universities to prove a big bang theory of creation Ex Nihilo: out of nothing. Scriptures teach a creation originating from God, the highest source of light, trickling down to vessels of lower light, through ordinances given in a Temple. Although the argument is old, what you choose to believe as true will surely be indicated by where you spend your time, talents, and everything with which God has given you.

Creation Ex Nihilo is a creation out of nothing. It’s a fancy five dollar word to say that something can be created out of nothing. If you understand the idea of money and how it is valued, then you will understand a form of creation Ex Nihilo. Mom and Dad bought a corner house, in a new development, in Hau’ula, Hawaii, back in the 1960’s. At the time of purchase, the house was brand new, and it’s value was about $20,000. At the time that Lotta demolished the old rotten fifty year old house, the land alone was valued at $500,000. Twenty to five hundred is twenty five times more valuable. The house was fifty years old and rotten, the dirt was the same dirt, so what increased it’s value? What changed it’s value from 1960 to 2010 was nothing more than opinions. Within fifty years came the Polynesian Cultural Center, removing the gold standard, stock market hikes, multi-level marketing, military power, faking wars, ponzi-schemes-selling stock to new investors to pay out old investors without increasing any value. That is a perfect depiction of creation Ex Nihilo. It is precisely using gold and silver to buy up armies, navies, and false priests who oppress, to rule and reign with blood and horror on the earth. Yet, we cannot figure out how to live without producing money, not only placing us in physical bondage, paying more than 50% of our earnings in taxes, but in mental bondage thinking there is no other way out except through money. Circus elephants are conditioned from birth that a string around their ankle is inescapable, and as adults a string controls their escape. Once the animal realizes it’s strength, breaks out, and runs free, …it’s time for him to die because he can’t be controlled. Welcome to reality!

Universities were once a place to study the universe. The word “universe” is a latin word meaning: combined into one great whole, as if to give credence to all truth being circumscribed into one great whole. A university being a place to study truth that is combined into one great whole. And that would precisely describe a Temple. However, the university has only one value, and that is to make money, creation Ex Nihilo. Science is used to support Ex Nihilo, claiming a big bang theory creating order from a state of disorder. Science is exploited to show progression from single cell, to fish life, to reptiles, to animals, to man, giving power to money and creation Ex Nihilo. They ignore natural laws of thermodynamics showing that heat transfers from a warm body to a cold body. They ignore the magnetism holding cells together, the very magnetism protecting this Earth from the heat of the sun. They ignore the spirit, to be in the employ of the god of Ex Nihilo, Satan. Creation began in a Temple. Language and productivity began in a Temple. The further man strayed from the Temple the more man rejects the light giving order, beginning his descent through progressive disorder. Entropy is a thermodynamics word to describe the continual movement towards disorder. Partaking of that fruit certainly produces death, spiritual death being the ultimate separation from the presence of God.

Opposed to creation Ex Nihilo, scriptures teach a creation originating from God, the highest source of light, trickling down to chosen vessels of lower light, to be distributed to others of even lower light. It is done through ordinances given in a Temple. Abraham teaches of differing intelligences as follows:

Abraham 3:18-19

“18. Howbeit that he made the greater star; as, also, if there be two spirits, and one shall be more intelligent than the other, yet these two spirits, notwithstanding one is more intelligent than the other, have no beginning; they existed before, they shall have no end, they shall exist after, for they are gnolaum, or eternal.

19. And the Lord said unto me: These two facts do exist, that there are two spirits, one being more intelligent than the other; there shall be another more intelligent than they; I am the Lord thy God, I am more intelligent than they all.”

The Lord is not being conceited by stating that He is more intelligent than us all. He has simply done the work to descend below all, and then ascend above all, providing those of us who are of lesser light a chance to learn from Him and obtain greater light. Christ is the bearer of light (a light bearer). Light is His burden, making Him sad when light is offered to the darkness, and the darkness comprehends it not, and rejects light as a result. The burden of light is often a burden of sadness. Christ knows that rejection of light is death, and in ignorance the choice to reject light will produce anguish, regret, turmoil, and a lake of fire and brimstone to those who chose the dark over the light.

Temples were intended to infuse light into the world, to make light available to all who desires to acquire higher order. The concept of evolution is not creation Ex Nihilo, it is creation from agency. Those who exercise their agency to receive light, they increase into higher and higher orders, to which we have labeled: evolution. Light is offered and those things which the Gods ordered obeyed and became one. Collision did not create, producing the big bang theory. Light was received by the elements of the Earth, and they were united. Collision is not creation, it’s contention, it’s force, it’s compulsion, and it’s father is the father of contention, the father of creation Ex Nihilo, Satan.

Satan was once called Lucifer. He was once an angel who was in authority before God, who rebelled, fought against the work of the Father and was cast down to Earth. His name means “holder of light,” or “light bearer,” because he had gathered light by his heed and diligence before he rebelled. Now, he has become a vessel containing only wrath and seeks to destroy all who will hearken to him. He is now enslaved to his own hatred and has been titled Satan, meaning: accuser, opponent and adversary. Lucifer fell and became, or in other words was called, Satan, because he accuses others and opposes the Father. Although the argument is old, what you choose to believe as true will surely be indicated by where you spend your time, talents, and everything with which God has given you. Choose wisely!

Selling Yourself Short (1861 Words)

You are Eagles in a chicken-coop Selling Yourself Short. Eagles are intended to soar in the heights of the heavens, amongst other Eagles, not myna-birds (an invasive breed of rubbish-picking bird in Hawaii), just wearing symbols of an Eagle on our chest as a badge of honor among men, while not rising up. My efforts here are not to offend, but to take you to the highest peak, to restore your memory of who you are, throw you off, and order you to “SOAR!” However, to avoid injury and sudden death, when ordered to soar, we must first escape the chicken-coop and reject Selling Yourself Short.

Moli Ngatuvai (Nah-tu-va-ee) told the story of an Eagle raised in a chicken-coop, thinking he was a chicken. I’ll use the story he told only as a foundation. However, you will find the story I tell quite different, original and highly symbolic. Consider the attitude, attributes and characteristics of the farmer and the stranger as you read.

You’re an Eagle, Soar!

An Eagle was born without a father or mother to teach him to be an Eagle, and was raised like a chicken in a chicken-coop by a farmer, along with chickens. He scratched for chicken feed and worms, and refused to fly, just like the other chickens. The farmer treated it like a chicken, refusing to see the Eagle for his majesty, expecting of the Eagle nothing greater, no more and no less, than a chicken.

A stranger passed by the farm and recognized the Eagle scratching with chickens. The stranger wrestled with the farmer for the right of the Eagle to realize it’s potential. The farmer, convinced the Eagle was no greater than a chicken, refused the stranger’s request to free the Eagle from it’s coop. The stranger paid a hefty price and the farmer, convinced that he would fail, took the hefty pay, releasing the Eagle sighing, “That’s no Eagle, it’s just a big chicken!”

The stranger, certain of the Eagle’s potential began his training before the farmer. He tossed the Eagle from the chicken-coop, saying, “You’re an Eagle, Soar!” The Eagle fluttered and flapped it’s wings like a chicken, with quick, short strokes, and it returned to peck with the other chickens. The farmer laughed at the sight.

Next, the stranger climbed the Eagle to the top of the barn, tossed it from the farm house, saying, “You’re an Eagle, SOAR!” In panic the Eagle fell, then at the last minute spread it’s wings a little further, just in time to land safely on the ground, …but returned to pecking with the other chickens. The farmer mocked and pointed the finger at the stranger’s failed attempt, shoved his money in his pocket, convinced of the strangers failure.

The stranger, being fully confident, …a man without doubt, …knowing the Eagle’s potential, …knowing it was intended for far more than scratching on the farm, …made plans to restore the memory of the Eagle. The stranger climbed the Eagle high on a mountain top, to the tallest mountain peak, above the low-land, where it could see for miles, …far above mountain peak upon mountain peak, …where the first light touches the earth. In his last attempt to restore the Eagle, the doubtless stranger, tossed the Eagle off the cliffs, shouting “YOU’RE AN EAGLE, SOAR!

The Eagle tumbled at first, falling in the air. Then it panicked, fluttering with short, quick, chicken-strokes. And finally it opened it’s wings, wide and strong, finding himself SOARING into the heavenly heights, …rising even higher than the highest mountain peak, where the stranger stood crying and BLESSING GOD!

Mom has questioned the contradiction of me calling her a “Queen,” …and then writing about her ignorance. There was no contradiction in the stranger expecting the Eagle to soar, even when the Eagle went back to pecking with the other chickens. The secret behind my story is in the stranger. Ask yourself why he was able to recognize the Eagle amongst chickens? Why was he so confident it would soar? The stranger will not take credit for the Eagle’s flight. He praises God, recognizing who gives the gift of flight, …the gift of ascent.

The institutional chicken-coop mentality has reduced soaring and ascension into earning “Eagle scout badges” to lull real Eagles into pecking like chickens. Eagles are intended to soar in the heights of the heavens, amongst other Eagles, not myna-birds (an invasive breed of rubbish-picking bird in Hawaii), just wearing “symbols” of an Eagle on your chest, …as a badge of honor among men, …while never rising up into the heavens. Angels were intended to associate with men and women on Earth, …to give them higher knowledge and instruction, …as messengers with further light and knowledge from our Father in Heaven. But, we must actually ascend and literally awake and arise to soar with the angels, like Eagles. If you do not believe it, then you do not believe the scriptures or what truth remains in your temple ceremonies, …and like the Eagle scout badge, you prefer the symbol over the literal. The bondage of the chicken-coop fools Eagles out of ascending, to live like fluttering chickens, when you ought to rise up.

Angelic association is real and not just symbolic. The faith of a Mustard Seed is real and not just symbolic. The power of God is real and not just symbolic. Mustard Seed Faith grows into a tall tree, where birds (AKA: Angels) rest. Real power occurs when Angels instruct, giving further light and knowledge. Moroni describes the bondage of the chicken-coop, saying, “…it is by faith that miracles are wrought; and it is by faith that angels appear and minister unto men; wherefore, if these things have ceased wo be unto the children of men, for it is because of unbelief, and all is vain.” (Moroni 7:37). Don’t use a chicken-coop excuse by redefining angels and miracles from Moroni’s intent, turning it into unbelief. Doing so will only earn you a “wo.” In other words you will regret having waisted the opportunity to access hidden treasures, even treasures of knowledge, and deny your power of flight or ascent.

My efforts here are not to offend, but to take you to the highest peak, to restore your memory of who you are, throw you off the cliff, and order you to “SOAR!” I used the word order for a specific reason. It wasn’t to be your boss, or to tell you what to do, or to be your organization’s manager, …NOT that kind of order. If you are to be restored to angels and miracles, that will only be restored by building yourself up as A HOUSE OF ORDER. That’s the kind of order that instructs Eagles to “SOAR!

A house of order as described in D&C 88:119 begins and progresses through seven steps, by first establishing a house. A house cannot stand in contention. If contention exists, you have failed at producing a house. Contention is unnecessary, even when differences are inevitable. You may have differences, but differences must be addressed line upon line, precept upon precept, and often waited upon, until further clarity becomes available. Those who rush to be right, will create contention, and will never become the first step, a house. Next you must build a house of prayer. Prayer turns your house towards God, …even in your ignorance. It identifies your heart’s desire (ka’ano’i a ka pu’uwai), as desiring God. Adding to prayer should be fasting, or in other words the discipline to not continue to partake of the solutions of the Earth, while you wait for further light and knowledge from Heaven (that’s a new and a huge concept you ought to consider). Fasting is what scripture refer to as putting-off unbelief, escaping the foolish traditions of your fathers, disconnecting from the ways of men, mourning for the ways of God. That is fasting. A house of faith requires you to align your actions with what you believe God desires of you. It will not resemble a complete, or even a correct, understanding. But, God expects you to not only say, but to do as you say, or to exercise faith. When someone is willing to act in faith, integrity, the next step is a house of learning. You are in a perfect condition to have your wrong understanding corrected. Thereby learning correct belief, builds upon doing as you believe, improves your doing, producing a greater and a more unshaken faith. As learning increases line upon line, and faith is improved to align with learning, it produces fruits. It is the fruits that indicate a house of glory. When fruits are produced, more ordinances (mysteries) can be unveiled, building a house of order. Those who have built this way will have a house of God.

It is the possessor of a house of God that has unshaken faith, increased line upon line and grown into a tall Mustard tree, with angels in it’s branches, miracles that never cease, and the gifts of the heavens given freely. Currently, you reside in an institutional chicken-coop, scratching in the dirt with chickens, as the farmer is content to keep you in bondage. If you choose to remain there, you can be likened to the children of Israel who kept looking back to the flesh-pots of Egypt, when God is trying to lead you through the veil of sorrow, to a far better land of promise. You are Selling Yourselves Short.

Conclusion: To avoid injury and sudden death, when you are tossed and “ordered” to ascend, …we must first escape the chicken-coop and reject Selling Yourself Short. I believe that you are of a noble birthright, that you were among the noble and great ones, and that you were sons and daughters of Aaron, Moses, and Abraham, …even sons of God (that being a title of those who are chosen vessels only). I see you scratching like chickens. I am willing to pay whatever price in this world, to win your escape from the bondage of the farmer. I am willing to gradually climb up on the coop, on the barn, and then to the tops of the mountains, to restore your memory. God’s house is a house of order. It can only be built line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little, from a house, to prayer, to fasting, to faith, to learning, to glory, to order. And when you are in order, then you will have been awakened with the power in your wings to ascend above the highest mountain. And I will bless God for your flight!

Don’t Sell Yourself Short by thinking you know the brother or son you are familiar with in my past. To you, I am a stranger. But when you recognize that you are an Eagle, and you begin to fly higher than the highest mountains, you will see that we are alike. Never mind scratching in the ground like chickens in your institutional chicken-coop. Never mind that others see you like myna birds. I don’t. I see you for who you are: “YOU’RE AN EAGLE, SOAR!

Mahalo Ke Akua (Praise be to God!)