Expounding (895 Words)

Everyone can be instructed of the Holy Ghost (Moroni 10:4-5). LDS missionaries depend on this fact, to persuade their investigators of the truth within the Book of Mormon. Baptism is only a a sign shown from the earth to the heavens that the person being baptized covenants to be born in Christ, hoping to obtain the gift of the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. It is a sign that they have begun the journey to seek further light from messengers from heaven. Receiving the Holy Ghost is not an outward sign like baptism. It is only witnessed by your constant effort to study Christ’s words, seeking to be sanctified, to be made Holy. Those who are animated by the gift of the Holy Ghost continue to hunger and thirst after righteousness. They labor, seeking a spring of truth and light, someone who knows the heavens. Their devotion to searching and recognizing true servants is the only way to discern if someone has the first comforter. The second comforter is what the sacrament prayer requests, that Christ’s spirit will always be with you. When you have been given more light by the gift of the Holy Ghost, …it must change you, transform you, …into something different, …something more like the source of that light, more like Christ, more like God the Father. If that light and knowledge isn’t applied, and does not produce action, and it doesn’t change you to be like Christ and God the Father, …IT WILL CONDEMN YOU! The transformation of a true disciple of Christ, to be made at-one-with-Christ (atonement), comes as you are required to act upon that light. If Christ condescends to give you more light, you must act upon it, enduring the opposition, until light turns into knowledge. It is often referred to as a refiners fire.

Nephi prayed to know the mysteries of God, and was visited (1 Nephi 2:16-17). His visitation, at this point, had no other effect upon him than to make him softened to the words of his dad. There is more here than a lesson on good parenting. It is a lesson on how Nephi began his journey by first being able to hear the voice of the Lord. He became soft to his father’s words. He had been studying his fathers counsel, and it brought him to cry unto the Lord, and his cries were heard, “and the Lord did visit me…” is what it produced. The only evidence of this visitation was Nephi’s softened heart to his fathers words and the testimony he tells his older brother Sam.

You would think that the Lord’s visitation indicated the finish line for Nephi. Hadn’t he done enough? Nope. His visitation was only a point of increased light. Next, Nephi would have to act on that knowledge in confidence. Lehi’s request to get the plates from Laban provided a perfect scenario for Nephi to act, and for his understanding of the source of his new light to be tested. Two failed attempts were made, the older brothers beat him with a rod, …and Nephi doesn’t submit, refusing to go back without the plates. He is so certain, that he goes into the city alone expecting to acquire them.

Nephi’s pattern is what all who belong to Zion must follow. Ask God, be baptized, study and understand, and act on what you have been given. I have followed this pattern, studying to know the words of Christ, so that I can act accordingly. I have changed my life to fit what I have learned. I have sought out the Lord, and He did visit me, making me soft to all the words spoken by the ancient fathers. I have been given a task to write a document of principles by the His voice, and have done so. There has been great opposition, attack, accusation, and difficulty surrounding that effort. But, knowing who instructed me, …I was able to rely on my confidence in Him to endure the difficulty. Throughout the process, I have been given more and more light and understanding, that comes in no other way than acting in faith, knowing and not merely believing that the path I am on is acceptable to God. That is the Lord’s rest. The problems don’t just go away. You must pass through them. But the only way to get through the problems upon us today, and up ahead, is to be brought through them by the second comforter, even Christ Himself.

Conclusion: The Sabbath was to be a day of rest. Not a day of sleep, a day of rest, …the Lord’s rest. It has little to do with your employment, shopping, and activities. It has everything to do with knowing the Lord, and having confidence in Him. When you have developed the ability to recognize the Lord’s voice in word, to you, only then can you have the confidence to do as you’ve been commanded. It is insufficient to only hear His voice, you must depend wholly upon it to get you through the opposition. Only in this way can a person become a new creature in Christ.

Do the work, search and write the words of Christ within the Book of Mormon upon your hearts. Listen for the voice of the Lord, and rely wholly upon that voice, expecting added light to get you through all obstacles.


Critical Components of Belief (892 Words)

There are two Critical Components of Belief. Failure to develop either component will result in UNBELIEF. Successfully developing both components will produce POWER.

TWO COMPONENTS: The two Critical Components of Belief are: Knowledge and Reflection. Knowledge provides a correct understanding. In a world of manipulation, propaganda (or public relations), and marketing, people specialize in deception. They subtly mix lies within the truth, or mingle philosophies of men with scripture. Accurate knowledge is difficult to find. It’s frustrating to learn that all these years, what you thought you knew, was wrong. Thus, one of the Critical Components of Belief is “Knowledge.”

The second is “Reflection.” Reflection is self-evaluation, to determine if you have the ability to align your life with correct knowledge. This is not to be confused with being perfect, as some would respond saying, “nobody’s perfect.” It’s simply an accurate reflection, acquiring a correct inventory, the ability to measure yourself against truth, withholding bias or justification. It is the ability to see yourself as you really are!

UNBELIEF: Failure to develop either component (knowledge/reflection) will result in UNBELIEF. It’s easy to see how making decisions on inaccurate information is a recipe for disaster. You wouldn’t want to purchase a new mini-van, to replace the one that got totaled when you hit a deer on your trip back from Canada (wink, wink) …without knowing it’s true price, it’s components, if it has tires, and if it runs properly. Unbelief is incorrect belief. It is inaccurate belief. When you are stuck making a decision based on unbelief (wrong information), you cannot exercise faith, and will never have your confidence wax strong. You will be left unsure, insecure and afraid. It’s funny how simple the idea seems, yet we cannot see the importance of studying the scriptures to know what they are truly saying, to know for ourselves, instead of letting someone else interpret what they say. However, we have replaced the need to study and know for ourselves with the mantra of “follow the leader.” They know, so I don’t have to, right? Don’t get me wrong, the word is always delivered through a servant. But you are required and must still go to the word, to know for yourself. The Holy Ghost or first comforter is the gift given for your “knowledge accumulation,” …so you can discern and choose the truth of all things for yourself, depending only upon the Holy Ghost, …and never having to depend on the arm of flesh. Letting the leaders tell you what the scriptures say is putting on unbelief.

Having a correct knowledge, but unable to see an accurate reflection of yourself also results in unbelief. You must reflect upon your ability to align with correct knowledge, to know what it is you lack yet, to know what it is you must repent of, to know where you need wisdom, to qualify as having a broken heart and contrite spirit. Your daily prayers are a communication of your reflection. Reflection produces the source of conversation with God. That is why we are all beggars, because we literally beg God to fix us when we truly reflect. Those who fail to reflect put on unbelief because they beat their chests saying, “I GOT THIS!”

POWER: Successfully developing both components will produce POWER. Accurate knowledge and a true self-reflection puts off unbelief, and accumulates belief. Correct belief naturally leads to taking action. When you act upon correct belief, that is when you exercise and grow your faith. As your actions reflect your belief, your efforts will be realized by the miracle, when God gives you not only what you sought, but blesses you with much more than you bargained for. The brother of Jared got more than he bargained for. He sought light for his barges. Christ not only touched the stones to give him light, Christ also appeared in the flesh and gave the brother of Jared the record of heaven, …much more than he bargained for. The scriptures are filled with God giving men far more than they bargained for. Faith comes before the miracle. Those who have this kind of faith can be still and know that He is God. Faith is a principle of POWER!

Conclusion: By their fruits you shall know them. Belief requires two components: correct knowledge and a true reflection. Unbelief plagues us as philosophies of men have been drastically mingled with scripture. People have shirked the responsibility to study to know for themselves, and avoid their reflection, that unbelief has thrived like mold in a dark, warm and wet place. Power comes to those who will put off their unbelief, repent of their ignorance, accurately reflect on their current state of darkness, to replace unbelief with correct belief, …exposing the mold of unbelief to light. Only with belief can you exercise faith. Otherwise you cannot develop faith unto life and salvation, and all is vain, of no effect, unsuccessful. When faith is properly acquired, it comes with POWER, producing in the individual confidence that waxes strong in the presence of Christ!

I offer you correct knowledge and ask you to look at yourself in the mirror. Vampires avoid their reflection because they can’t stand who they have become, sucking the life blood of the living, stuck between life and death, thriving in darkness, avoiding the light of day. Happy Halloween?

Progression Into Faith (1199 Words)

There is a path of Progression Into Faith. Step off the path and you risk developing an abomination, rather than developing faith. As we are inheritors of the condemnation of the early saints, if we look back to correct their mistakes, producing sweet fruit will be the outcome.

The path of Progression Into Faith begins with “hope.” Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. Having an expectation generates the energy to look further into the matter, as it has sparked your interest, or your desire. Looking into the matter further, studying it out in your heart and your mind, generates “belief” that such an expectation is truly within your realm of possibility. You have charted the path out by searching, studying, pondering, and prayer. You next considered your ability to accomplish it, …and you are convinced you can achieve it. You now “believe.” When you have sufficient belief, it will naturally lead to taking action, …or in other words: exercising faith. When actions are confirmed with the results you have sought, you have completed the path of Progression Into Faith.

The scriptures were designed to walk us through the Progression Into Faith. It tells of the great things the Lord has in store for us, to give us hope. Further study tells you how it is done, and provides you confidence that you have the ability to accomplish it, using the instructions written within it, producing belief. As we take action by keeping the commandments learned from our study of the scriptures, that is how we exercise faith, trusting that obeying the commandments will produce it’s promised results. The Lord then fulfills His promise, producing the miracle and confirming your initial hope, belief, and faith, …providing you with a knowledge, or in other words, a testimony of that thing. That is the path of Progression Into Faith.

A step off of the path of Progression Into Faith, …and you risk developing an abomination. Abomination is defined as a thing that causes disgust or hatred, a horror, a disgrace, or a monstrosity. To God, unbelief produces in Him the feeling of disgust and hatred, it’s a horror, a disgrace, or monstrosity. God calls it an abomination. Consider a step off the path due to failure to search, ponder and pray regarding the truth of the scriptures, thus failing to develop correct belief. In the absence of understanding (ignorance), we are left to fill in the gaps with false traditions of unbelief (incorrect belief). In ignorance, sabbath day worship can become rigid, generating rules of what not to do, or how many steps you’re permitted to take. Or the pendulum can swing the opposite direction, making sabbath worship a free day at the beach, resting up for the grind of the next week. Both are abominations as neither of them speak intelligently of entering the Lord’s rest, which is the purpose of the sabbath day. Once you have put on unbelief for a rigid (or lackadaisical) sabbath worship, you now exercise faith on an unbelief. No matter how rigid you get or how lackadaisical you are, it’ll never produce the faith to enter into the Lord’s rest. In other words, your efforts are in vain, of no effect, will not produce the intended fruit you claim to seek. Prophets constantly require all to put off their unbelief, so that proper faith can be exercised, and the fruit of the tree of life can be acquired. In the end of Nephi’s account he laments the failure of men’s unbelief:

2 Nephi 32:7

“7. And now I, Nephi, cannot say more; the Spirit stoppeth mine utterance, and I am left to mourn because of the unbelief, and the wickedness, and the ignorance, and the stiffneckedness of men; for they will not search knowledge, nor understand great knowledge, when it is given unto them in plainness, even as plain as word can be.”

President Nelson, in a regional conference here in Utah, said that angels still appear, and then redefined angels to mean someone bringing you cookies, or helping you fix a flat tire. President Nelson took what Moroni wrote out of context, to justify to the saints that “all is well in Zion,” as angels have not ceased. But Moroni has given us a litmus test, to determine the condition you suffer through when faith does not exist. And Moroni connects the failure of faith directly to unbelief:

Moroni 7:36-37

“36. Or have angels ceased to appear unto the children of men? Or has he withheld the power of the Holy Ghost from them? Or will he, so long as time shall last, or the earth shall stand, or there shall be one man upon the face thereof to be saved?

37. Behold I say unto you, Nay; for it is by faith that miracles are wrought; and it is by faith that angels appear and minister unto men; wherefore, if these things [angels/miracles/the power of the Holy Ghost] have ceased wo be unto the children of men, for it is because of unbelief, and all is vain.”

Proper faith requires correct belief in the words in the scriptures. The spirit can teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance whatsoever the Lord has declared to you. President Nelson’s counsel is speaking the Lord’s words in vain. It will not provide angels or miracles, and will not invite the Holy Ghost. Exercising faith on his counsel of unbelief will only produce abominations, …refusing your return into the Lord’s presence.

As we are inheritors of the condemnation of the early saints, if we look back, to correct their mistakes, we will produce sweet fruit. We must not cover our eyes to the wrongs that the early saints have committed. We must man-up, roll up our sleeves, and do the work of figuring out where they went wrong, so that we can correct the condemnation within us. We must work THROUGH our mistakes, not in avoidance of the shame and embarrassment it creates in us. Suck it up buttercup!

Conclusion: Hope leads to belief, which leads to exercising faith. It concludes with knowledge if the Progression Into Faith is founded upon the words of Christ. The adversary would mingle philosophies of men with scripture to produce unbelief. It works for him because faith cannot grow in that environment. The scriptures have testified of false prophets, wearing sheep’s clothing, yet lie in wait, as ravenous wolves for a reason. The Lord’s sheep will hear His voice. Only when you are able to reconotice His voice can you see the long fangs on a man dressed up as a sheep. You are free to choose who you follow, but just because it looks like a sheep, it don’t mean it’s a sheep.

Read your scriptures. Plead with God to animate you with the same spirit as the author whose words you are reading, so that you put on correct belief. You must let go of false beliefs as you come to know what is correct. As you put off false traditions of unbelief, you will be freed from the captivity of the dark spirit, to exercise great faith, and return into Christ’s presence.

Degrees of Knowledge (1472 Words)

Knowledge, as the world defines it, isn’t what it seems. The ancient pattern began in the days of Adam. Hope progresses into belief, which offers the potential to progress into faith, and ends in Degrees of Knowledge.

The first university was the temple. That’s right! It wasn’t Harvard or Princeton, it was the temple. It was in the temple that those within it studied the “universe,” and that’s why it was called a “university.” The original use of the word university meant: “the whole.” After all, “the whole” is precisely what is considered in the temple, isn’t it?  Within the temple was an observatory so that from the temple the sun, moon, and stars could be charted and studied extensively. It’s no wonder why the Magi came in response to a new star, …because they were charting the stars from a temple. You see, …God placed lights in the firmament for signs, seasons, times, and ordinances, so that man could know things happening in the heavens, …and then do on earth as it is done in heaven. Within the temple was an extensive library, from which the source of all language flowed, being the origins of all knowledge, even the mysteries of God in full! The source of all life flowed out of the temple. The garden of Eden was a temple from which flowed all living things. As mankind departed from the temple, being cast out of the garden, universities became secular, meaning: no connection to treasures in the heavens any longer. Universities still represent secular knowledge in our day, for the purpose of accumulating gold and silver, disconnected from “the whole,” limited by business and commerce. Changing temples into secular universities, where secular minds are groomed, robes are worn in graduation ceremonies, and tassels are changed at commencement, is a symbolic selling of valuable tokens for money. Knowledge, as the world defines it, isn’t what it seems.

The ancient pattern began in the days of Adam. Every apostasy was a departure from the temple, a symbolic casting out of the garden of Eden. Apostasy began as early as in the days of Adam and Eve. The further a people got from the temple, knowledge of the sun, moon and stars disappeared, …and business and commerce became the name of the game. Distance from the temple was also indicated in the corruption of language. Being disconnected from heaven, men were left to their own devices, sacrificing the things of God, in exchange for Mammon (riches). Adam and Eve, after being cast out of the temple  (the garden of Eden), had to make their return back into the presence of Christ, through the process of sacrifice, through the temple. In all ancient cultures is found evidence of temple rituals, indicating a return to the temple for preservation. Every year, at specific times (called holy-days), a ritual called the “new year rite” was performed, seeking to restore a people to knowledge of the heavens, the true university, the temple, …where what is done on earth matches what is done in heaven. The new year rite had to be performed every year because the people had not returned, pointing them to the way back. The reconnect was intended to be done in varying degrees, but was presented in the temple as “one whole.”

The return progressed from hope to belief, to faith, into Degrees of Knowledge. The result of the pattern is enlightenment. It is repeated as light cleaves to more light (D&C 88:40), until the perfect day, when you are filled with light, and come to know all the mysteries of God, until you know them in full (Alma 12:10). We are promised that if our eye be single, our whole body shall be filled with light (3 Nephi 13:22). Alma 32 tells how it begins to swell, sprout and grow from a desire (which is hope), into a belief, where you are convinced of that truth. Being convinced that something is true, necessarily leads to taking action, or exercising faith. When faith is exercised in a belief that is true, there is always a confirmation, and that confirmation is a Degree of Knowledge. Knowledge is the sweet fruit, it is a degree of light and truth, and must grow into a fulness as more light is added, until you are filled with light. Knowledge is the objective of the temple. The ultimate knowledge was defined by Christ as life eternal, and that was to know God and Christ, whom God has sent.

Conclusion: The decay of the ancient temple follows the same decay of every temple. Ascension is reduced to a ritual ascension, and then further reduced to something that happens only after death, not in the flesh, despite what ancient testimony writes. We dismiss scriptures for traditions of unbelief. Rather than asking, seeking, and knocking to part and pass through the literal veil, …we have made enormous effort to justify our existence as acceptable “within” the veil, …fearing the Lord’s presence, just as the people of Moses did, and were cursed to wander in the wilderness for forty years, without the presence of the Lord in the flesh abiding with them.

We shouldn’t be afraid of man, and discount God’s words. We should fear God, to know His words, and be accountable to abiding by it’s precepts, to be governed by Him. God promises to add unto us, when we seek first His Kingdom, where moth, rust, and thieves cannot corrupt, break through or take away (3 Nephi 13:20, 33). Repent, and seek the words of Christ, to write them upon your hearts.

Currently, a functioning temple does not exist. We have strayed far from doing on earth as it is done in heaven, such that we know nothing of the heavens, and have changed the ordinances to match our understanding. The temple is not an observatory of the universe. There is no library in temples, and people aren’t allowed to speak in the temple without being shushed. Our language has been eroded and corrupted by thieves who claim divine authority, teaching to not pay much attention to the guy behind the veil, to dismiss the man behind the veil symbolically representing Christ Himself. Temples have become “endowment houses,” offering symbolic rituals that have been altered to sooth those who are still wanting to be lulled into sleep. We sell our tokens for money.

Christ offers hope, belief, faith, and knowledge. We must receive it in that way, and no other way. We cannot skip steps from hope to knowledge, by bearing testimony at a pulpit of something you really don’t know, but really, really, strongly believe. A testimony of what you hope to be true is not a testimony; it is only a wish; it is only pretending, …and will not produce a thing. You must desire the truth, hoping for all things of God. You cannot substitute belief with unbelief, or wrong belief, and actually exercise and develop saving faith based on unbelief. Unbelief not only resists faith, it kills faith. You cannot just understand something and not put it into action by living as you claim you believe. God will not confirm faith without works. You must act, …and then God’s grace will spontaneously produce an abundance of light and truth, until your confidence can wax strong in the presence of Christ.

The path back to God is as old as Adam and Eve. It requires more light and truth, until you obtain a fulness. The Lord’s words to Joseph Smith identifies our current condition:

D&C 124:28

“28. For there is not a place found on earth that he may come to and restore again that which was lost unto you, or which he hath taken away, even the fulness of the priesthood.”

You can choose to believe it or not, that’s on you. The truth must be told in order for repentance to be possible. God has strengthened the arm of the enemy against His unrepentant people. He has used the Egyptians, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Greeks, and the Romans to jolt His people to a degree of remembrance. The Lamanites were a scourge to the Nephites, even unto destruction, if the Nephites failed to remember God (2 Nephi 5:25), and they were destroyed. The Jaredites were once God’s people too, but they failed to remember, and receive the truth. The early saints were moved from their place by the Missourians and those near Nauvoo, into the wilderness because the saints not only did not repent, but they sought to dismiss the light given by Joseph Smith, hiding their secret acts of whoredoms, murder, and theft, still speaking both good and evil of him. You must choose, and be accountable for how you choose. I would recommend a different path than you have been on, putting off your unbelief, by a serious study of the words of Christ.

Inheritors of Accountability (662 Words)

A covenant was given to the ancient Patriarchal Fathers, and we are the lucky recipients of their promises. At the restoration, the saints were given the chance to recover the gifts offered by God, but they failed to secure a lasting covenant. We are now the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh generations from Joseph Smith, Inheritors of Accountability.

The promises made to the Fathers, were secured by a covenant made to ancient Patriarchal Fathers. Ancient Patriarchal Fathers include Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, etc. It is through their promises that a righteous generation was prophesied would come, and Zion would be built as they relied wholly upon the grace and righteousness of God. The rainbow was a reminder of that covenant. Noah’s ark was a part of that covenant. Moses’ ark of the covenant was tied to that same covenant. The prophesy of things being restored as it was in the beginning, points to the return of the Patriarchal Fathers covenant, restoring once again the family of God. Those who would be God’s people would here the voice of the good shepherd, they would abide by the covenant in the scriptures, and would receive the grafting back to the original tree by accepting the covenant being offered.

At the restoration, the saints were given the chance to recover the gifts offered by God, but they failed to secure a lasting covenant. The saints did not produce fruit, suffering jarrings, strife, contention, malice, etc. Within eighteen months of the church’s organization, the saints were condemned, and haven’t escaped that condemnation. God strengthened the hand of their enemies, driving the saints out of Missouri, but the saints did not see the divine purpose behind their problems. They were not sufficiently humbled to repent, and instead breathed out threats of gaining vengeance  against the Missouri mobs, placing blame on the mobs for the saints failure to live the covenants they had attempted to receive. Joseph and Hyrum Smith were imprisoned because of the actions of the saints, but not killed.

Joseph Smith accepted the accountability for the failure of the saints, made an offering, petitioning the Lord to give the saints more time. It was accepted of the Lord, and time was extended to the saints. However, there was not a temple to which the Lord could come, and the Lord required one to be built in Nauvoo. The consequences were steep if they broke the offered covenant to build the temple in “sufficient time.” They were told that instead of blessings, by their own works, they would bring cursing, wrath, indignation, and judgements upon their own heads. By their own follies and by all their abominations which they practice, these curses would present itself. The baptisms for their dead would not be acceptable, and the church would be rejected with their dead. The saints ignored the counsel, were driven into the wilderness, to practice sexual perversions in the privacy of isolation. Their abominations were practiced openly, calling them sacraments. In isolation they have murdered, slaughtering over 200 men, women and children. Still today the saints expect God to vindicate their lying to others as part of their religion. They seek to hide their counsel from others, and now deny God’s judgments against their ancestors, blaming their ancestor’s sexual perversions on Joseph Smith, speaking both good and evil of God’s anointed servant.

We are now the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh generations from Joseph Smith, Inheritors of Accountability. Can we continue to go forward, ignoring the mistakes of the false traditions of the early saints, not to correct them? Or must we confess them, seek further light and knowledge, to not repeat them, and produce fruits?

Conclusion: The restoration has been paused since the death of Joseph and Hyrum Smith. There hasn’t been a people who have removed the condemnation, ACCEPTING Accountability, receiving the covenant anew, and producing fruits. Will you repent of the mistakes of the early saints, and produce fruits?

Unfamiliar Zion (494)

Zion is the work of God, and not man. He doesn’t expect us to do things right at first, but we must do the work. Our current struggles were known to God and the beatitudes have been given for us to build a community that will produce fruits. Let’s begin there to build our family, to endure the offensive digging, dunging, and pruning.

Zion has only ever been accomplished by two communities. It’s prophesied that there will be a third community in our day. The concept of Zion is so unfamiliar to this world, there is nothing in the world to judge how we are doing, gauging the progress of building it. To make things worse, not even the scriptures have sufficient instruction or a blueprint to follow for Zion to be constructed by men. God alone will establish Zion. He must instruct us personally, in order for Zion to appear. His instructions are vital for the birth of Zion to come. Once He instructs us, the scriptures can only confirm that what God has prophesied, covenanted, and promised, is fulfilled. But the path to Zion is only to be found following God’s immediate instruction. THAT is how God will bring it.

God doesn’t expect us to do things right at first, but we must do the work. There is no magic, no pixie-dust, no Harry Potter spells, to bring about the work that you must do. Failure is part of learning. God will lead, teach, command, and guide us through our failure. The difficulty on our part is that we must become what He commands and do what He bids us do. His current instructions applies to our peculiar circumstances, to fix our imperfections, stopping us from bringing about Zion and entering into His presence.

Our current struggles were foreseen and foretold. The Lord of the whole Earth considered destroying all of the wicked, but His servant pled with the Him to grant more time (Jacob 5:49-50). More time was granted, for the final digging, dunging, and pruning. And the Lord promised His servant to spare it a little longer, and promised that He would labor with His servant one more time. The best instructions that we have to follow to build a community around is the beatitudes.

Conclusion: The scriptures is your personal work. You must read them seriously, ponder them intently, and return to them in thought and in word regularly. There is a sacrifice required. Only you can make the offering that makes you acceptable. No one can do that work for you.

However, we can work together by meeting together oft, talking of Christ, preaching Christ, rejoicing in Christ, and prophesying of Christ. We can provide a community, even within our own family, to grow the attributes of the beatitudes. When the wheat recognize who they are, and the roots are agitated, they will fruit. And when the wheat fruits, only then can the tares be burned. You are wheat!


Comfort (773 Words)

Comfort has escaped my understanding, disguised as a lullaby. Only when I discovered that Comfort was given through light and truth, did I see the pattern of increasing light with each comforter. What surprised me even further was the idea that the fear of God offers greatest Comfort.

Our traditions have failed us once again, thinking that comfort is a lullaby, to lull us into sleep. We have confused sleep with Comfort. Many who desire to avoid seeing the truth in their history, close their eyes, suck on their thumbs, and repeat the words in their minds, “Just go to a happy place, go to a happy place!” In our state of ignorance, we’d prefer to close our eyes and our minds, to not understand what’s wrong, so that we aren’t so uncomfortable. The Lord calls this sinning a grievous sin, walking in darkness at noonday (D&C 95:6). Our darkness keeps us asleep, ignorant of our surroundings, and afraid of what we don’t understand. As light enters, darkness is dispelled. Those who will not awake and arise, will lull themselves to sleep, and will not awake and arise.

Only when I discovered that Comfort was given through light and truth, did I see the pattern of increasing light with each comforter. Comfort is nothing more than light and truth. It is given only as you are able to bear it, or as you desire it. The Holy Ghost is the first comforter. Those who receive the Holy Ghost, seek diligently light and truth. Light dispels darkness, filling what seems to be empty space with understanding. Light and darkness cannot occupy the same space. One must govern, and the other must leave. You choose which will govern you. Since the role of the Holy Ghost is pure knowledge, receiving the Holy Ghost is to receive more light and truth, while dispelling darkness. It is called the first comforter because pure knowledge is the beginning of Comfort. The second comforter is Jesus Christ. And what does His presence bring? It brings further light and knowledge, or more Comfort. There is a maturity that is required as light and truth are increased, and that maturity is simply being willing to cast out darkness, letting go of false traditions of unbelief, to make room to be filled with light.

What surprised me even further was the contrasting idea that the fear of God offers greatest Comfort. It seems contradicting that any fear offers Comfort, but God is funny like that. You cannot receive a fulness of light, unless you receive all the light and truth God offers. Fearing God is to keep His commandments. The Lord taught that “…in nothing doth a man offend God, or against none is His wrath kindled, save those who confess not His hand in all things, and obey not His commandments.” (D&C 59:21). God reveals Himself through His commandments. The commandments are intended to move our lives into harmony with God, with higher intelligence. We cannot be in tuned with higher intelligence without first bringing our own lives into conformity with something higher. Commandments are the guide, and within the scriptures are where we learn how to receive and keep commandments. Thus, the fear of God is nothing more than fearing being left out of God’s presence. The third comforter is never mentioned as this, but my mind seems to think that if the Holy Ghost is the first comforter, Christ is the second comforter, …than the Father must be the third comforter. I have said this before, and it is good to repeat it, …there is only one revelation, …and it is God.

Conclusion: To receive the Holy Ghost requires that you open your eyes to the awful situation which we find ourselves in, in darkness, without much light at all. Our day is prophesied of by the ancient fathers to be likened unto the days of Noah. There are two angles to see the days of Noah. One angle can describe the wickedness and darkness, such that the whole earth would be better off sweeping off the wicked. Another angle can also describe the offering of a covenant. Those who would receive Comfort through the darkness are offered a place in the ark, through a covenant. It is the only Comfort available in the storm to come, but you must put off your traditions, receive the light being offered, and enter the ark. The tares are ripe. All that the Lord needs is for the wheat to ripen, so that the tares can be bundled and burned. You are the wheat, but you must awake and arise, otherwise be confused with the tares.